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Linkin Park are set to take the stage and headline yet another rock festival in the U.S. tonight. This time, it's the River City Rockfest, happening at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The band will be sharing the stage there with acts including Volbeat, Drowning Pool and Papa Roach.

Linkin Park last played San Antonio over a decade ago in 2004 as part of their world tour in support of "Meteora", although they've also played shows nearby in Selma several times throughout their career.

Yesterday, the band's scheduled headline performance at Rocklahoma in Oklahoma was unfortunately cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions. After this River City performance, the band will take a lengthy break from touring ... before heading to Montabello, Canada to resume this festival run with a headline performance at 2015's Amnesia Rock Fest.

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Phoenix will be hosting a LPU chat over on the LPU VyRT channel on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 at 9:15 pm CT.

In the chat you can ask Phoenix questions about their current tour, their upcoming China tour, what it was like recording The Hunting Party, what is going on with Fort Minor, how is A Line In The Sand to play live, is Brad playing at the show or whatever question you can think of.

This chat is exclusive to LPU members, and if you're not a member you can join right here.
If you're a LPU member, you can find out here how to get access to the LPU VyRT room.

Will you attend the chat? What questions do you have for Phoenix? Come and discuss in our forums.

*EDIT:* Due to complications with the weather there was no video for this chat, so instead Phoenix responded to questions via text from his phone. Some of the more interesting bits below:

Phoenix - "Currently close to the venue, hoping the weather calms down so they can play the show."

LPU: "Who is your favorite bass player?"
Phoenix: "Favorite bass player is prob McCartney!"

LPU: "What's your favourite song to play live right now? (Mine's A Line In The Sand)"
Phoenix: "A Line in the Sand is my favorite live song right now... Always fun playing new stuf"

Phoenix - "Brad is back in action! Chillin' with him right now "

LPU: "Favorite music genre?"
Phoenix: "I've never been a genre guy... I actually think genres are only helpful in a store setting"

LPU: "How long do you rehearse a new song before playing it live?"
Phoenix: "Depends on the song. We try to all come to rehearsal knowing the new song, and then figuring out The arrangement. But different songs are more challenging to figure out how to play live for example, Blackout was a bit of a monster!"

LPU: "Batman or superman?"
Phoenix: "Batman for sure. So much cooler. But Superman would win in a fight, no contest"

LPU: "What do you think of Jared being the new Joker?"
Phoenix: "I think it's going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it!"

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Due to bad weather Volbeats and Linkin Parks performances has had to be cancelled.


Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin

For the first time since 2008, Linkin Park will play a show in Oklahoma. This is the first performance in Pryor for the band, but in Oklahoma the band has previously performed six times previously. In October and November of 2000 they played at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, both as supporting acts on different tours. They came back to Oklahoma in December of 2000, this time in Oklahoma City, again as a supporting act. The next performance for the band in the state was again in Oklahoma City, this time as headliners of their own festival, Projekt Revolution 2002. During their 2004 Meteora World Tour the band stopped in Norman, OK for a performance ...of which there is no info. So after a four year wait the band finally returned, this time again to Oklahoma City on their 2008 North American Tour. This show is a bit special, Chester was sick so the whole setlist was revised. Dropping five songs all to hard on his voice, the band ended up playing 18 songs, something unheard of for the band as a headliner in 2008. With the band dropping Points of Authority from the set, they took the extended outro they were playing at the time from the song and tacked it onto Papercut instead. Below is a video of What I've Done, opening the set.

At the previous show, the band played the full version of this tours setlist, bringing back From The Inside, Breaking The Habit, Rebellion and debuting a new version with Darker Than Blood, consisting of Mike and Chester singing the first verse and chorus over a synth backdrop being played by Mike. While the band playing the full playlist was expected, Brad not playing the show was NOT expected. Instead of Brad playing, his guitar tech Benjamin took his role, much in the same way he did at the recent Brazil mini tour. We don't know the exact reason Brad didn't play, but we hope that whatever the reason was he is OK and will be back with the band soon. With so many songs brought into the set it's hard to pick a video to highlight ... so let's just go with A Line In The Sand, seeing as we got another proshot of it. So video of that below.

So what can we expect from this show? Maybe the band will switch a song in the setlist for another one? Will Brad return to play this show or will Benjamin be able to add another show to his resume?

After this show the band rushes to make it to San Antonio, TX on May 24 and then they have nearly a months break before heading over to Montabello, QC, Canada on June 19.

Are you going to this show? Do you think the band will play around with the setlist? Will Brad play this show? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Columbus, Ohio ... we love your weather.

For the ninth time since 2000 Linkin Park comes to Columbus, OH. The band spent a lot of time in town early in their career, playing one show in 2000, three shows in 2001, a single show in 2003 and then two shows in 2004. The last performance they had in town was in 2008, a show notorious for being one of the rare few where Chester managed to pull off the full 17 seconds scream in the Given Up bridge. Video of that below. It's also notorious for being a show where Breaking The Habit did not have an extended intro or outro.

At their latest performance, Linkin Park played a new playlist. While it brought back the full versions of Papercut and New Divide, they dropped almost all of the songs from The Hunting Party, leaving only Wastelands. Oh and that song they debuted... A LINE IN THE -FRIKKING- SAND. Yes, the band didn't tease us for nothing.. this time, they actually played one of the most requested songs from the new album. And while that is great, they did some other special things during the show as well. As previously mentioned they brought back the full version of Papercut, and they also added an extended intro to it for opening the show. Austin Carlile joined the band on Faint and Aaron Pauley came out and sang on the Iridescent portion of the Ballad Medley. While the band seemed to expect a drum solo during Bleed It Out, Rob apparently decided no in the last second, leading the band to improvise a sing along and skip out on the usual The Catalyst verse. As for the video today, I think you know what it will be, it can only be one ... A Line In The Sand live debut ofcourse.

So for this show, it's expected that Linkin Park play a longer version of the setlist the played at the previous show, with the highest expectation that more songs from The Hunting Party will come back into the set. The show will be broadcasted on AXS TV, so if the band decides to play a longer set we will hopefully get some nice recordings. We don't know the exact details about what exactly will be broadcast yet, so we will update this with more details when they become available.

Broadcast details:
10:45 ET | 7:45 PT

After this the band the band heads to Pryor, OK on May 23rd and then San Antonio, TX on the 24th.

So what do you think? Will you be attending the show or will you watch it on broadcast? Come and discuss in our forums.

Remaining dates of this tour:
May. 23rd Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma, Catch the Fever Festival Grounds
May. 24th San Antonio, TX, @ River City Rockfest - AT&T Center
Jun. 19th Montebello, QC, Canada @ Amnesia Rock Fest - Marina de Montebello
Jun. 23rd Mexico City, Mexico @ Arena Ciudad de Mexico
Jun. 25th Monterrey, Mexico @ Arena Monterrey
Jun. 27th Mack, CO, @ Loudwire Music Festival - Jam Ranch
Jun. 30th Milwaukee, WI, @ Summerfest - Marcus Amphitheater

01. Papercut (Extended Intro)
02. Rebellion
03. Given Up (Extended Outro)
04. One Step Closer (False Start; Extended Outro)
05. A Line In The Sand (Extended Keyboard Intro)
06. From The Inside
07. Runaway [Shortened] (Wastelands Transition)
08. Wastelands
09. Castle of Glass (Experience Version; Martin Luther King Jr Speech, Piano Transition Outro; w/ Oppenheimer Speech)
10. Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)
11. Robot Boy [Shortened] (Instrumental)
12. Joe Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hd)
13. New Divide
14. Breaking The Habit
15. Darker Than Blood [Shortened] (Synth + Acapella Only)
16. Burn It Down
17. Mike Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name; Ext. Outro Transition)
18. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro + Outro)
19. In The End
20. Faint (Extended Outro)
21. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' Verse 2; Wall of Noise Outro)
22. What I've Done (Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
23. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-along; Ext. Ending)

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Opening their remaining tour dates for 2015, Linkin Park will head to Las Vegas to play the first USA edition of Rock in Rio. The band has played both in Las Vegas and at Rock in Rio many times before, they played the 2014 Rock in Rio and their latest performance in Vegas was back in the start of 2014. That performance is notable for being the only show in 2014 to have Empty Spaces and When They Come For Me performed live in their original forms.
You can watch the performance of When They Come For Me here below:

BRING IT BACK! ..please?

As you all know Linkin Park had started their North American winter tour earlier this year ..but accidents happen. We now know that Chester broke his ankle when playing basketball, he was jumping to make a shot and landed on a water bottle. The accident was documented in this LPTV episode. This caused Chester to perform that nights show on a scooter and then sadly having to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. As for the show itself, it went off pretty well. Guests at this show included Aaron Pauley on the Iridescent section of the Ballad Medley, Austin Carlile on Faint and Tim McIllrath on Bleed It Out. Check out One Step Closer from the show here below:

Yes I might have just copy+pasted that from this other post. So sue me.

With this being the start of a new period of touring for the band the chance of a new setlist is high, and I think we call all agree that we would be in favour of seeing more songs from The Hunting Party be performed. The show will be livestreamed, so we can all see exactly what the band does with the setlist and the show. Sadly, this will be a shorter show for the band, being planned to only go on for 75 minutes.

Livestream Details
Yahoo Webcast
9:30PM PDT | 05:30AM BST

Countdown To The Show


Rock In Rio has tweeted out Linkin Park's setlist for tonight and it looks like the band will be debuting A Line In The Sand Live while Guilty All The Same is missing! Who's excited?


EDIT: Check out the debut performance of "A Line in the Sand" from the show:

After this the band takes six days off before playing in Columbus, OH on the 17th and then heads to Pryor, OK on the 23rd.

Are you going to this show? Will you be watching the livestream? What do you think the band will do with a shorter set time? Come and discuss in our forums.

Remaining dates of this tour:
May. 17th Columbus, OH @ Rock on the Range . MAPFRE Stadium
May. 23rd Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma, Catch the Fever Festival Grounds
May. 24th San Antonio, TX, @ River City Rockfest - AT&T Center
Jun. 19th Montebello, QC, Canada @ Amnesia Rock Fest - Marina de Montebello
Jun. 23rd Mexico City, Mexico @ Arena Ciudad de Mexico
Jun. 25th Monterrey, Mexico @ Arena Monterrey
Jun. 27th Mack, CO, @ Loudwire Music Festival - Jam Ranch
Jun. 30th Milwaukee, WI, @ Summerfest - Marcus Amphitheater

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Linkin Park have just announced that they will be doing five stadium shows in China later this year in support of their 2014 effort "The Hunting Party". The band revealed the new July shows with a news post and an accompanying tweet with a short announcement video.


The news post includes ticket details, including the fact that a pre-sale for Linkin Park Underground members has just begun.

Pre-sale begins immediately only at Yongle Ticket, and orders can be placed on or via4006-228-228 (CN), 4008-101-887 (EN).

Linkin Park Underground members have access to a 24 hour exclusive pre-sale for select sections starting now. Details at
Dates are as follows:

7/17 Nanjing @ Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium
7/19 Shenzhen @ CR Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Stadium
7/22 Shanghai @ Shanghai Hongkou Foorball Stadium
7/24 Chongqing @ Chongqing Olympic Sports Center Stadium
7/26 Beijing @ Beijing Worker’s Stadium

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In the midst of rehearsals for Linkin Park's upcoming appearance at the 2015 Rock In Rio USA festival in Las Vegas, Mike Shinoda took a few moments out to speak with AltWire and answer questions about "Darker Than Blood", the band's 7th album due in 2016, and the band's desire to begin sponsoring consumer facing technology with a venture capital fund.

Read the full Q&A here.

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What Is the LPA Monthly Mix-Up?
LPA Monthly Mix-Up is an ambitious concept intended to showcase the massive amount of musical talent currently unheard among the Linkin Park fan community. Every month, we will be challenging fans to compete and show off their musical skills, using any and all tools available to them to create their entry. At the conclusion of each competition period, our staff will then go through each entry submitted, and pick our absolute favorite to be featured on the site as the "Winner Of The Month". To promote fairness, runner ups will also be shown, but only one lucky Linkin Park fan will walk away with the honor of being featured as the "Monthly Winner". Now that we have that out of the way view this month's theme below.

Our official theme for the month of May 2015 is:


Thanks to our MMU Suggestion Thread, VIP user Erica brought up the great idea to turn an intro/outro/interlude into a whole song. That is the whole premise of this month's MMU theme. Take a short, 2 minutes or less, track and turn it into a whole song. For this theme to work, please understand that the 2 minute or less track MUST BE THE FOUNDATION ON WHICH YOUR WHOLE REMIX IS BUILT OFF OF. Yes, we are allowing mash-ups, however, the 2 minute or less track must be the main attraction. Your remixes should be longer than the original piece with this challenge since to goal is to make a full song. To clarify, we are welcoming submissions longer than two minutes. The two minute stipulation is for the original piece in which you are going to base your submission on. LPU songs that fit the two minute stipulation will also be allowed as a foundation piece. Also allowed are solo pieces that a band member has done that fits the two minute stipulation. Since we've already had it as a theme month before, VICTIMIZED is considered to be a full song and therefore will not be allowed to be used for a foundation piece for this month's competition. Please let us know what your foundation piece is when you submit your entry. We want to see how creative you guys and girls can get with this. SHOW US!

Deadline is May 31st 2015 11:59 PM PST.

Good luck. Please note that since this is a free-for-all month, mashups will be allowed this round.

Also, since Soundcloud embeds don't work on all mobile phones, please be sure to include a link to your submission's soundcloud page!


For your convenience, Here is a list of songs released by Linkin Park that are two minutes or less:

Technique (Hybrid Theory EP)
Opening (Reanimation)
[Chali] (Reanimation)
X-ecutioner Style (Ft. Black Thought) (Reanimation)
[Riff Raff] (Reanimation)
Ntr/Mssion (Reanimation)
[Stef] (Reanimation)
Foreword (Meteora)
Wake (Minutes To Midnight)
The Radiance (A Thousand Suns)
Empty Spaces (A Thousand Suns)
Journada Del Muerto (A Thousand Suns)
Wisdom, Justice, And Love (A Thousand Suns)
Fallout (A Thousand Suns)
The Summoning (The Hunting Party)
A.06 (LPU 2.0)
Sold My Soul To Yo Mama (LPU 4.0)
You Aint Gotsta Gotsta (LPU 8)
No Laundry (LPU 8)
Da Bloos (LPU 8)
PB N' Jellyfish (LPU 8)
Sad ("By Myself" Demo) (LPU 9)
Stick And Move ("Runaway" Demo) (LPU 9)
Asbestos (LPU 12)
Three Band Terror (LPU XIII)
Heartburn (LPU XIV)
Dave Sbeat feat. Joe (LPU XIV)

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A new episode of LPTV has been uploaded to the Linkin Park YouTube channel. This episode shows the writing Linkin Park did on Drawbar with Tom Morello. It shows Mike, Brad and Tom jamming out pieces of what would become the song live in the studio. We also get to see another jam with Tom, Brad, Mike and Rob on a song that didn't make it onto the album.

You can check out the episode below.

Last episode was for All or Nothing, can we expect episodes for Guilty All The Same and Rebellion?

Remember to subscribe to the Linkin Park YouTube channel for new episodes of LPTV and all the other videos from the band.

What do you think of the episode? Come and discuss in our forums.

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While Nikki Sixx is out on tour Mike Shinoda will be co-hosting his show "The Side Show Countdown with NIKKI SIXX" along with co-host Jenn Marino on April 25th and 26th.

A quote from AllAccess:

SHINODA will also discuss what’s on the horizon for LINKIN PARK, including their upcoming performance at ROCK IN RIO in LAS VEGAS on MAY 9th, and the band’s recent collaboration with EDM star STEVE AOKI on the song “Darker Than Blood,” which will appear on AOKI’s upcoming third studio album "Neon Future II," coming out MAY 12th, as well as tour bus hazing, concert pranks, and his experience at this year's COACHELLA.

SHINODA added: "I’m happy to fill in for NIKKIi, and always look forward to chatting with JENN and their crew!”
Description of the show From SixxSense:
The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx is a weekend companion to Sixx Sense that's all about the music. Nikki plays the top songs in rock and showcases new and emerging artists with his Sixx Picks. He'll also get the dirt straight from the biggest names in music and entertainment.

The two hour program is available for air Saturday or Sunday between 6am and midnight.
To listen to the show you can just go to or you can head over to the iHeartRadio page and listen there.

Will you listen to the show? What do you think Mike will be talking about? Come and discuss in our forums.

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