With the success of 'Hybrid Theory', the band wished to say thanks to their millions of new fans by offering them an album of remixes of the highly-successful album to tide them over until the next studio album's release. 2002's 'Reanimation' was the result. With emcee Mike Shinoda manning the boards in the studio, the band recruited numerous artists from all sides of the music industry to give their takes on 'Hybrid Theory' tracks. Mike dipped into the underground rap scene, in which he was familiar, and picked many unheard-of artists. The reason for this was simple; now that the band had found success themselves, they wanted to share the wealth with others who weren't as fortunate as them. 'Reanimation' served to promote many of these artists and give them a chance to be heard on the main stage.

It wasn't simply unknown artists, though. Linkin Park also recruited the likes of Staind's Aaron Lewis ("Krwlng"), Korn's Jonathan Davis ("1stp Klosr"), Taproot's Stephen Richards ("P5hng Me A*wy"), The Roots' Black Thought ("X-Ecutioner Style"), Orgy's Jay Gordon ("Pts.of.Athrty"), and Marilyn Manson ("Buy Myslf") to contribute to the album. The competition was so stiff between artists to get their remixes onto 'Reanimation' that remixes from established artists such as The Crystal Method and Handsome Boy Modeling School had their tracks cut. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200, the same position which 'Hybrid Theory' had peaked at in 2001. The band was still looking for that #1 album.

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