1976 - 2017

We never imagined a day like yesterday would come.

There are no words that can describe what we felt when we read the news of Chester’s passing, and what we have all been feeling since.

This has shaken our world. The iconic voice of the band that has brought us together over the past 17 years is gone. The headlines do not feel any less jarring with each read – even visiting the front page of our own website makes our hearts stop. “Surreal” does not do justice to what the past 24+ hours have felt like for the Linkin Park Association, and for fans around the world. All we know for sure, as Mike and Phoenix each expressed yesterday too, is that we are heartbroken.

Chester was not just a talented singer and musician. For many of us, he was a role model and an inspiration. Countless individuals turned to music because of Chester, and many pursued their ambitions in the face of great obstacles – knowing that Chester had overcome so many of his own to achieve so much. He emanated joy – a man with an infectious smile and laugh who showed his humor, passion and love for his music and fans at every concert and meet-and-greet. He was also genuine - his soul poured out with every word, spoken or sung. He never failed to express what he really felt, and did so bluntly and forwardly - as only he could.

Above all, he was a great person – a man who loved his family, loved his friends, and loved his life’s work. He touched the lives of millions of people, giving a voice to so many of us when we could not speak. Whenever we felt anguish we could hear Chester’s voice, and during those moments we would again realize that we were never truly alone. Chester and Linkin Park have helped us through our darkest hours, and strengthened our spirits when we needed it most.

When we lost Chester, we didn’t just lose a musical icon: we also lost a beloved friend. And while there are many Linkin Park fan sites with their own online communities, and while there are still millions more fans around the world, today we all grieve as one.

And while for the foreseeable future we will mourn Chester’s passing, we know in our hearts that he would want us all to carry on. He would want us to be resolute, to be stubborn, and to scowl back at the world during dark moments such as these – so let us scowl back. He would also want us to seek help during troubled times and reach out to the ones we love when we need them. So, if you need help, or just need to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out to someone you know or to any one of us. Our arms are wide open.

But more than anything, he would want us to laugh and to love, as he always did. So, let us all do just that too, and continue to show love to one another and laugh with each other.

To the family and to the band, we here at the LPA speak for all fans when we say that we have you all in our thoughts and in our prayers. To you, we send our deepest love and condolences. As you have been there for us, we are here for you – always.

From the LPA Staff to the rest of the LPA community, we want you to know that you mean so much to us, and that we are here for you. Every day, you remind us why we joined this community and what keeps us here. We are not bound solely by our shared love for Chester and Linkin Park, but also by the joy that we feel when we interact with you. This community will endure, and we will be here for you every step of the way.

And to Chester – we love you, so, so, much. We hope that you find peace and joy in the next life. Through your family, through the band, through your music, and through our memory, you will live on. We have cherished every moment of you that we’ve had, and we will never, ever forget you. We already miss you. Thank you for everything, and rest in peace, dear friend.

With love,
The Linkin Park Association