Linkin Park's explosive debut album is what propelled them to instant superstardom upon its release in October 2000. The album made a left-field appearance at #12 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums charts in its first week and shocked everyone when it went Gold in just five weeks. The record went on to become 2001's top-selling album, beating out releases from the likes of has-been pop-stars like Nsync and Britney Spears. To this date, 'Hybrid Theory' has sold nineteen million copies worldwide, with ten million alone being purchased in the United States, garnering the band a rare and highly-coveted Diamond certification from the RIAA in 2004.

The album features the twenty-first century’s official teen anthem, "One Step Closer", and the wildly successful "In The End", which was 2002’s third-most played song on US radio. Often described by fans across the world as the best Linkin Park release ever, 'Hybrid Theory' is a collection of crisp, sharp lyrics over pummeling guitars and pounding drums. The soldier with butterfly wings which graces the album's cover describes the band's sound perfectly, as an outstanding blend of soft, melodic vocals and hard, brash instrumentation.

Hybrid Theory
01. Papercut Lyrics Lyrics
02. One Step Closer Lyrics Lyrics
03. With You Lyrics
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09. A Place For My Head Lyrics
10. Forgotten Lyrics
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