The Snax were a Christian Ska Punk band out of Mission Viejo, California who toured in the late 90's and featured current Linkin Park bassist, David "Phoenix" Farrell on bass. While attending high school, Dave joined 'Tasty Snax' [who would later rename themselves to 'The Snax'] and assumed the role of bass guitarist. Although Dave was trained in electric guitar, what the band sorely needed was a bass guitarist, so Phoenix opted to make the transition from the electric guitar, and has played bass ever since.

While credited as the bassist on the Xero demo tape released in 1997, Phoenix took a short break from the band [Linkin Park, then called 'Xero'] to focus on his commitment to his old band The Snax, who released this debut album in 1998. During his time out of the band, bassist Kyle Christener assumed responsibilites on the Hybrid Theory EP while guitarist Brad Delson (ironically a former bassist himself) laid the bass tracks Linkin Park's major label debut Hybrid Theory.

Run Joseph Run features 10 tracks (including a hidden joke track); and is the first release on the The Snax's contract with Screaming Giant Records. The album has since gone out of print and is only available through Amazon (used) or through the occasional eBay auction. It is also the only album by the band known to feature a music video for one of the tracks (the title track "Run Joseph Run").

Run Joseph Run
01. Wonderbread Lyrics
02. Screw Up Lyrics
03. Run Joseph Run Lyrics
04. My Greatest Day Lyrics
05. Randomness Lyrics
06. My Parade Lyrics
07. Same Ol' Story Lyrics
08. CB Lyrics
09. Ode Ta Bob Lyrics
10. Freedom Lyrics
11. Tasty Snax (Hidden Track) Lyrics
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