Name: Brad Delson
DOB: December 1, 1977
  • Ibanez guitars
  • PRS guitars
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads
  • Mesa Boogie cabinets
  • D'Addario strings (10XL)
  • Boss Pedal effects
  • D'Addario cables
  • Dunlop picks (.83)
  • Shure wireless
  • PRS guitars
  • Randall amplification
  • D'addario strings
  • Dimarzio pickups
  • Dunlop picks and accessories
  • MXR effects pedals
  • TC electronics
  • Voodoo Lab ground controls
  • GCX audio loop switches
  • Audio technica wireless systems

Guitarist Brad Delson is often credited as being the funniest and most spontaneous member of Linkin Park. His playful sarcasm and quick wit can put you in knots with laughter (just ask his high school colleagues, who voted him "Most Unique" in the senior yearbook). But while he does possess the title of a jokester, he's also capable of being a serious person.

Brad grew up in Agoura, California and was friends with Mike Shinoda throughout his childhood. They attended Agoura High School together and graduated in 1996. It was this year when Xero was formed by the two. They remained close friends as they went to seperate colleges. Brad attended UCLA, where he met his roommate Dave Farrell, a bassist with a local punk band called Tasty Snax. Brad recruited Farrell to join Hybrid Theory, who had recently changed from 'Xero'. The rest is history. He graduated in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in Communications and was planning to go to law school until Hybrid Theory got a record deal and blew up as the newly named Linkin Park in fall 2000.

Brad handles the business side of Linkin Park with his father, Donn Delson. The two created BandMerch amid concerns over the unauthorized usage of Linkin Park's image and name on products, citing they wanted fans to get first-class, high-quality products when they purchased merchandise with the band's name on it. The company soon branched out past the borders of Linkin Park, handling merchandising affairs for some of the music industry's biggest heavy-hitters.

Delson is also the A&R representative for Linkin Park's Machine Shop Records label, most noticeably as an advisor for Fort Minor's 'The Rising Tied' which was released in fall 2005 on the imprint.

"I love playing music with my friends. I'm really proud of the record we've made and the opportunity we have to play these songs all around the world. Much respect to all the people who have supported us and help us to make dis ting happen -- Booyakasha!" - BBB