Frustrated with being unable to truly explore his hip-hop side in Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda (at the advice of his peers) created a diverse but hip-hop oriented side project, known as Fort Minor. Executive produced by Jay-Z and Produced/Mixed by Mike himself, The Rising Tied (Fort Minor's debut album) explores Shinoda's roots in hip hop, and marks a return to the style of music that influenced him as a teenager. No Linkin Park members make an appearance on this record except for DJ Joseph Hahn who provided his skills on the closing track "Slip Out The Back"

*The limited edition release of this album featured three bonus tracks; "Be Somebody", the non mixtape version of "There They Go" and "The Hard Way".

The Rising Tied
01. Introduction Lyrics
02. Remember the Name Lyrics Lyrics Tabs Video
03. Right Now Lyrics Tabs
04. Petrified Lyrics Lyrics Video
05. Feel Like Home Lyrics
06. Where'd You Go? Lyrics Lyrics Video
07. In Stereo Lyrics
08. Back Home Lyrics Tabs
09. Cigarettes Lyrics Tabs
10. Believe Me Lyrics Lyrics Video
11. Get Me Gone Lyrics Tabs
12. High Road Lyrics
13. Kenji Lyrics Tabs
14. Red to Black Lyrics Tabs
15. The Battle Lyrics
16. Slip out the Back Lyrics
17. [Silence]
18. [Silence]
19. Be Somebody Lyrics
20. There They Go Lyrics Tabs
21. The Hard Way Lyrics
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