Name: David Michel Farrell (Phoenix)
DOB: February 8, 1977
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray basses
  • Ampeg SVT Classic heads
  • Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets
  • Dean Markley Blue Steel strings
  • Dunlop Picks (.88)
  • DBX 160 compressor
  • Monster cables
  • Sans Amp
  • Boss pedals
  • Whirlwind direct boxes
  • Shure wireless
  • Ernie Ball basses
  • Dean Markley strings
  • Ampeg amps
  • Dunlop picks and accessories

Bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell may not be the most noticeable member in Linkin Park's interviews and songs, but that doesn't mean he's any less an important player in the band. Phoenix brings a rhythmic touch that doesn't distract the listener from the more prominent features of a song, yet gives it an underlying tone that seems to keep the song in sync.

Phoenix was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1977 into a musical family. He was taught how to play guitar by his mother, and also cites his older brother as an inspiration to pick up the instrument. He grew up in Plymouth but later moved to Mission Viego, California at the age of 5. While attending high school, Dave joined a punk group named 'Tasty Snax', who would later rename themselves to 'The Snax'. What the band sorely needed was a bass guitarist, so Phoenix opted to make the transition from the electric guitar, and has played bass ever since.

After graduating from high school, Phoenix went to UCLA. It was at the university that he met his roommate, Brad Delson. Delson, a founding member of Xero, invited Dave to join the band to fill their bass guitarist position. Dave accepted the invitation and recorded with Xero for their sampler tape, released in 1997. A short while later, he left the band to tour with The Snax. Meanwhile, Xero changed their name to Hybrid Theory and recorded their self-titled EP with their friend Kyle Christner. When the band were signed to Warner and became Linkin Park, Brad Delson assumed bass guitarist credentials for their debut album. The band never permanently filled Phoenix's shoes, leaving the door open for him to return to the line-up in 2000 after about a year and a half absence touring with The Snax. Phoenix took over for touring bassist Scott Koziol just after the band filmed the "One Step Closer" video, thus why he does not appear in the video. Phoenix has been with the band ever since.

"After a long year out of the band, it's been incredible to rejoin and be back in the mix. I appreciate everyone who supports us both on the website and at our live shows more than I could ever express. To be afforded the opportunity to do something I've always loved, with a bunch of friends, is truly a blessing. Thank You." - Phoenix