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While Nikki Sixx is out on tour Mike Shinoda will be co-hosting his show "The Side Show Countdown with NIKKI SIXX" along with co-host Jenn Marino on April 25th and 26th.

A quote from AllAccess:

SHINODA will also discuss what’s on the horizon for LINKIN PARK, including their upcoming performance at ROCK IN RIO in LAS VEGAS on MAY 9th, and the band’s recent collaboration with EDM star STEVE AOKI on the song “Darker Than Blood,” which will appear on AOKI’s upcoming third studio album "Neon Future II," coming out MAY 12th, as well as tour bus hazing, concert pranks, and his experience at this year's COACHELLA.

SHINODA added: "I’m happy to fill in for NIKKIi, and always look forward to chatting with JENN and their crew!”
Description of the show From SixxSense:
The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx is a weekend companion to Sixx Sense that's all about the music. Nikki plays the top songs in rock and showcases new and emerging artists with his Sixx Picks. He'll also get the dirt straight from the biggest names in music and entertainment.

The two hour program is available for air Saturday or Sunday between 6am and midnight.
To listen to the show you can just go to or you can head over to the iHeartRadio page and listen there.

Will you listen to the show? What do you think Mike will be talking about? Come and discuss in our forums.

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A Yo! Venice! article tells us that Linkin Park band member Brad Delson recently attended a previously-announced Music For Relief event in Venice. Delson was at the event to help launch a new Music For Relief initiative which aims "to protect and conserve 61 miles of mangroves in Magdalena Bay, in Baja California Sur, Mexico" and involves the charity organisation partnering up with WiLDCOAST.


About the new environmental program, Delson was quoted saying:

ďItís a way for the entire music industry to come together after natural disasters and raise money and support people who are effected by these events, [...] Weíre really grateful that our music has given us a platform to affect positive change when we have the help of amazing people like some of the folks here tonight. Itís certainly one of the ongoing objectives of Music for Relief to be a voice and an extension of the music industry as a whole. So when other artists join us, when other people in the music industry join us, when fans online get involved in causes, thatís when we see the greatest impact of our efforts.Ē

Source: Yo! Venice! via Sujana
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A new episode of LPTV has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel. This episode shows the writing Linkin Park did with Page Hamilton for the song "All For Nothing". From their first meeting and showing Page the demo, to the vocal recording and extra guitar work he put in.

You can check out the episode below.

So does this mean that we'll get more Making of The Hunting Party episodes?

Remember to subscribe to the Linkin Park YouTube channel for new episodes of LPTV and all the other videos from the band.

What do you think of the episode? Come and discuss in our forums.

Source: Linkin Park YouTube via Alexrednex
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Brad Delson will be hosting a LPU chat over on the LPU VyRT channel on Monday, April 20th at 11am PST.

In the chat you can ask Brad questions about their upcoming live shows, what it was like recording The Hunting Party, is Mike doing something more with Fort Minor or whatever question you can think of.

This chat is exclusive to LPU members, and if you're not a member you can join right here.
If you're a LPU member, you can find out here how to get access to the LPU VyRT room.

Will you attend the chat? What questions do you have for Brad? Come and discuss in our forums

EDIT: Some of the most interesting bits below.

  • Will be there be a different setlist on the upcoming tours? No answer for now.
  • He is looking forward to touring again.
  • Viewer asks him to speak Spanish and he did... "Gracias"
  • He would NOT sing Until It Breaks in the chat.
  • He talked about the recent Music For Relief effort.
  • The band sees Music For Relief as something the whole music community can use, not just themselves.
  • His favourite song from The Hunting Party is Mark The Graves. He likes the lyrics and the music.
  • He enjoys playing songs from The Hunting Party live.
  • Told the viewers to go and watch the first installment of the "Making of The Hunting Party" series on the Linkin Park YouTube channel. More videos are coming.
  • He talked about a song called "Spark Marker"... said it's a "cult classic". We don't know if this was a working title of something or if Brad was just kidding.
  • He considers the best thing of playing a show to be to able to share their music with the people that are there and who love it.
  • "This was by far the best chat that I've done .. today"

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"Darker Than Blood" is now available for purchase as a single on iTunes. You can also get a copy of the song with a pre-order of Aoki's album "Neon Future II" on iTunes.

Steve Aoki has tweeted that Darker Than Blood will now premiere between 8 and 9AM PST on KROQ.

Original post:
Mike Shinoda will be joining Steve Aoki in playing Mortal Kombat X on Aokis Twitch channel. During the stream they will debut their new collaboration Darker Than Blood.


The stream will take place at 5pm PST | 1am CET on Monday April 13th.

Will you tune in to catch the premiere of the Darker Than Blood? Who do you think will win in a Mortal Kombat fight? Come and discuss in our forums.

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The month of March brought the first MMU competition of 2015 by challenging our talented remix community to select a song and remix it in a Hardstyle or Dubstep style track. Out of the eight eligible entries that were submitted, we had a challenge to pick our favorites. Before the winners are announced, we want to remind you that if you submit an entry, always include the provided graphic into the artwork. If the graphic is not included your submission will not be eligible to enter the competition and therefore will be forfeited. With that being said, the March 2015 Dubstep / Hardstyle winners are:


Xefuzion: "Rebellion" (Xefuzion Remix)

Xefuzion busted onto the MMU scene last month with a cinematic take on Rebellion. With a quiet, yet Meteoric, start that leaves you aching for more, Xefuzion happily delivers by completely blasting your eardrums in the face during the chorus. This remix is not only mixed extremely well, it is excellently composed which keeps your interest the entire time. Well done, Xefuzion, on this well deserved MMU win!

Runners Up:

Cypher: "Jornada Del Muerto" (Cypher Remix)

Last month, Cypher was able to take the every element that you love from Jornada Del Muerto and he pieced them together with original synths to create a remix that you can completely chill out with. This might not be a club banger, but it is something you can listen to and enjoy. It was quite impressive that he was able to create this chilled out track without completely obliterating the sounds of the original track. Well done.

Simple Automaton [Zak]: "Powerless" (Simple Automaton Dubstep Remix)

The original Powerless is a song mainly driven by piano and guitar. Last month, Zak decided that won't do. Combining a bitcrushed beat, distorted vocals and wubs, Zak transformed the song by extending it to five and a half minutes of pure awesome sauce. This track feels like it would fit right at home on the LPA's Remix Album RELIVING THINGS. Excellently done.

Congratulations to all the winners for last month's MMU. April's Polka / G-Funk MMU has already started and we look forward to seeing what you guys and girls can come up with. I mean, who doesn't want to hear Polka styled Linkin Park? Submit your entries and Good Luck!

Also, we've included a MMU Suggestions Thread for you to submit your own ideas and suggestion on what you would like to see/hear for up-coming MMU competitions. Go there and submit your ideas. The only bad idea is the one that wasn't submitted!

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It looks like the new Steve Aoki x Linkin Park track "Darker Than Blood" is stepping up promotion with the impending single release on April 14th. Linkin Park announced on their Facebook page that the music video is currently being recorded and Mike Shinoda and Steve Aoki also live streamed a portion of the track on Periscope yesterday which you can check out below.

It's not very clear what direction the music video will be going in. Steve Aoki teased a few images on his Instagram account, including shots of himself being dressed up as some kind of cyborg robot, however he appears to be wearing the same android costume in another shot posted today with Luke Steele, who he collaborated with on the title track for Neon Future, so it's hard to say whether he's recording multiple music videos this week, maybe a yet untitled track featuring Luke Steele, or if Luke Steele will be making a cameo in the Darker Than Blood video. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but until then you can check out the teaser images on Steve's Instagram by clicking the image below.

What do you think of the clips you've heard so far of Darker Than Blood? Let us know on the LPA Forums.

Source: Steve Aoki | YouTube via Periscope
Posted on April 2, 2015 by Andreina

Today, Steve Aoki has broken the news via social media that his next single, named "Darker than Blood" will feature Linkin Park. Check out his Twitter post below:

This may very well be the final title for the track so far known as "Horizons", which was premiered live during a show in Chicago on February 28th, 2015 and livestreamed by Yahoo!, as we know from several sources (including Steve and Mike Shinoda themselves) that the title was not final yet. Stay tuned for more updates as we get more official information.

Steve Aoki's "Neon Future II" will be out on May 12th, 2015.

Are you looking forward to this official release? Come over to our Forums and join the discussion!

Source: Steve Aoki Official Twitter via Broman
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What Is the LPA Monthly Mix-Up?
LPA Monthly Mix-Up is an ambitious concept intended to showcase the massive amount of musical talent currently unheard among the Linkin Park fan community. Every month, we will be challenging fans to compete and show off their musical skills, using any and all tools available to them to create their entry. At the conclusion of each competition period, our staff will then go through each entry submitted, and pick our absolute favorite to be featured on the site as the "Winner Of The Month". To promote fairness, runner ups will also be shown, but only one lucky Linkin Park fan will walk away with the honor of being featured as the "Monthly Winner". Now that we have that out of the way view this month's theme below.

Our official theme for the month of April 2015 is:


Some people thought we weren't serious. Some thought we'd never do it. But after over three years of remix competitions, it's time for: Linkin Polka. Since Polka music has many different styles and varieties, it's likely best to just refer to the official Wikipedia article here:


We also, are allowing remixers the choice of doing an alternate genre: G-Funk Hiphop. Made famous by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Geto Boys and the biggest thug of all time Brian Williams, G-Funk "incorporates multi-layered and melodic synthesizers, slow hypnotic grooves, a deep bass, background female vocals, the extensive sampling of P-Funk tunes, and a high-pitched portamento saw wave synthesizer lead."


We will open this to DBS, Fort Minor, and even A Light That Never comes as well. Extra points for anyone who successfully combines the two genres.

Deadline is April 30th 2015 11:59 PM PST.

Good luck. Please note that since this is not a free-for-all month, mashups will not be allowed this round.



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Linkin Park has just been announced to headline this years Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. This will be the bands first visit to the festival, but Mike Shinoda played at it back in 2005 as Fort Minor.

The band will play at the festival on August 20th and tickets will go on sale on April 15th. For tickets and more information go to the Pukkelpop website.

Will you be attending the show? Come and discuss in our forums.