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What Is the LPA Monthly Mix-Up?
LPA Monthly Mix-Up is an ambitious concept intended to showcase the massive amount of musical talent currently unheard among the Linkin Park fan community. Every month, we will be challenging fans to compete and show off their musical skills, using any and all tools available to them to create their entry. At the conclusion of each competition period, our staff will then go through each entry submitted, and pick our absolute favorite to be featured on the site as the "Winner Of The Month". To promote fairness, runner ups will also be shown, but only one lucky Linkin Park fan will walk away with the honor of being featured as the "Monthly Winner". Now that we have that out of the way view this month's theme below.

Our official theme for the month of October 2014 is:

All For Nothing Free-For-All

This month, we are challenging you to remix the second track from The Hunting Party, "All For Nothing," in another Free-For-All setting. What does this mean exactly? Well, anything goes, as long as "All For Nothing" is used in your submission. Remixes, mash-ups and covers are all welcome this month. So what you waitin' for? Step to it like one, two, three, four!

Deadline is October 31st, 2014 11:59 PM PST.

Good luck.


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Lisa Ling's new documentary series "This Is Life" will be premiering on CNN in a few days' time, and a minute-long trailer which features original music by Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda has been making the rounds online during the past couple of weeks. Shinoda's involvement was confirmed by Ling in a Facebook post:

The trailer for #ThisIsLife. Scored by one of the most talent people I know, @mikeshinoda of Linkin Park. Every episode will inspire convo, I'm sure. Sun 10PM EST
You can check out the trailer and hear the music below:

The instrumental track, perhaps one of a batch that might be used in the series, features an electronic backbeat laced with Shinoda's unmistakeable guitar work.

According to a press release from CNN, "This Is Life" will provide viewers a glimpse of "sub-cultures and communities that are unusual, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous".

In THIS IS LIFE, award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling takes us on a gritty, breathtaking journey to far corners of America. Here, Ling introduces us to sub-cultures and communities that are unusual, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous; often getting people to share things that they haven't shared with their closest friends or even family members. This new CNN Original Series is produced by part2 pictures and premieres on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 10pm, ET/PT.

Source: Lisa Ling on Facebook via Faker
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Rock In Rio is coming to the U.S. in 2015 and the bill is set to include Linkin Park; according to this Blabbermouth article, the band will play on the festival's Main Stage alongside acts such as Metallica, No Doubt and Taylor Swift. The event will take place in Las Vegas, NV, over two weekends; on May 8-9 and, then, May 15-16. According to a news post on, Linkin Park are slated to perform during the first weekend.

Ticket pre-ordering details are available now via Ticketmaster, which also reveals that Rock In Rio U.S. will be held at a yet-to-be-built venue called The City of Rock:

On a scale that Las Vegas has never seen, Rock in Rio will build a permanent open air venue. "The City of Rock," which will be equipped to receive 85,000 people per day. The festival will feature six stages, streetscapes representing Brazil, U.S.A. and the U.K., a ferris wheel, a zip line and a VIP area.

Source: Linkin Park on Twitter via Abel
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A new LPTV episode has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube Channel. With The Carnivores Tour over, now comes the LPTV episodes that will show us what happened back stage and behind the scenes. This episode takes us from the beginning of the tour in Tampa, FL to the LPU summit in New York. Check it out in the episode below.

If you make an awesome face you will appear in a LPTV episode. Remember this.

With the Linkin Logs we knew that we would get one per week, usually on Fridays. Is it possible that we could get the LPTV episodes weekly also?

Remember to check out Linkin Parks YouTube channel for more LPTV, Linkin Logs and music videos from the band.

What do you think of the episode? Will we get them every week? Come and discuss in our forums.

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A new episode of the Linkin Log VLOGS has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel. In this episode the band and crew tell you about their favorite moments of the tour.

Sounds like the Infinity One had a rough/awesome tour.

Mike initially said that he would only do these vlogs during the tour, but he expressed interest on continuing them after the tour stopped. Let's all hope that he does.

What do you think of this episode? Do you want the episodes to continue on after this? Come and discuss in our forums

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Marking the end of a twenty-five date, nearly two month long triple-headlining tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI, Linkin Park will perform the final date of their Carnivores Tour tomorrow night in Concord, California at the Concord Pavilion. This will be the first time that the band has performed at the Concord Pavilion. Since starting on August 8th in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Carnivores Tour has traveled across fourteen states, three provinces, and across the entirety of North America. With their brand new non-stopping, mash-up setlist, Linkin Park has performed five songs off their new 2014 album The Hunting Party including Guilty All The Same, Until It's Gone, Wastelands, Rebellion, and Final Masquerade.

So who is ready to see Linkin Park's epic finale to their Carnivores Tour tomorrow? Perhaps fans will be in for a surprise at this tour's end.

And as the band finishes up their North American Tour, they progress quickly down south to Brazil mid-October for two dates before trekking to Europe for a long month long tour through Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom. This marks what will most likely be the start of an official The Hunting Party World Tour that will most likely make its way to Asia, Australia, and perhaps even Africa once again!

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Joe Hahn will partake in a LPU chat at 7:30pm PDT. Join him as he is sure to talk about The Carnivores Tour and his debut movie The Mall. To be able to join in on this and other LPU chats, you need to be a member of the LPUnderground, which you can become at

From the Linkin Park Twitter account:

LP Underground members, join @joehahnLP for a LPU chat tomorrow (Sept. 18) at 7:30pm PDT.

Join LPU to get access:
What do you think Joe will talk about? Will he reveal some unknown stuff about The Mall or Linkin Park? Come and discuss in our forums.

Source: Linkin Park Twitter and LPU Newsletter via Filip and MKH
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The Carnivores Tour continues it's stride throughout California!

This time the tour stops in Wheatland, CA for it's third show there for Linkin Park. The band previously played here in 2001 and 2007. We know no information about the 2001 performance, so we'll stick to the 2007 show for all the trivia today. This was the second performance on the 2007 leg of Projekt Revolution, and if you know your Linkin Park history, you'll know that's the tour that started the rotating setlists, something that the band is still doing to this day. At this performance, it was the first time ever that the band opened a show the same way they did on Minutes to Midnight... with Wake/Given Up. Before this the band had opened all the "full show" performances of 2007 with One Step Closer. But check out the performance of Wake/Given Up here below.

Then came the fun police and asked if the person recording was recording... hope he/she didn't lie about it.

At the previous show the band played in Chula Vista where they played set B with the first verse of When They Come For Me over the rap medley. Sadly we did not see a reprisal of the show at The Hollywood Bowl where the band brought out Daron Malakian to play guitar on Rebellion and Austin Carlile to sing on Faint. They did however rock the set, and you can see a full demonstration of that in the video below, where the band plays With You.

Missing a few seconds in the beginning... but still a good video!

This is almost it, people. This is the second to last show of the tour, and while Linkin Park finally did some surprises at the Hollywood Bowl show, can we expect anything more? Can we expect other surprises? Maybe a unplayed song? Another guest coming out? There has been no rumors or talk about surprises, but since we are so close to the end now, this is the time to expect it.

Are you going to the show? Well... In an initiative to connect the fans of Linkin Park, we here on LPA made a meet up schedule, so if you want to meet some fellow LPA users before the show, the page for all the information and names of who are attending the show is right here. So make it known that you are attending the show, so you can meet some other awesome fans. Remember to tweet pictures to @LPAssociation if you meet some other members.

After this the band heads to Concord, CA for the FINAL SHOW of The Carnivores Tour. I promised myself I wouldn't cry..

Are you going to this show? Can we expect any surprises from the band? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Tonight's show is in Chula Vista, CA! The Carnivores Tour only makes two more stops after tonight, one in Wheatland, CA and the other in Concord, CA - closing out a string of California dates with the exclamation point taking place at the Hollywood Bowl last night!

For those of you who did not have the chance to watch the Vyrt Steam, the band had a couple of surprises last night - the more remarkable and exciting of which was a special appearance by Daron Malakian from System of a Down, who joined the band for a memorable performance of "Rebellion." You can view a pro-shot of that performance below!

Who knows if the band has plans to bring more surprises to their to remaining shows, but as the band is based in Los Angeles, it is of no surprise that they turned up the volume a bit last night with guest appearances.

Are you guys attending tonight's? You can find out which fellow LPA members are attending your show by checking out the LPA Meet-Ups thread. If you do meet with a fellow LPA member, don't forget to tweet us a pic of yourselves to @LPAssociation!

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MONTREALITY released earlier today on YouTube an interview with Mike Shinoda where they ask him a selection of questions, starting from what kind of student he was, what are his favorite cartoon and video games, Fort Minor, even about the Eminem collaboration the fanbase has discussed much about. Also there is a great message for the youth (or people in general) towards the end. Watch the video below!

What do you think about the interview? Come discuss it in our Forums!

Source: MONTREALITY YouTube via Agent Sideburns