Posted on January 15, 2017 by Derek

Linkin Park recently did some shooting on location a few days ago for an upcoming music video in their home city, as revealed by LA-based photographer Melissa Fox via a caption under an Instagram shot of the band that she posted:

Further corroborating this is an account recorded in a blog by LA-based BMX'er Alfredo Mancuso, who says he was wandering on the 4th Street Bridge (which overlooks the Los Angeles River), piloting an aerial drone with a camera, when he encountered none other than Linkin Park in the midst of their shoot. Mancuso says also that the band then requested footage shot using his drone for use in their project.

The segment in his vlog entry where he tells this story starts at approximately 9:40:

It would be safe to assume that this is a video shoot for a song off the band's upcoming seventh studio album.

Source: Alfred Mancuso on YouTube via Dmitry

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Filip

Chile! Time to get Hyped! Linkin Park is returning to Santiago on May 9th at the Movistar Arena with special guests Rise Against. LPU members will have access to the tickets on December 20th at 12 pm CLST, 7 am PST over here. The general public will be able to buy tickets on December 21st. If you were looking to buy me a Christmas present, a plane ticket to Chile and tickets to the show will be more than enough. If not, then, all I'll be getting you for Christmas is this ridiculously small photo of the band without Phoenix 'cause let's be honest the last time you heard him on a song was "The Catalyst" or something.

Will you be attending? Will you be attending any of the other South American shows? How about Europe? What do you think of chicken hamburgers? Please, just join the discussion in our forums!

Source: Linkin Park Facebook via Michele

Posted on December 9, 2016 by Kevin

Linkin Park has just announced for their first non-festival show for the year, and it comes in the form of their first ever performance in Peru! Yes, even 17 years into their career, there are still places and countries that the band has not yet played, but now we can tick Peru of that list. Croatia and India next?

For ticket information and more, head over to

Are you going to this show? Do we have any users from Peru? Come and discuss in our forums.

Posted on December 4, 2016 by Filip

It was really unavoidable for Chester, being asked about the new Linkin Park album while doing promotional interviews for the three Kings of Chaos shows he did at the beginning of the month. Thankfully, Chester is probably the most sincere member of the band when it comes to talking new music, so he actually gave some really interesting information about the new album. Most interestingly, he mentions the new album has entered the mixing stage. Mixing is a process typically done by professional mixing engineer, and it sums the multitrack recording down to mono, stereo, or surround sound print. It's typically one of the final stages of making a song or an album, followed by mastering. This doesn't necessarily have to mean the band has completely finished the writing and recording of the album, but with the lack of studio pictures through the last few weeks, it's not unlikely. Though interestingly, just a few days ago Mike sent out a tweet which indicated that the band was in the studio with K.Flay.

Check out the full quote from Chester about the new album below.

I can’t give you a date because we don’t know. We have begun mixing. That lets you know we are coming up to the final phases of the record. We have a ton of songs, so we are going to be mixing for quite a long time. We have been talking about first quarter of next year. It will be before summer, I imagine.

The new Linkin Park record is what I have been focused on; I’m extremely excited about it. We’ve been working with a lot of great collaborators in terms of writing. We’ve been doing this for a long time. This is our seventh record, and we’ve always kept things in house, meaning we shut the doors and don’t let anybody in like Willy Wonka. Then we go, “Look! Does anyone like the candy we made?”

This time we were really curious how other artists and other writers work because we like to gather as much information and expand on our education, so to speak. We look at music the same way doctors look at medicine. There is always an evolution, always something new that you can learn, so we don’t rest on what we already know how to do.

It’s funny because when we started the process of making a new record, we really wanted to focus on vocals and melody first. That was something that was suggested by Rick Rubin when we first started working with Rick.

It took us about three albums and 6 years to figure out exactly how to do that. For me, I’ve had a lot of time to get into the emotional and lyrical content of the songs. I’ve been able to sit with them for a long time, listen to them, and they’ve become ingrained into my mind before I even went in and sang. There is something special that I feel is very different from what we have done in the past as a result of doing things this way.

Many of the vocals I did were done with a piano or a simple guitar chord progression. Then we built the track around the vocals and created all the sounds that we wanted to replace the guitars and piano.
Everything Chester said seems to align with a short statement Mike gave about the album a few days ago. At the end of the video below, Mike mentions the band hopes to have new music out at the beginning of 2017. Phoenix mentioned the beginning of next year as the beginning of the album cycle back in the beginning of October, so while this is hardly new information, it's nice to see all the band memebers are on the same page.

However, I believe the most interesting thing for any sane fan of the band will be this quote from Chester.

I have two pigmy goats, three bantam chickens, a tortoise, six dogs, two cats, fish, so I have a farm.
Never change, Chester.

What do you think about this information? Excited to finally hear some new music from the band? Interested in the album title or cover? Join the discussion in our forums!

Source: Robin Leach and YouTube via sasuke4545; Mike Shinoda Twitter

Posted on December 2, 2016 by Kevin

Continuing their streak of announcing headlining festivals, Linkin Park has just announced that they are coming back to Sweden, to headline Bravallafestivalen. The festival takes place between June 28th and July 1st and it will be the first time that the band has performed at it. The last time Linkin Park played a show in Sweden was back in 2011.

More information can be found here and tickets go on sale December 5th.

Are you going to this show? Come and discuss in our forums.

Posted on November 30, 2016 by Filip

Linkin Park will be hitting the road sooner than we expected! The band will be headlining the Maximus Festival in South America, which takes place on May 6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and May 13 in São Paulo, Brazil. Recently, there have been rumors of a full South American tour, and with this announcement, it seems likely more shows are to be announced. This will be the first tour since A Thousand Suns that the band won't be starting in Europe. This of course poses the question of will the band have new material out by this time or not? Since it's all speculation for now, feel free to join the discussion in our forums below!

Tickets will be avaliable soon on the festival's official website.

Are you planning to attend these shows? Do you think the band will be performing new material? Any other places you wish for the band to visit? Tell us!

Source: Linkin Park Official Website

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Filip

It's long been speculated, and for weeks it's been all but confirmed. Now it's official. Linkin Park is headlining the Hellfest Open Air festival in France. Other headliners include Deep Purple and Aerosmith, while Prophets of Rage, Slayer, Opeth, Primus, Behemoth are among the wave of other artists performing. Truly, as the poster says, it's going to be one hell of a ride. The band will be performing on the last day of the festival, June 18. You can buy tickets now on the festivals official website. Check out the official poster for the festival below.

What do you think of this? Will you be attending? Keep in mind the band also has another show in France just a week before this. Discuss everything in our forums!


Posted on November 29, 2016 by Filip

Mike and Joe have collaborated with Blaine Halvorson from MadeWorm on their latest Hybrid Theory shirts. Part of the profits from each sale are going to Music for Relief, more precisely $10.00 from each sale of the T-Shirt and hoodie and a $100.00 from each sale of the custom, limited edition vintage black tee.

Speaking about the Hybrid Theory soldier design, Mike said:

"We made it to represent the duality of the band's sound – the intersection of contrasting elements, and the hard-versus-soft tension in our band's music. It's an image that's synonymous with the band's name at this point, and one that has become a cornerstone of our group's visual language over the years."
Speaking about the collaboration, Blaine Halvorson from MadeWorn said:

"MadeWorn is about the process, about craft. This collaboration with Linkin Park was the perfect way to express that. It's about putting that kind of intense attention to detail into every piece, integrating artistry and the touch of the human hand."
Check out a video about the process of making the shirts below, featuring instrumentals of "The Messenger" from A Thousand Suns and "Castle of Glass" from Living Things.

Buy the shirts here.

What do you think about this? Tell us in the forums!

Source: Rolling Stone via Dragondust

Posted on November 22, 2016 by Kevin

Linkin Park has just announced that they will be headlining the June 22nd date of the Download Festival: Madrid in 2017, being held on June 22nd. The band announced a few weeks ago that they would also headline one of the dates of the Paris festival.

More information and tickets can be found on
Are you excited for this? Are you going to the festival? Come and discuss in our forums.

Posted on November 22, 2016 by minuteforce


Linkin Park Underground
is starting up its 16th year with the introduction of several bundles now available for pre-order in the official webstore.

The bundles
The first bundle is a digital-only offer that features a lossless download of this year's LPU-exclusive CD, at a price of $10. The LPU 16 CD features early versions of fan-favourites such as "The Catalyst" and "Lies Greed Misery" as well various demos from between 2010 and last year. The exclusive music is available for LPU members to purchase digitally right now.

Track List:

1. The Catalyst (2010 Demo)
2. Can't Hurt Me (2014 Demo)
3. Dark Crystal (2015 Demo)
4. Air Force One (2015 Demo)
5. Bleed It Out (2007 Demo)
6. Consequence A (2010 Demo)
7. Consequence B (2010 Demo)
8. Lies Greed Misery (2010 Demo)
9. Burberry (2015 Demo)
10. Symphonies Of Light Reprise (2010 Demo

In addition to the digital download, a digital-only membership to the LPU fan club gives you the following:
- 1 Year membership to Linkin Park Underground*
- Pre-Sale Tickets + Meet & Greet Opportunities
- Band and Crew chats via the brand new LINKIN PARK App (iOS/Android) ~COMING SOON~**
- Access to Download Exclusive Content + Music
- Monthly Giveaways and much more!

*Membership benefits in connection with pre-sales, meet & greets and concert tickets are available during periods in which Linkin Park is on tour. Such tours may not take place during the 12-month membership period and so these membership benefits may not be available.

*All LPU offerings, promotions, and events are subject to change, availability, and cancellation. LPU reserves the right to refuse benefits at their discretion.

**New Linkin Park App coming soon. Must have a compatible iOS or Android device to download.

The second bundle is the $40 "LPU 16 Merchandise Package" which, along with digital membership features, features physical items including the LPU CD, a laminate and a welcome letter handwritten by LP band member Phoenix.


- Year 16 Welcome Letter
- LPU 16 CD (Limited Pressing) + Digital Download
- LPU 16 T-Shirt (Available in Men's and Women's)
- LPU Member Laminate + Lanyard
- LPU 16 Sticker
- LPU 16 Guitar Pick

The final bundle is billed as the "Deluxe Bundle + Membership" and, at a price of $89, combines everything listed within the first two bundles, plus extra items including a scarf and an enamel pin. This bundle is labelled "SUPER LIMITED", so get in fast if you want a piece.

-1 Year Digital Membership
-Year 16 Welcome Letter
-LPU 16 CD (Limited Pressing) + Digital Download
-LPU 16 T-Shirt (Available in Men's and Women's)
-LPU Member Laminate + Lanyard
-LPU 16 Sticker
-LPU 16 Guitar Pick
-We Are LPU Scarf
-Limited Edition LPU Pennant
-Limited Edition LPU Enamel Pin

To redeem the LPU Digital Membership portion of this bundle please check your email once checkout is complete.

Additional information
An official post on the Linkin Park message board informs us that the CD is only available in limited quantities: "Only the first wave of orders [for physical bundles] will include a physical copy of the LPU 16 CD. After that the LPU 16 Music will only be available as a Digital Download. LPU 16 CD not sold separately." Physical merchandise will begin shipping on November 8, 2016.

To find out more about these bundles and to join the Linkin Park Underground fan club, visit For a place to post your in-depth review of the LPU 16 exclusive demos, stop by our message board.