Already Over Sessions: Episode 4 [Berlin]

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    Hot on the heels of the last "Already Over" session, Mike Shinoda has wasted no time in releasing a new video in his series. This one shows Shinoda posted up in Red Bull Music Studio in Berlin with a cohort of German artists and musicians, gathered to perform his 2023 single "Already Over" live in the studio space. The date shown in the video puts this literally the day before the London session that the previous video focused on.

    Just like in all the other "Already Over" session videos, this is an interesting and eclectic group of musicians that Shinoda has picked:
    • Backing Shinoda up on vocals is the young artist and songwriter Damona, who hails from Bavaria. Damona started out with a brief stint on "The Voice Kids" (a "Voice of Germany" spin-off focused on children) in early 2022, before moving on to grow her own following online and eventually getting signed to a label later that same year. Over the past couple of years, Damona has been refining her 90s-influenced pop-rock sound while consistently nurturing her online fanbase on platforms like TikTok, where she has over 2 million followers.
    • Handling the lead guitar and providing some backing vocals also is wavvyboi, a non-binary pop artist, songwriter and producer with a string of commercial releases stretching back to 2018. wavvyboi has dropped a lot of music since then, and has drawn from a wide variety of genres along the way - hard rock and metal, shoegaze, synth-pop and beyond - but an emphasis on noisy guitar riffs and an unrelenting focus on catchy melodies has stayed consistent across all of it. Their discography is also peppered with collaborations with other adventurous German artists.
    • On rhythm guitar and also doing backing vocals is Simon Will, a YouTuber and artist whose musical output consists of only a few songs between 2020 and now. Out of those, his 2023 musical offerings have been more guitar-heavy pop numbers, as opposed to singles from prior years which featured a softer, more reggaeton-influenced sound.
    • Playing the keyboard is Tobias Hildebrand, AKA tobiplayspiano, a Dresden-based content creator who is best-known for this TikTok post from 2022, which shows him sitting down and improvising on a public piano; the post went viral and has amassed nearly 10 million views to date. Hildebrand's videos feature various covers of popular songs, more public piano performances, and also things like reinterpreting the iconic iPhone ringtone for piano added in for good measure. He has also released a few original compositions which comprise his YouTube channel.
    • On bass is Marti Fischer, a bassist and content creator who has been active on YouTube for over a decade, and whose Instagram bio explains that he's a jack of several trades: music producer, podcaster, web video creator, impersonator and more. Fittingly, Fischer's YouTube content is widely-varied, but the bulk of it seems to be videos about music composition and production, where he analyses music by acts like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk and ABBA, or quickly explains subgenres like darkwave.
    • Behind the drum kit is Raja Meissner, a drummer and content creator based in Berlin who has been playing professionally since her early teens, and whose drumming videos have gained her almost a million TikTok followers. Meissner's selections for covers mostly lean towards hard rock and metal, with many covers of Slipknot songs in particular.
    Shinoda returns to a handheld SM58 as his microphone this time around, and the group starts off "Already Over" with a full-band intro, as opposed to the more minimal guitar intro that you may be used to. Damona, who backs up Shinoda with an octave vocal early on, takes on the lead singing for the second verse in her native German, before Shinoda swaps back in for the pre-chorus. Later on, wavvyboi's octave guitar solo for the bridge is a more embellished take on Shinoda's original solo.

    After performing "Already Over", the band is shown taking on Shinoda's 2023 single "In My Head", a surprising swerve when all the previous episodes have featured performances of Linkin Park singles. Damona proves to be a great fit for the lead female vocal part originally sung by Kailee Morgue, while the guitarists back her up with harmonies during the choruses. This is the first time "In My Head" has been performed by Shinoda in any live setting, and it further widens the lane for future episodes if Mike Shinoda solo songs are now on the board ...

    What did you think of this performance? Let us know!
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