Burning In The Skies is the third single from Linkin Park's fourth album A Thousand Suns. The track was not intended to be released in the US, and managed to still do relatively well in the UK charts. The music video, released on Feburary 22nd, 2011 and directed by Joe Hahn, is a very story-driven video with very little of the band's presence. The narrative follows several different people as they're living their lives as usual. Suddenly, an explosion goes off. As we watch the devastation impact the characters, we're also given a brief glimpse of the band performing the song.

While the CD version of this single only features a live performance of Blackout from Madison Square Garden, the digital version features both Blackout and When They Come For Me.

Burning in the Skies
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02. Blackout [Live at Madison Square Garden, New York]
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