Believe Me was the debut international single from Fort Minor's debut album, The Rising Tied (Petrified was the debut single in the US), released November 2005. A second version of the single was also released on November 22, 2005.

The first version of the single features the original track alongside There They Go and Petrified (Los Angeles remix), whereas the second version featured only There They Go.

The track also had a video directed by Laurent Briet, which saw Fort Minor performing in a derelict parking lot juxtaposed with a series of lighting effects progressively overwhelming the environment and forming shapes in the form of art used for the cover of The Rising Tied.

Believe Me
01. Believe Me (featuring Styles of Beyond and Eric Bobo) (3:42) Lyrics Video
02. There They Go (featuring Sixx John) (3:17)
03. Petrified (Los Angeles Remix) (3:32)
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