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A new episode of LPTV has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel, this time continuing with detailing part of the bands recent European tour. With this episode the shows in Oberhausen, Amsterdam + The 12th LPU Summit, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich. Apart from the usual great audience shots, we also get to see Austin from Of Mice & Men joining the band on stage for Faint and a nice together cut part of Final Masquerade from two of the shows. Check out the episode here below.

Don't cut Mikes face when he comes into the crowd.

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For the seventh time in their career, Linkin Park will be playing the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show on December 13th. With six shows under their belts at the show, there is some history, and we will run down it. At their first AAC performance in 2000, the band opened up the show, and they did it with the live debut of My December. Being the opening act the band only played eight songs. In 2001 the band played a two night set. The first night featured a standard setlist for that year, and at this show they threw in a short version of "Sweet Child O' Mine", something they did from time to time that year. Aaron Lewis also came out and sang on One Step Closer. The second night is somewhat historic for Linkin Park, this is where they played part of the set acoustically. Except for LPU summits, and the piano version of Pushing Me Away, this is the only time that the band has taken their songs and performed them acoustically. Aaron Lewis again came out and sang with the band, however on this night it was on Crawling instead of One Step Closer. The band returned for a show in 2003 for the last show for that year. It took four years, but the band returned in 2007 to rock the house, and rock the house they did. Again closing out their touring year at the show they debuted the third live version of My December and Mike played a keyboard cover of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". How fitting. As if those things weren't enough, the band also brought out a drum line on No More Sorrow and Bleed It Out. They also brought out a choir of children to sing on Hands Held High. The last time the band played this show was in 2012, and after all the years of them mixing it up, what special thing did we get at this show? Well we got Mike playing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" again... and that's about it. Mike got pissed off at the lame home crowd and put his guitar down in order to run down into the audience for the last part of Bleed It Out. Because of this the band did not play the Sabotage bridge that they had been playing all year, and it was set to retire at this show according to the setlist.

All these performances have been webcasted by KROQ, so there are PLENTY of videos to choose from, so I will include two here. The first is the Night #2 set in 2001.

Webcast from 2001, that's why you can almost count the amount of pixels being shown

And the second is the whole 2007 performance due to all the awesomeness that happened at that show.

This show is famous for having a bad audio mix. Buth the band were solid.

Last night the band played the second half of Set A, with Joes Solo Medley opening the show for the first time. The shortened set was due to the band being under heavy time restraints. This is most likely what we will be seeing tonight as well, but you never know. Maybe they will perform the second half of Set B. They were also joined by Tim McIlrath from Rise Against on Bleed It Out. Check out the start of the show in the video here below.

So for the first time since 2000, Linkin Park will not be headlining the show, that instead will fall on System of a Down. That of course opens the door for Daron Malakian to again come out and play guitar on Rebellion. Frequent Linkin Park live collaborator Mike Einziger will also be present at the show, maybe he will come out and play on anything? Earlier this year at the Concert For The Philippines he came out and played on What I've Done and In The End, in 2012 he also joined the band for Bleed It Out at several shows. So can we expect another guest appearance at this show? Rise Against is also on the bill tonight, and yesterday their lead singer joined the band on Bleed It Out, will this be repeated tonight? Will it be repeated on the upcoming tour? System of a Down is scheduled to go on an hour after Linkin Park starts, so there will be a short set, but what songs will be kept an what songs will be kept? Any new songs to be debuted? Will it be the same set as yesterday?


Tonight's show is being webcasted over at KROQ. The show starts at 4:30pm with DJ Jeremiah Red. Linkin Park goes on at 9:25pm. All times are PST, if you want to convert it to your time zone, just go here. If you want to know how long until Linkin Park goes on, just go here.

Tonight is the last show for 2014, the band kicks off another North American tour on January 15th in Orlando, Florida.

Are you going to this show? Will you be watching it live? Come and discuss in our forums.


01. Joe Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)
02. Burn It Down
03. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)
04. Final Masquerade
05. Mike Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name hybrid verse)
06. Numb (Numb/Encore Outro)
07. In The End
08. Faint (Ext. Outro)
09. Rebellion (Feat. Daron Malakian)
10. Lost In The Echo [Shortened] (No Second Verse, Second Chorus, or Bridge)
11. New Divide [Shortened] (No Second Verse and Second Chorus; Transition Outro)
12. Crawling [Shortened] (No Second Verse and Second Chorus; w/ Faster Tempo)
13. Until It's Gone [Shortened] (Ext. Intro w/ With You Verse 1 Rap)
14. What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
15. Bleed It Out (Feat. Tim McIlrath, The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)

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Linkin Park returns to California for two shows to end the year.

This is the second time in the band's history that the band played this show, with the previous time being all the way back in 2001! At the show the band played a pretty standard 2001 setlist, adding in their short cover of Sweet Child O' Mine again. While there are no videos from the show, there is a official audio recording. You can check out the show in audio here below.

Last time we caught up with the band was at the final show of the European tour in London at the O2. I was there and it was awesome. The band performed a standard Set A and Mike kept it conventional with the Remember The Name hybrid verse on his solo medley. However the band was in a really playful mood and screwed around a lot, with a lot of the fun happening mostly during the encore. The encore started off with Rob randomly hitting drums and cymbals with Joe then playing random samples from New Divide, causing Mike to stop Joe so that Rob could play a solo ... which he never did . Mike and Chester then asked the crowd if they would mind if Joe and Rob switch instruments for the rest of the show. During What I've Done, Joe left his set up and let his tech play, all so that he could walk around the stage and take pictures and video. When Brad saw this, he then handed his guitar over to his tech Ben after the solo so that Ben could finish the song. This then prompted Mike to ask Ben to play a solo after the song was over. All this goofing made Phoenix walk away from HIS tech, delaying the start of Bleed It Out, causing Mike to tell Phoenixs' tech "Ted, if you don't give that fucking bass to Phoenix you're fucking out of here man. That's it. This is your last tour, you've been with us for like 15 years, but this is it! If that bass doesn't get in his hands in the next .. 60 seconds". After almost giving the audience his bass and Mike urging Ted tech to rap the song instead of Mike, the song finally began. After Robs drum solo, Mike told the audience that Joe would like to invite a few fans on stage. And so they did. And "a few fans" turned into at least 25. Sadly, while people rushed to try to get on stage, a few fans ended up getting hurt, thereby breaking the #1 rule at a Linkin Park concert "watch out for each other". So the fans got on stage and then also came of Mice and Men out and they all got to sing the refrain from The Catalyst before ending the song.

I'm going to include two videos here, because I can. The first is of Mikes solo medley.

And the second one is of the whole encore set, I highly recommend you watch this.

See? That's how an audience should act at the end of a set! Everyone standing and participating!

So what can we get from tonight's show? Future tour mates Rise Against will also be playing the show, and they will also be playing the same show tomorrow at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. Will there be any surprises? Anything to give a hint of what they will do at the upcoming North American Tour? We will have to wait and see.

After this the band plays a show tomorrow at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. That will be last show for 2014. The band then kicks off another North American tour on January 15th.

Are you going to this show? Come and discuss in our forums.


01. Joe Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)
02. Burn It Down
03. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)
04. Final Masquerade
05. Mike Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name hybrid verse)
06. Numb (Numb/Encore Outro)
07. In The End
08. Faint (Ext. Outro)
09. Rebellion
10. Lost In The Echo [Shortened] (No Second Verse, Second Chorus, or Bridge)
11. New Divide [Shortened] (No Second Verse and Second Chorus; Transition Outro)
12. Crawling [Shortened] (No Second Verse and Second Chorus; w/ Faster Tempo)
13. Until It's Gone [Shortened] (Ext. Intro w/ With You Verse 1 Rap)
14. What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
15. Bleed It Out (Feat. Tim McIlrath, Bridge w/ Drum Solo, + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)

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An article on Variety tells us that Linkin Park's management firm, The Collective, has ceased providing music management services altogether to focus entirely on digital content creation. The company first started up its music management wing in 2005, and Linkin Park became one of their clients the following year after leaving their previous agency, The Firm, along with their then-manager Rob McDermott. The band have been The Collective's biggest client ever since, as part of a roster that also included acts such as Billy Talent, Toni Braxton and Slash.

Band member Mike Shinoda has been quoted saying that Linkin Park will be using this turn of events as an opportunity to move to self-management and assemble their own "in-house" management team. This major move will see the band having more direct control over their staff and their career than ever before.

“We’ve decided to bring our management duties inhouse, to directly hire talent to support the innovative ideas the band plans to pursue in the coming years,”

Source: Hypebot via Filip
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The soundtrack for Joe Hahn's directorial debut "Mall" has suddenly become available for digital purchase on the Australian iTunes Store and New Zealand's one too. The album consists entirely of original music by Linkin Park band members Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Phoenix and Hahn himself, alongside Deadsy's Alec Puro. "Mall: Music From The Motion Picture" contains 23 tracks in total, and among them are "White Noise", which previously was made available for free download, and "It Goes Through", which we first heard an excerpt of in the first trailer.


  1. White Noise
  2. Jeff Walks
  3. Mall Blueprint
  4. Jeff Makes Observations
  5. Mal RX7 (Instrumental)
  6. Barry's Story
  7. Changing Room Tease
  8. Danny In Police Car - Mal Gears Up
  9. Mal Gives Barry Second Chance - Mal Unloads
  10. Mall Carnage - Mall Stalked
  11. It Goes Through
  12. Cops Arrive
  13. Danny's Lucky Day
  14. Jeff Philosophies To Donna
  15. Jeff And Donna Connect
  16. Jeff Trips In The Mirror
  17. Adele And Danny In The Backseat
  18. Mal vs. Helicopter
  19. Devil's Drop
  20. TV Comes To Life - Mal And Jeff
  21. The Last Line
  22. Danny Goes Home
  23. Dancer (Instrumental)

Some of the tracks are retitled and, presumably, updated versions of tracks that we have partially heard already; "Mal RX7" was previously known as "Buttermilk", "It Goes Through" was once known as "Luna", "Devil's Drop" was previously called "Warm Spell", and "The Last Line" used to be called "Ammosick".

So far, there are no indications of when the soundtrack album might become available for purchase in any other regions, and nothing has been said about the soundtrack on any of the band's official online channels.

Source: iTunes Australia via Zach / iTunes New Zealand via Elaine
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As the North American Hunting Party Tour inches forward, Linkin Park have just announced that they will be doing an LPU International Summit at the home of the Flames: Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary on February 12th, 2015. This will be Linkin Park's fifth summit in North America, however, the very first one in Canada.


LPU Summit Passes go on sale today (December 10th) at 12pm PST. You must be a LP Underground member to purchase passes to this event.

Past Summit activities have included:

-Meeting Linkin Park
-Watching LINKIN PARK warm up on stage before doors
-Backstage tours
-Walking across LINKIN PARK’s stage
-Meeting and hanging out with the LINKIN PARK crew
-Meeting LINKIN PARK fans from all over the world and much more...

Visit to join today!

Source: Linkin Park
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Last month, we challenged our awesome remix community by locking them into a theme where they had to remix any track in Linkin Park's repetoire into a Electro-House/Nu-Disco style. November's Monthly Mix-Up round turned out to be one of the most challenging ones to date for our remix community, and that challenge has brought out some truly great entries. We had a feeling from the outset that the quality of the remixes would be high and, eventually, we really did struggle to choose a winner. Here are the entries that we picked out:


Intensity [DJIntensity]: "Final Masquerade" (Intensity Remix)

Last month, DJIntensity brought a great Depeche Mode-like homage to the table. This fun-filled, fast paced, glitchy "Final Masquerade" begs demands the listener to get up and shake their money-maker. The distorted guitar-like synth line that Intensity built this remix around makes this remix a little bit more inviting to those who aren't particularly a listener of this genre of music. This remix definitely deserves a (few) listens to fully appreciate the work that went into it. Great job this month, DJIntensity!

Runners Up:

DirtyBlup: "Given Up" (DirtyBlup Remix)

Keeping true to the genre, DirtyBlup gave us this astounding instrumental that definitely kept us wanting more. This short-but-sweet take on "Given Up" keeps the listener's attention by commanding the driving beat with searing guitars, epic bass lines and some synth that wants to slap you square in the face. On a side note, I love how this sounds a bit like Rammstein at parts.

Decay: "Disorder"

Decay's profanity-laden take on "War" gives an alternate take to a song whose original was the opposite of what this genre stood for. Decay somehow turns this take-no-prisoners punk song into this sample-happy remix that is fun, uneasy and sometimes funny.

Xefuzion: "Until It's Gone" (Xefuzion Remix)

Xefusion brought this "bouncy" take on "Until It's Gone" last month. This "Futuristic" remix leads the listener through a sonic landscape filled with an awesome array of tone in the tom-tom drums, great build ups and ever-so-chill bass driven beats.

Congratulations to the November MMU winners and thank-you to all of you who entered! We'll be taking a break from the MMU for December, but, you can expect the MMU to return in early 2015!

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A new episode of LPTV has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel. This episode showcases part of the European tour that the band recently played in November. It starts with the start of the tour in Zurich and ends the art installation that Mike and Joe took part of in Berlin. You can check out the episode below, as always it contains some great live shots, it also has Mike talking to Austin from of Mice and Men backstage and Phoenix being funny at the LPU M&G.

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According to this post on, an episode of "Guitar Center Sessions" focused on Linkin Park will be airing exclusively on DirecTV's Audience network (channel 239) on Friday, December 5 at 9 PM. The show's website tells us that the episode will feature footage from the band's performance at The Wiltern in Los Angeles from earlier this year in October, as well as an interview with band members Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington covering the band's career from the start until now.

In this all-new episode of Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV, Nic Harcourt sits down with Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda to talk about the genesis of the band, their creative process and what’s in store for the band’s future. Plus, watch exclusive performances from their set at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, featuring material from The Hunting Party, available now on iTunes.
As part of the lead-up to the episode's airing, an exclusive video of Linkin Park performing their 2003 smash-hit "Numb" live at The Wiltern has been uploaded to Guitar Center's official YouTube channel, along with another preview video of sorts consisting of "behind-the-scenes" footage:

Linkin Park are among many music stars appearing on "Guitar Center Sessions" in its current season; other episodes will feature artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Neon Trees and The Gaslight Anthem.

Source: via Broman
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Linkin Park will be headlining one of the three night's of this year's Rock on the Range Festival. The festival is taking place on May 15th thru 17th at the Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

The band will be headlining alongside Slipknot and Judas Priest. Other particularly other notable performers include Rise Against and Of Mice & Men, who the band will be touring with in 2015 for The Hunting Party North American Tour. Of Mice & Men also joined Linkin Park for their more recent European Tour in which the band's leading vocalists joined to perform with Linkin Park on multiple occasions.

Tickets are currently available through a specially priced pre-sale, with which you can use the pre-sale code ROTRLINKIN. You can buy those tickets here. General tickets will go on sale on Friday, December 5th at 10 AM EST.

For more information, feel free to check out the Rock on the Range Official Website.

Will you be going to see Linkin Park in Columbus? Do you think the band will bring on any guest performers from other bands at the event during their set? Let us know on our forums!

Source: Linkin Park Official Facebook