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Mike Shinoda has written the opening theme for the new AMC show Into The Badlands. You can check the opening sequence out here.

This is of course not the first time that Mike has scored something. He co-wrote the score with Joseph Trapanese for the first The Raid movie, he and most of the other members of Linkin Park wrote the score for Joe Hahns Mall and Mike also wrote the title music for This is Life with Lisa Ling.

About the show:
“In a world without guns, fighting is an art,” reads the tagline on the just-released key art for the upcoming AMC action series Into the Badlands. And the show’s butt-kicking artistry is certainly on display in early trailers like the one that screened at Comic-Con over the summer. Set in a post-apocalyptic America that’s been divided into different feudal territories, the warrior class of this brave new world carry swords rather than firearms. Not surprisingly, they put those swords to regular use in spectacular fight sequences that were choreographed by martial arts crews imported from Hong Kong. “The Hong Kong guys were speaking Chinese and English on set and some of the American stuntmen were learning Chinese,” remembers series star Daniel Wu. “It was a really cool, loose atmosphere that everyone got behind.”

Another example of the show’s East-Meets-West aesthetic is the beautiful Into the Badlands title sequence, which Yahoo TV is premiering exclusively today. A cross-cultural fusion of contemporary comic book imagery and classical Chinese scroll paintings, the titles reflect the show’s futuristic setting, while also harkening back to its ancient roots in the oft-told Ming Dynasty legend Journey to the West. “That story provides a very subtle subtext,” says Wu. “We’re using the concept, not the whole structure.”

Into the Badlands premieres Nov. 15 at 10 p.m. on AMC.
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Product Hunt have uploaded the 38th episode of their podcast series and the guest this time is none other than Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor fame. Over the course of an hour, Shinoda and the podcast host discuss Linkin Park's venture capital efforts and Shinoda's technology- and investment-related aspirations, among other topics, as explained in the description.

In this episode we have Mike Shinoda, star of popular Linkin Park and Fort Minor.

Linkin Park has recently launched a Venture Capital firm. We talk about everything tech - how and why Mike got into tech, what he wants to achieve, what he invests, but we also talk about his art - how he thinks about making art vs making a business off his art, how he deals with success and still pushing it - and a lot more.

But the one thing I’m curious when you’ve tried so hard, and got so far, in the end, does it really even matter? Does it?
You can stream or download the episode here:

Shinoda, of course, also has an upcoming AMA/chat session on Product Hunt's website scheduled for October 9. If you have any questions that weren't answered in this podcast episode, make sure to get them ready for that event.

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Good news for everyone! Mike Shinoda will be doing a free live chat on October 9, 10 a.m. PDT on Product Hunt. The great thing about this chat is that it is an excellent opportunity for everyone, not just LPU members, to ask Mike questions about his recent Fort Minor activity, the upcoming art project, the next Linkin Park album or whatever is on your mind! The Product Hunt site has a neat little countdown showing you exactly how much time is left until the chat so you don't have to bother with converting time zones.

Will you be attending this chat? What will you ask Mike? Tell us in the forums!

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So, we thought that Linkin Park only had one more confirmed show for the rest of the year, well it's time to change that. Another show has just been announced to take place on November 14th in Los Angeles. The show is a special Music for Relief performance celebrating the ten years of relief work and also honoring the charity work that Steve Aoki has done.


Tickets can be bought through Music for Relief.

Are you going to the show? Come and discuss in our forums.

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A new LPTV episode has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel. In this episode the band kicks of the last leg of touring for The Hunting Party with a European tour, starting in Belgium. Mike shares plans for the upcoming album, and the band must find true love's kiss. Watch the episode here below.

Remember to subscribe to the Linkin Park YouTube channel for new episodes of LPTV and all the other videos from the band.

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Wow. Has it really been fifteen years? Hard to believe. As I sit here doing my nightly ritual of viewing and reading the LPAssociation forums, much like I have done for the last 14 years of the site's existence, I find myself both astonished it's been this long, and overcome with the warmest feeling of nostalgia. You know that feeling. The beautiful, heart-warming euphoria you get when you remember a fun moment from your childhood, whether it be by sight, smell or sound...that brings you right back to how you felt when that moment took place.

For me it was the middle of my 8th grade junior high school year (age 15-16) that lead me to my first true experience with Linkin Park. I had mostly been into rap at the time (Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Nas, Atmosphere etc), and looked at the fire engine red haired, chain wearing, Slipknot/Mudvayne loving kids with confusion. I had little to no experience in the 'hard rock' or 'nu-metal' scene and had no idea how much I would soon come to identify with the crowd and consider many of those kids to my best and closest friends. It was during our morning school announcements where I first heard the infamous bridge that would come to be one of the band's most well known and often quoted lyrics: the simplistic, angry, yet potent yell of "shut up! shut up! shut up when I'm talking to you!" that soon launched headfirst into the song's catchy and memorable chorus. My school's audio/visual group had pulled a prank on the school principal, dubbing One Step Closer over images of the principal wagging his finger at the camera, looking more like an angry grandpa shouting for kids to get off of his lawn than our junior high principal.

I'll admit, I laughed. It was clever, it was smart ass, was probably going to get them suspended but more-so...the music choice was for lack of a better term: fucking awesome! Impressed, and left wanting more from the 30 seconds I heard, I turned around to one of those kids I mentioned earlier and asked what band that was over the loudspeakers. "LINKIN PARK" "LINCOLN PARK? Got it!". "No dude, L-I-N-K-I-N.". Scribbling down the correct spelling I ran home as quick as I could, typing the band's name in the Yahoo! search engine, clicking on the first link I saw.


A black flash website with a red letterbox came into view, the sounds of marching and a loud explosion giving away to a frantically played acoustic guitar, rapid flashes of band photos, words, and album art leading to the image of a red winged soldier flanked by the word "ENTER" in bold white, inviting you to continue onwards. Finding myself inside the band's awesomely designed (for the time) official website, I navigated to the Music section, where further previews of the band's music would await me in the form of mp3 downloads (With You, Points of Authority and My December). This small taste would prove to be all I needed to convince me to rush out and purchase the album, and that same day I pushed my dad to take me to Best Buy and I ran in and bought the album with my weekly allowance. It would prove to be one of the most life altering decisions I would ever make.

In the weeks that followed I became completely obsessed with the band, playing the record on repeat non-stop, annoying my family and my neighbors in the process. I signed up to The Linkin Park Message Board (RIP old LPMB), and became best friends with many of the forum's inhabitants, developing some friendships that still last to this day. One of those would prove to be fate, when I ran into LPA's original founder and designer Omar. It is actually by sheer coincidence that me and Omar even met, as it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. Omar was in desperate need of someone to help convert a bmp file to png (as he was on a different computer than usual and didn’t have access to Photoshop), and seeing his post on Official Linkin Park Message Board; I volunteered to lend my services, unaware of how great a friends we would end up becoming. I had briefly ran fansites for Tomb Raider and other associated topics, but a music fansite was a first for me and when Omar offered for me to come on board I accepted immediately. To this date, because of the friends and experiences this site has brought me, I still consider it one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

As we first launched the website, I'll admit it was absolutely nothing like the site you see today. Hosted on a crappy angelfire server, the site consisted of an image gallery, lyrics, tab, fan, articles and downloads section.


It was absolutely barren in comparison to our current website, but to me and Omar at the time it was our proudest achievement. We had made a website that was both pretty to look at and full of great content. It was done completely flash (a rarity for the time), and it was the shit. And anybody who thought otherwise was welcome to kiss our ass. We were proud, and for good reason: between the two of us we had a big history of never completing web projects, but finally we created something amazing and beautiful in this. This was our baby (I still want my child support Omar!) and we couldn't be prouder.

Now 15 years later, it's kind of a head spinner to contemplate where the band (and I) have gone in the last decade and a half. For Linkin Park they've gone from starstruck newcomers, stunned by their fame and overwhelmed by their meteoric rise, to veritable superstars...blessed with multiple platinum records, music awards and accolades that some of their harshest and rudest critics would've never deemed possible when One Step Closer premiered all this time ago. For LPA, and myself I saw the website grow into a juggernaut, amassing more than 160 million hits a year (or over a billion since launch), gathering mentions in magazines, band interviews, and most importantly: giving me the friendships, and the confidence I would've never knew of the meaning of if it wasn't for the band or their music.

Truth be told, much has been written by me about LPA's story and how it came to be. I've expounded on the subject more times than I can count, and for some long time LPA viewers and visitors, the above story is all too familiar. But one thing I've never done so openly, or through as public a platform as LPA's front page is say "thank you" to the band. Over the past two years since AltWire has been open, I've had several opportunities or chances to really tell the band what I think (during interviews) but I've always chosen to focus on business first, never truly stating how I feel. So I'll say it now:

Thank you Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Dave Farrell, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourden and Brad Delson for all of the amazing friendships your music has brought me these last fifteen years. For the confidence, and positive self image this website and your acknowledgements of this site have brought me. Thank you for always seeming to know exactly the right words I needed to hear in your music, for providing a source of inspiration in my own music and for giving me strength for when I was looking for it the most. For being the voice I didn't have, and for every single thing you've done both for your fans and for myself personally since the LPA launched so long ago.

Many of us fans cannot imagine how differently our lives would have been lived without the experiences and opportunities your music has given us, and I believe I speak for everyone who's ever popped Hybrid Theory in their CD player when I say: thank you for making one of the best albums of our generation. Your ability to stay in the game for so long is no accident, and I know I'll be listening to One Step Closer, and Hybrid Theory for another fifteen years to come (and maybe more).

Thank you Linkin Park.

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The official Linkin Park store is now selling a $10 "Mystery Tee". The T-Shirt is available in both male and female variants. Even though it doesn't make much sense, the T-Shirt is "from the current LINKIN PARK store", in which all T-Shirts cost $35. This means you get a $25 discount, so it's a great offer for anyone who wants a new shirt but isn't ready to cash out that much money for it. This could also point to the store being cleared out for the arrival of new merch, but only time will tell. In the meantime, get on this offer while it's still available!

Will you be ordering? Tell us in the forums!

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Good news for all Xbox One owners! "Rebellion", the eighth track off Linkin Park's latest studio album, "The Hunting Party" will be featured as an exclusive song with the digital pre-order of the Xbox One release of the newest installment in the Rock Band franchise. This is also very good news for anyone interested in stems of the song, as they will undoubtedly surface one way or another. Xbox One users also get exclusive songs from the likes of Interpol, Babymetal and Marilyn Manson among others. You can pre-order the game which releases October 6 here and watch a video of the announcement here.

What do you think of this? Will you be pre-ordering? Are you excited to get the stems of the song? Join the discussion in our forums!

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Linkin Park and Steve Aoki have quietly released the Remix EP of their April hit single "Darker Than Blood" through Ultra Music. With no prior announcement, Mike tweeted out a link to stream the EP on Spotify. It is also available on iTunes. The EDM centered EP consists of four tracks by some of the scene's most interesting artists - Bassjackers, Panic City and Dirty Audio aswell as the "Darker Than Blood" remix competition winner Josh Macias. The cover of the EP remains the same as the single cover, albeit with different colors. You can check out the tracklist and listen to the previously released Bassjackers remix below.

01. Darker Than Blood - Bassjackers Remix
02. Darker Than Blood - Panic City Remix
03. Darker Than Blood - Dirty Audio Remix
04. Darker Than Blood - Josh Macias Remix

What do you think of the EP? What's your favorite track? Come, join the discussion in our forums!

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Phoenix will be hosting a LPU chat over on the LPU VyRT channel on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at 4 PM PST. To know when that is for you, you can use this handy little countdown.

This is a good chance to ask Phoenix about what the band is currently working on in the studio, what he thought about the touring the band did for The Hunting Party and whatever else you can think of.

This chat is exclusive to LPU members, and if you're not a member you can join right here.
If you're a LPU member, you can find out here how to get access to the LPU VyRT room.

Will you attend the chat? What questions do you have for Phoenix? Come and discuss in our forums.

*EDIT* Some of the answers are here below:

  • They are currently in the studio, writing the next album.
  • Nothing is planned for the 15th anniversary of Hybrid Theory
  • He believes in both aliens and Santa Claus
  • If he was ever to play Pay Yo Respektz live, it would be at a solo show, which he would never do
  • He signed a baby and made the parents promise not to get it tattooed onto the baby
  • He would like to play The Little Things Give You Away live again
  • He greatly enjoyed the FM shows he attended in Copenhagen and Berlin
  • They are filming the studio process for LPTV
  • Mark Fiore hates it when he gets filmed, so the band takes every opportunity they can to film him.
  • He would not want a LPU exclusive tour because it would be TOO exclusive. He feels like it would exclude some people that for reasons can't be in the LPU but wants to see the band.
  • He COULD shave his beard...
  • It's still too early to say what the new album sounds like, they are right now in the stage where they are just writing everything that comes to mind.
  • He has had Ted as his bass tech for 12 years. For a bit in the early years he had a new tech every tour.