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Linkin Park have announced new tour dates for Japan! Later this year in November, the band will head to Tokyo to deliver three headline shows as part of a world tour in support of their seventh studio album "One More Light". Japanese rock act ONE OK ROCK are slated to perform as the support act at these shows.

The dates for the Japan leg of the "One More Light" world tour are as follows:
November 2, 2017 Tokyo, Japan @ Makuhari Messe
November 4, 2017 Tokyo, Japan @ Makuhari Messe
November 5, 2017 Tokyo, Japan @ Makuhari Messe

Tickets for these events will be available through H.I.P's website, with a pre-order opportunity for the site's members opening up on May 28 before the general sale begins on July 15. Linkin Park Underground members will also have access to their own pre-sale via the official Japanese LPU website, linkinpark.JP, starting June 1.
Pre-order: May 12th @ 1200PM - May 28th @ 11:59PM
Pre-sale: June 1st @12:00PM - July 2nd @ 11:59PM
Public On-sale: July 15th @ 10:00AM

Additionally, Southeast Asian music news publication Bandwagon has broken down the various ticket offers in English:
Standard tickets are priced at ¥8,800 (S$113) while VIP S tickets are ¥15,500 (S$200). If you're clamoring to meet the band, however, they're also offering VIP SS tickets at a hefty ¥60,000 (S$770), which includes a special meet & greet session.
More live shows are likely to be announced for 2017 soon as the release of "One More Light" approaches.

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Linkin Park have announced that they will be playing a special album release show on Friday, May 19th at CBS Radio's SPF (The Chelsea @ The Cosmopolitan) in Las Vegas. Presale LPU Tickets will be available today (April 19th) at 10PST. General public tickets will be available on April 21st through Ticketmaster.


Are you excited about this show? Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments!

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Linkin Park are the front cover of the latest issue of Upset Magazine and it features an extensive interview with Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington regarding the band's new album 'One More Light' that is out May 19th. Upset describe the opening of 'Nobody Can Save Me' as a "glitch" before Linkin Park go in to detail about the sound of the album, the thought process behind it as well as some background information about Sharp Edges, the final song on the album. Check it out below:


Click on the images to expand them to read or
Read the full issue
Read shortened online version
The interview is full of cool little details but here is some information about what Sharp Edges is about.

Source: Upset Magazine

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Linkin Park invited a myriad of other artists to contribute to their upcoming studio album "One More Light", but the band members have also been lending their talents to other musical projects: reports that Chester Bennington has recently been working on new music with Lamb Of God's Mark Morton and the band's current producer Josh Wilbur. An Instagram story was reportedly published which showed the artists in the studio together but is no longer available to view.

Bennington and Morton are now teasing the collaboration on Twitter, with the former revealing that the track(s) he appears on will feature his trademark screaming, while Morton exclaims that the music they've worked on sounds "KILLER". Fans of Linkin Park's more aggressive music in particular can probably expect to enjoy what's coming.


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Update: The Official lyric video for Good Goodbye is out now:

: Good Goodbye has started to release at midnight across all countries and is already available in countries where it's Friday April 14th. Look out for the release in your region around midnight. You can check out a 90 second preview in your iTunes from the One More Light page or a 30 second preview from the online player.


The next track from Linkin Park's new album One More Light has been leaked in full ahead of its official release. Good Goodbye featuring Stormzy and Pusha T is out now online to listen to. The song which runs at 3:31 had the official lyrics released earlier this week and an official lyric video is expected soon. They have also filmed a music video in LA.

Please do not ask for or post any links but feel free to discuss the song in this thread.

What do you think of Good Goodbye? Let us know in the forums!

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Linkin Park have revealed the lyrics for their upcoming single 'Good Goodbye'. We knew the song would be releasing next due to the confirmed music video and lyrics video which should be coming soon. The song that also features Stormzy and Pusha T has been described to us by Mike Shinoda as an "outlier track" that's "different from the rest of the album", referring to their upcoming album 'One More Light' out May 19th. Mike has also said the song has a "sarcastic tone" and he and Chester talk about it more in the Genius article. The update also reveals Andrew Bolooki did vocal production whilst Jesse Shatkin did additional production. Check out these and the official lyrics below.

Mike Shinoda: I’m a basketball fan. When I was writing this song, I wanted to capture that moment at the game when someone fouls out, and the cheerleaders sing and kick out the ejected player.

Chester Bennington: We wanted this song to apply to two things at the same time: someone getting kicked out of a game, and someone getting out of a bad relationship.

[Chorus: Chester Bennington]
So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

[Verse 1: Mike Shinoda]
Live from the rhythm, it's
Something wild, venomous
Enemies trying to read me
You're all looking highly illiterate
Blindly forgetting if I'm in the mix
You won't find an equivalent
I've been here killing it
Longer than you've been alive, you idiot
And it makes you so mad
Somebody else could be stepping in front of you
And it makes you so mad that you're not the only one
There's more than one of you
And you can't understand the fact
That it's over and done, hope you had fun
You've got a lot to discuss on the bus
Headed back where you're from

[Chorus: Chester Bennington]
So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Goodbye, good riddance
A period is after every sentence
Did my time with my cellmate
Maxed out so now we finished
Every day was like a hail date
Every night was like a hailstorm
Took her back to my tinted windows
Showin' out, she in rare form
Wings up, now I'm airborne
King Push, they got a chair for him
Make way for the new queen
The old lineup, where they cheer for 'em
Consequence when you ain't there for him
Were you there for him?
Did you care for him?
You were dead wrong

[Chorus: Chester Bennington]
So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

[Verse 3: Stormzy]
Let me say goodbye to my demons
Let me say goodbye to my past life
Let me say goodbye to the darkness
Tell 'em that I'd rather be here in the starlight
Tell 'em that I'd rather be here where they love me
Tell 'em that I'm yours this is our life
And I still keep raising the bar like
Never seen a young black brother in the chart twice
Goodbye to the stereotypes
You can't tell my kings we can't
Mandem we're linking tings in parks
Now I gotta tune with Linkin Park
Like goodbye to my old hoe’s
Goodbye to the cold roads
I can't die for my postcode
Young little Mike from the Gold Coast
And now I'm inside with my bro bro's

[Chorus: Chester Bennington]
So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

What do you think of the lyrics for Good Goodbye? Let us know on the forums!

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The remix to 'Heavy' by Nicky Romero is available to be listened to on Nicky Romero's YouTube Channel. The remix officially begins at 16:00. Check it out below:

What do you think of the more upbeat remix of 'Heavy'? Begin the conversation in the LPA Forums.

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'Good Goodbye' is making the rounds in the news right now, and the latest part of that news is that the track length has been listed on iTunes. The track clocks in at 3:31. The song features Stormzy and Pusha T, we know that Stormzy has provided a rap verse and while not confirmed, it's fair to assume that Pusha T also has verse on the song. However, it's worthy to point out that 'Heavy' is listed as 'LINKIN PARK & Kiiara' while 'Good Goodbye' is just listed as 'LINKIN PARK'.

Last time we got a track time listed on iTunes the track leaked 2 days after and officially released 5 days after, so we can be really close to a release of 'Good Goodbye' right now. Something that lends even more weight to this is that the file size is listed as 7,3 MB on iTunes, meaning that the file most likely is uploaded and prepped.


What do you think of this? Is it too close to Battle Symphony in length? Will more songs from the album be around the 3:30 mark? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Update - April 7th: Video artist and director Rafatoon who worked on Battle Symphony has posted an Instagram story of work being done on a Good Goodbye lyric video. "So say goodbye" are lyrics seen in the rendering process.

In a recent interview discussing the track Good Goodbye from Linkin Park's new album One More Light, Chester revealed to BeBox Music that a music video for the song has been filmed in LA over a day and Stormzy who is featured on the track flew out to be a part of it. Pusha T also is on the track. Watch the interview clip below where they also say Mike has one verse on the track and Stormzy recorded the second verse which Mike was originally going to do.

When we spoke with Mike in London last week he said Good Goodbye is an outlier track that doesn't fit in with the rest of the album. He described the song as 'sarcastic' in tone. It's worth noting that last week in a Facebook live stream Mike said they are currently working on a video that is "not super serious" and is a "change of pace". This is looking like it refers to the Good Goodbye music video.

There's no announcement that this is the official next single after Heavy but it looks incredibly likely with a music video being filmed for it.

How excited are you for Good Goodbye and the music video? Let us know on the forums!

Source: BeBox Music via @sasuke4545

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Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson recently spoke to MusicRadar about the band's new album One More Light. With most press and interviews coming from Mike and Chester so far this was a pretty good interview with some good insight in to Brad's process and guitar work on the new album. You can read the full interview at MusicRadar and some excerpts below.

Are there any points where you think the change in musical tact particularly complements your guitar work?

“I love the acoustic work on Sharp Edges. I really like all of the layering of guitars on Invisible as well. There’s also a really unique presentation of the guitar in a way that I don’t think we’ve ever done on a song called Sorry For Now. That was one of the things that we were really excited about - it is wildly different to anything else that we have been doing.”

You’re seven albums in now; how does the studio-seasoned 2017 Linkin Park approach making a new record?

“This was a really fun album to create. We created it in a way that was totally upside-down. We had this idea; we wanted to write songs. That might sound ridiculous, because everything we write are songs, but I really mean songs.

“We’ve made a lot of music throughout our career where the music takes the steering wheel. In that case, the sounds lead us through the journey. On this album we wanted to write songs that had something to say.

“Another idea we had was to be totally open in terms of our style of working and everything from guest artists to co-producers to co-composers. Anyone interesting that we wanted to meet, we wanted to give an open invitation to coming through, and in that regard it was a very fun record to make.”

Does a record like One More Light offer you a very different challenge to The Hunting Party? The Hunting Party had guitars right upfront; is it more a case of finding pockets of space for guitar on this album?

“I wound up putting a lot of guitar on this album. There’s a lot of layers and a lot of different guitars. The guitar work is nuanced and complementary to all of the other elements that we have put in there.

“I find guitar to be a dominant ingredient in any soup. The minute I put loud heavy guitars into an arrangement, I feel like it is a heavy colour. One of the goals of the production of this album was to do away with any notion of genre. We were looking at ways to juxtapose influences that we have in ways that you haven’t heard before. Building the guitar work into that was a fun challenge.

“I love the guitar work and tones that our engineer Ethan helped create with me and Mike [Shinoda] throughout this album. Even though you don’t hear guitar in the foreground in a heavy-handed way, there really is a ton of guitar on this album, and I’m really proud of it.”

Read the Full Interview at Musicadar