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Fans wondering what Mike Shinoda's recent Instagram vagueness was teasing now have their answer: a new "Post Traumatic" tour date has been announced! Shinoda will be performing a show in Tel Aviv on March 25, 2019. This will serve as the conclusion to the European tour leg that he is set to embark upon at the beginning of March.

The Tel Aviv show will take place at a venue called Hangar 11, and tickets are now available for purchase through Ticketmaster Israel. In addition, Linkin Park Underground members are being offered the chance to gain early entry into the venue on the day of the show - sign up for the latest LPU contest here!

More information about Shinoda's 2019 tour dates can be found on

Source: Mike Shinoda on Twitter

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As previously reported, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton's forthcoming solo album, Anesthetic, features a collaboration with the late Chester Bennington titled 'Cross Off'. The album is due for release on March 1.

The collaboration has been highly anticipated by fans since April 2017 as both musicians previously posted on social media teasing new music. Chester posted a number of tweets about the track including the following:

Although the song leaked online on December 18th 2018, it officially aired on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show today. It is also now available to stream on a number of streaming platforms including Spotify.

Check out the song below:

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Mike Shinoda has released the video for Can't Hear You Now, the final track from his album Post Traumatic. The video directed by Tim Mattia features Mike emotively singing the song as a blurred silhouette on a bright white background. Tim Mattia also directed Heavy from Linkin Park's latest album One More Light. Check out the video below.

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Mike has just announced on Instagram that he will be heading back to Europe in March of 2019 for another Post Traumatic tour. He will be hitting some places that he missed in 2018, like London and Prague. He will also be hitting Germany hard, playing seven out of the sixteen shows there. See the full list of dates below

March 2 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
March 3 - Bremen, Germany - Pier 2
March 5 - Hannover, Germany - Swiss Life Halle
March 6 - Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen
March 8 - Hamburg, Germany - Sporthalle
March 9 - Paris, France - Zenith
March 10 - London, England - Roundhouse
March 12 - Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Arena
March 14 - Milan, Italy - Fabrique
March 15 - Padova, Italy - Gran Teatro Geox
March 17 - Zurich, Switzerland - Halle 622
March 18 - Munich, Germany - Zenith
March 19 - Prague, Czech Republic - Forum Karlin
March 21 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - AFAS Live
March 22 - Ludwigsburg Germany - MHPArena
March 23 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Luxexpo

Tickets on sale November 30th @ 9am UK/10am CET
LPU Pre-Sale starts tomorrow at 9am UK/10am CET

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Mike Shinoda has just announced a new Post Traumatic vinyl release, this time a colored version with a 10'' bonus disc, containing two new songs. It will be released on December 7th and can be pre-ordered here. This release is limited to just 3000 copies, so make sure to get your order in quick!

Disc 1:
1. Place To Start
2. Over Again
3. Watching As I Fall
4. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
5. About You (feat. blackbear)
6. Brooding (Instrumental)
7. Promises I Can’t Keep
8. Crossing A Line
9. Hold It Together
10. Ghosts
11. Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay)
12. Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno and Machine Gun Kelly)
13. I.O.U.
14. Running From My Shadow (feat. grandson)
15. World’s On Fire
16. Can’t Hear You

Disc 2:
1. Prove You Wrong
2. What The Words Meant
Interestingly enough, "Can't Hear You Now" is titled simply "Can't Hear You" on the pre-order page. If this is just a typo or this is what the title will be on the release, will remain to be seen.

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Source: Jeff via Mike Shinoda Store

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The first release since the Post Traumatic album in June has arrived, and it's a live video release with five songs from Mike Shinodas show in Moscow, Russia on September 1st.

The videos include a interview segment, talking about the song or the experience playing it live. The songs include some Linkin Park favourites and some new Mike Shinoda songs.
  1. Make It Up As I Go
  2. Crossing A Line
  3. Roads Untraveled
  4. In The End
  5. Numb
The release can only be found exclusively on Apple Music
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Linkin Park have announced that they are launching a new collection of merchandise for their Linkin Park Underground fanclub called the LPU Basics Collection. The LPU Basics Collection is a classic assortment of LPU branded merchandise tailored for the LP community. With this announcement, it was stated that as of now, there are no plans to release a bundle for LPU 18, so it looks as though the LPU Basics is the closest thing we will get for an LPU package this year. They did, however, mention that LPU digital memberships are available for purchase for $10 annually and will get you access to the website as an LPU Member.​


Are you an LPU Member? What do you think of the LPU Basics Collection?
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Mike Shinoda will be appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden this coming Thursday, November 1st.

Mike is listed to appear alongside Rami Malek and Joel Edgerton. Filming will take place at 4:00PM in Los Angeles but tickets are already sold out for the taping of this episode.


It is expected that Mike will perform at the show, most likely his latest single "Make It Up As You Go" off of his solo album Post Traumatic. James Corden could also interview Mike and have him take part in sketches for the show.

Check for upcoming tour dates.


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After 3 years of waiting, speculation, and false releases, the Mike Shinoda and Martin Garrix collaboration has (finally) been released as part of Garrix's new EP "BYLAW", which can be found on Spotify and other digital music services. In addition, Garrix has also released a music video for the track:

Talk about this song first started in 2015 when Mike posted this selfie with Garrix in London, where they were working in a studio. When we asked Mike about it during our podcast, he said that it might result in something or it might not. We would have to wait and see.

Portions of the song was debuted live by Garrix on March 16, 2016, when he played it during the Ultra Music Festival. Since then he has continued to play the song throughout his sets. Pierce Fulton later went on to play a different version of the song live and a version of this live version was recorded from the soundboard and leaked online as the official version. This was later debunked for the actual song.

Throughout 2016 and 2017 Garrix mentioned in various interviews that the song would debut on his album, or that it would be released eventually. In October of 2017, after the passing of Chester Bennington, Garrix gave the first real update on the release of the song
...due to the situation with Chester, I don't see it releasing anytime soon.
And, in April of 2018, he gave a less optimistic update on the release
Waiting For Tomorrow was together with Linkin Park and because of Chester's passing it's little bit hard to release the song. I don't know if we're ever gonna release it. I hope so, maybe one day. But not soon I think. We are working on it but I don't know yet. There's a lot of new unreleased music which I'm gonna release very soon.
But here we finally are, we have the song and it clocks in at 4:07.

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It seems that Mike just can't get enough of that touring life, he has completed the rounds of promo shows for Post Traumatic, played tours in Asia and Europe, and is currently in the middle of his North American "Monster Energy Outbreak" tour. That tour wraps up on November 17, giving Mike a couple of weeks rest before playing another show. As announced on Twitter it will be the first "NOT SO SILENT NIGHT" show, being put on by Alt 92.3.


Will you be attending this show? Have you attended any of the shows on the Post Traumatic tours? Come and discuss in our forums.
Source: Mike Shinoda Twitter