Extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors; this 3 track demo cassette is currently the earliest known demo recording to exist of Chester Bennington on lead vocals and pre-dates Grey Daze by 1-2 years. Recorded at Pantheon Studios in Scottsdale, AZ and released somewhere around 1992-1993, this tape has since sunk into obscurity and so far only two have become public, selling anywhere from 500-1000 dollars on eBay. No other information exists about this cassette, and as of this time it is unknown how many copies were given out before the band broke up a few months later.

Sean Dowdell And His Friends? Are:

Chester Bennington
- Lead Vocals
Chris Goad - Guitar
Jason Cekoric - Bass
Drums - Sean Dowdell

Sean Dowdell and His Friends
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