A Thousand Suns is the fourth studio album from Linkin Park. It was released in the US September 14th, 2010 as a follow up to their highly successive third album, Minutes To Midnight released in 2007. The album is once again co-produced by Rick Rubin and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. The album breaks the mould of every other studio album from Linkin Park, by being the first to contain a total of 15 tracks, the highest yet on a studio effort, excluding remix album, Reanimation.

The debut single from the album, The Catalyst was released August 2nd 2010 worldwide, and immediately brought ATS into the top 10 pre-order ranks on many countries iTunes lists. The Catalyst leads a change of direction for the band with this album, marking the first time the band have been making music "from a pure place" reciting "it doesn't matter what it sounds like, if we like it, then it's Linkin Park". The album has been tipped as an evolution for the band, taking more chances than ever.

This was most noticeable in the albums promotion, in which the band used a series of puzzles they referred to as "messages" in which fans of the band had to take on a series of ambiguous tasks to reveal the single and album name amongst other things. The changes are also apparent within the artwork, opting for a series of unconventional promo shots and album art, which the band describe as a coexisting entity with the music which will take the listener on a "journey". The album cover was the biggest statement of all, as it is a deeply simplistic design that contains no name or text what so ever, provoking a reaction and numerous questions.

The sound of the album has been touted as a progressive mix of electronic elements incorporated into their already established sound to create something fresh and exciting. The band wanted to go back to the mentality they had creating their debut effort, Hybrid Theory, in that they wanted to do something original, new and "genre-busting". This has already began to show with the unconventional 5:42 lead single, The Catalyst which incorporates synth work over a textured guitar which progressively builds throughout to a climactic end.

A Thousand Suns is released 14 September as a standard CD, Special CD / DVD Limited Edition set which features "Meeting of A Thousand Suns" making-of feature, and also as Deluxe Edition Box Set on linkinpark.com, which includes the LP Vinyl version too. It is available as clean and explicit.

A Thousand Suns
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