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Three days after their spectacular performance in Jämsä, Finland, Linkin Park plays Berlin's Stadion An der Alten Försterei tonight, September 3rd. English rock band Lower Than Atlantis will be tonight's special guests.

This is the bands second show in Germany this year, following the August 23rd Hockenheim show, and Mike's third, as he's had a Fort Minor show in Berlin just last night. The band are no strangers to Berlin, having played there eight times in their career, at least once in support of each of their studio albums. So, there's quite a bit of ground to cover here. The bands first show in Berlin was way back in March 2001, when they were supporting Deftones on their "Back To School" tour. Their first headlining show happened in September of the same year. The show happened only a day after the tragic September 11 attacks in which many people lost their lives, and a very interesting clip of Chester adressing the event can be found on YouTube. The band returned to Berlin in September 2003 on their Meteora European Tour, and started their Minutes to Midnight touring cycle with a very intimate show in Berlin in April 2007. A lot of interesting things happened at this show. For the first time ever, "One Step Closer" opened the show while "Faint" took the position of the last song. "Given Up", "What I've Done" and "No More Sorrow" had their live debuts, and a fan named Richard was invited on stage by the band to play guitar on "Faint", as he requested to do so at the Meet and Greet. Because Richard could not play the brand new "Faint" outro, Mike mashed up the song with Fort Minor's "There They Go" for the ending. This was the only time the "Faint / There They Go" mashup was performed live, and since absolutely no cameras were allowed, we are left with 2007 phone camera quality videos of the performance.

"Bleed It Out" mashed up with Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" in honor of the late Adam Yauch aka MCA from the 2012 show, a personal favorite of mine.

The band played in Berlin again in June 2008 on the European Projekt Revolution Tour, just days before their iconic Milton Keynes performance, which was filmed for their live album "Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes". The band played twice in October 2010, however, the first of those shows was just a private production rehearsal on which only a few fans were present. Nevertheless, the band went through the full setlist. In June 2012 the band filmed the music video for Powerless in Berlin on the morning before their show at the Admiralspalast. This show was live streamed and later played in select US theaters on June 25, 2012. This theatrical release was released later on "Living Things+" a CD/DVD release of the bands fifth studio album. The bands show in November 2014 was once again broadcast live, and oh boy, in what quality. It was announced as the "first live concert in the world to be broadcast at Astra 19.2 degrees East in Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixel) in HEVC standard, at 50 fps and a colour depth of 10 bit." Mike also mentioned the show would be released as a live DVD, however this never happened, or at least hasn't happened yet.

The "Castle of Glass Experience" from the 2014 show.

Phew, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about what the band has been doing recently. For the first time during The Hunting Party's touring cycle "Rebellion" and "Points of Authority" are both being performed live, instead of being switched out one for another like before. Chester usually comes out and sings the ending of "Welcome" with Mike. During the Minsk and Moscow shows, the fans organised some lovely flashmobs, during "Final Masquerade" and "Welcome", respectively. The band has reacted to these very positively, posting pictures of the flashmobs on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Can we expect a flashmob in Berlin tonight?

With Mike performing with Fort Minor in Berlin just the night before, there is a slight possibility "Welcome" and "Remember The Name" won't be on tonight's setlist, although this is more likely to happen in Düsseldorf when both Linkin Park and Fort Minor have shows on the same day. What could be their replacements?

After this show, like I mentioned earlier, both Linkin Park and Fort Minor will be playing at Düsseldorf's Rock im Sektor festival on the 5th. Then Linkin Park heads to Rome, Italy on the 6th, while Fort Minor has a show in London on the 8th. It's a hectic week for the band, and especially Mike, who's truly amazing. Or more precisely, freaking crazy.

What do you expect from this show? Will you be attending? Come, tell us in our forums!

Remaining tour dates:
9/5 Dusseldorf, Germany, Rock Im Sektor - Linkin Park and Fort Minor
9/6 Rome, Italy, Rock In Roma - Linkin Park
9/8 London, England, Scala - Fort Minor

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Germany gets their third Fort Minor show and Berlin gets their first!

In 2005 the Fort Minor crew stopped by Germany twice, Hohenfelden in August and Hamburg in November. At the first stop they only played an eight song set, with only two songs from the soon-to-be released album. Those songs were Remember The Name and Petrified. They also threw in There They Go from the special edition of the album and Dolla from the We Major Mixtape. In the set the songs It's Goin Down, Enth E Nd, Mr. Brown and the Fort Minor Medley also appeared. Mr. Brown is a Styles of Beyond song and the Fort Minor Medley is.. well a medley. This was their standard set for the start of the promotional tour for The Rising Tied. Later on, on their stop in Hohenfelden they had added five more songs. Those were In Stereo, Believe Me, Feel Like Home, Red To Black, a shortened version of Numb/Encore and High Road. Not many videos of these shows exist, but we do have a nice video of Remember The Name opening the set at the Hohenfelden show, enjoy that here below.

The last Fort Minor was in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was a pretty damn good performance. I would know, I was there. And before I get into recapping the show I wanna give a thanks to the people that I met before the show and hung out with afterwards, you people were awesome as well! Anyway.. The show took place at Pumpehuset, a venue that Mike previously performed at in 2001 with Linkin Park. The set was essentially the same as the previous show at The Exchange, with some minor tweaks. Mike took an encore break between Believe Me and Welcome. Can't say I blame him, there was no ventilation in the venue and it would not have surprised me if someone had collapsed from heatstroke. This was a very intimate show with not a large audience, so Mike talked to the crowd plenty between the songs, telling the origins of some songs and the whole Fort Minor project. But instead of me telling you all this, you can watch a recording of it! The whole show was filmed and thankfully uploaded to YouTube for us all to enjoy. You can watch it here below.

I was standing next to the camera the whole show, sorry about that voice

So what can be expected from this show in Berlin? Well, a lot actually. In preparation of his double performance at Rock im Sektor and not wanting to play Welcome and Remember The Name in both sets, Mike tweeted out that he wanted fans to vote on a song to be added to the set, then linking to a poll. The winner of the poll was High Voltage. Mike being Mike though, he couldn't just say "Thanks people, adding High Voltage to the set!". No, this is what he had to say:
Thanks for voting on which song I should add. The set list has been updated...with a twist...
So what can this mean? Is he adding High Voltage? Is he adding it and remixing it? Making a medley out of some of the songs from the poll? Only time will tell, because Mike sure won't.

After this Fort Minor has a set at Rock im Sektor on the 5th and after that a performance will take place in London on the 8th.

Are you attending this show? What will Mike add to the set? Did you enjoy that recording of the Copenhagen set? Come and discuss in our forums.

Remaining tour dates:
9/3 Berlin, Germany, Stadion An der Alten Forsterei - Linkin Park
9/5 Dusseldorf, Germany, Rock Im Sektor
9/6 Rome, Italy, Rock In Roma - Linkin Park
9/8 London, England, Scala

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So Linkin Park just played for Moscow for the second year in a row, so now they're moving onto Finland, a country they have not played since 2011.

But let's take the history in the right order. The band first played in Finland in 2008. At this show the first instance of Mike rapping the first verse of Hands Held High acapella occured. This would later be repeated at the Milton Keynes show when ending the tour, and later be put over the Reanimation intro on Crawling. After this show the band had to cancel the next two dates due to Brad getting an ear infection, and as someone who directly affected by this I hold all of Finland directly responsible. The band then returned in 2009 with Metallica as part of Sonisphere. At this show Brad played an interesting intro to Numb for a few minutes, video of that can be found below. At this point the Hands Held High acapella part had been worked onto the Crawling intro. In 2011 the band returned for last performance, until today. This was part of their Projekt Revolution: Europe tour, and it is to date the last Projekt Revolution tour that the band has held, this show was the second to last performance under that name.

The band played in Moscow two days ago, a show where once again the fans flash mobbed the show. During Welcome they held up signs saying "You are Welcome". This caused Mike and Chester to pause after the song to take pictures and video with the crowd. Thankfully a recording of the whole show was put online, showing the great form the band is currently in. Check that out here below.

After this show the band heads down to Berlin on the 3rd for a performance and after that they play the last German date on the 5th in Düsseldorf for the Rock im Sektor one day festival. Fort Minor will also play at this festival.

Are you going to this show? Are you not going? Either way, come and discuss in our forums.

Remaining tour dates:
2/9 Berlin, Germany, Kesselhaus - Fort Minor
3/9 Berlin, Germany, Stadion An der Alten Forsterei
9/5 Dusseldorf, Germany, Rock Im Sektor
9/6 Rome, Italy, Rock In Roma
9/8 London, England, Scala - Fort Minor

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History repeats itself, almost 15 months later.

Linkin Park played in Moscow last year, just at the start of the touring for The Hunting Party. Before that they played shows in the city in 2007, 2011 and 2012. 2007 was the premiere performance for the band in Moscow and the second one in the country, the first show taking place the day before in Saint Petersburg. The 2011 performance was the Transformers 3 premiere, the second performance in Moscow and the fourth show in Russia. At this show they performed the Transformers remix of Iridescent for the first and last time .. as of yet. They also brought out a special intro for New Divide, one that they have only played before the song at one other show. In 2012 they played Moscow for the third time with and the fifth show in the country. So, in 2014 they returned to the city with their fourth show and eight in total in the country. You can watch a video of the full set below.

Showing what awesome fans they are, at the three latest shows the Russian fans has surprised the band and all other fans by flash mobbing the shows. In 2011, during "Wisdom, Justice and Love" they held up signs with the words "Wisdom", "Justice" and "Love" on them. In 2012 the fans did a number of things, such as releasing balloons and holding up more signs. At the 2014 performance the fans started throwing pillows onto the stage during Faint. You can see that in the video above.. but also in this one here below.

Linkin Parks latest show was played in Minsk, Belarus for the first time ever. It was also their first performance in Belarus as a whole. The band played the same setlist as the last few shows. But the crowd wanted to have fun with the band, so on Final Masquerade fans in the front put on masquerade masks.. how fittingly awesome.. and after the song Chester took a few with him back on stage.

Seriously.. that is really awesome

After this show the band heads up to Finland for a show on the 31st, finally bringing The Hunting Party Tour to The Nordics, after the wild Fort Minor show in Denmark the Finnish fans have to live up to the high standards of a Nordic crowd. After that the band heads to Berlin on the 3rd for their second performance in Germany on this tour.

So what can we expect from this show? Will the Russian fans bring another awesome flash mob? Come and discuss in our forums.

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A new LPTV episode has been uploaded to the official Linkin Park YouTube channel. In this episode we see the start of the recent tour in China. Showing the usual behind the scenes stuff and some great footage of the band on stage. Check it out below.

Remember to subscribe to the Linkin Park YouTube channel for new episodes of LPTV and all the other videos from the band.

What do you think of the episode? Come and discuss in our forums

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We welcome Fort Minor to The Nordics! Bring your mittens and snow shoes!

While Mike has played in Denmark with Linkin Park a few times before, they have never been fortunate enough to have a Fort Minor performance before. On the small European tour Fort Minor did in 2005, the Nordics were skipped completely. The only Fort Minor songs we've gotten to hear are Bloc Party and Petrified rapped on the intros on Points of Authority. Two of those were in Finland and the last one was actually in Denmark. You can see that in the video below.

The latest Fort Minor performance was the full comeback show in Los Angels. This show brought out of special stuff worthy to talk about. I'm gonna link the full show below so you can see it. Let's just start out with saying that except for High Road and Welcome, no song in this set is in it's original form. They're all remixed or mashed up in some way. Mike brought out some unperformed songs for the set, including "Dolla" "Devils Drop", "Kenji", "Cigarettes" and "Until It Breaks". Devils Drop had a Mike playing guitar on it and a beat added. Kenji was performed over the remixed Recharged remix of Castle of Glass. Cigarettes had a new instrumental with a ending consisting of Mike screaming with heavy effects on his voice. After that it went into the previously unplayed verses and chorus of Until It Breaks, the instrumental then kept going, leading into Where'd You Go, which until the second verse still had parts the Until It Breaks instrumental in it. The only straight forward mashup was Waiting For The End and Hands Held High. Then there were songs like Beleive Me that had a remixed beat and Mike rapping verse one of When They Come For Me where he would normally rap verse two of Belive Me.

Pheew.. Even with that wall of text there are things that haven't been talked about, so watch the video for all the changes. It's really worth a watch.

So what can we expect from Fort Minors debut in Denmark? Well I'm going to the show and I can say that I don't expect or even hope for anything other than this set. It looks and sounds awesome and I wanna see it as it is. It would however be easier for him to include other songs into this set, as there isn't a whole band required to learn a new song. It just takes Mike and an instrumental played over the PA. So.. start requesting stuff I guess?

After this show Fort Minor has a show in Berlin on September 2nd and after that a show in London on September 8th before the last scheduled show as of yet, just a few hours before Linkin Park at Rock im Sektor on October 5th. I wonder if Mike will still perform both Welcome and Remember The Name in both sets at show..

Are you going to this show? I am, and I'll be at the Meet&Greet as well, so if you see me there come up and say hi!

So what do you think? Looking forward to the YouTube videos of this show? Do you think Mike will anything new to the set? WILL Mike perform both Welcome and Remember The Name in both sets at Rock im Sektor? Come and discuss in our forums.

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After starting this European tour leg with three fiery headline sets at Pukkelpop, Frequency and, most recently, Rock 'N' Heim, Linkin Park are playing the tour's first solo show in Rybnik, Poland at Stadion Miejski w Rybniku. The band have never performed in Rybnik before, and have only played shows in Poland a handful of times throughout their career. They first came to the country in 2007 in support of Minutes to Midnight and then returned in 2012 with a show for Living Things. They also played in the country in 2014. Tonight's show has been hyped up as "one of the most important music events in Poland this year ". Enjoy the full set from the 2012 Orange Warsaw Festival show.

This is fucking great

So since we missed a couple of the shows here due to various circumstances, let's just quickly run down what the band has done so far on the tour.
They started off strong in Belgium where they played the Pukkelpop festival for the first time in their careers. The interesting part of this show is that Pukkelpop was ready to livestream the show, just waiting for the managements approval.. which never came. Given the countless other streams just these last few months, that is pretty weird. Setlist wise it was the same as the Chinese tour except for putting Rebellion back in. It was removed due to China .. being China. The band then headed to Austria two days later where they had their premiere performance at the FM4 Frequency Festival. Yes, despite having played in the country nine times since 2001 the band had never played at that festival before. It was the same setlist as the Pukkelpop show. Their latest performance was the first Germany performance for the band for the year. I know, it's weird right? It's August and the band has only played in Germany ONCE this year? Don't worry though, they have two more performances in the country on this tour, plus a Fort Minor solo show. Anyway, jealousy aside, the played at Rock 'n' Heim, another festival premiere performance. Again, the setlist was the same. Watch some videos below from all three shows, all in chronological order.

Sorry for the wall of videos

As mentioned earlier, this is the first show on this European tour not to be a festival show, which opens the door for a new setlist. The band was in rehearsal earlier this month, something that they did do before the China tour, and as we know the China tour didn't bring any surprises. So has the band rehearsed any new songs? With this being the last tour of The Hunting Party, will there be more songs premiered?

After this show, the band will head over to Belarus to play a show in Minsk on the 27th and then travel to Russia on the 29th for a show in Moscow.

Are you going to this show? Have you missed our tour posts? What will the band play? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Mike Shinoda will be on the phone to make a special Fort Minor related announcement on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show today at 8.30pm GMT.


Tune in to the show HERE:

What do you think Mike will be announcing? A new Fort Minor Song? Fort Minor tour dates? Let us know your thoughts in our forums!

Edit: Mike announced a Fort Minor show will be taking place in London on Tuesday, September 8th 2015 at Scala. Further details to follow.

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Joe Hahn will be hosting a LPU chat over on the LPU VyRT channel on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 at 7:30 PM local time.

This is a would be a good opportunity to ask Joe about his stuff that you've always wondered about, how was it like making Mall, the DJ sets that he does and how is the touring life?

This chat is exclusive to LPU members, and if you're not a member you can join right here.
If you're a LPU member, you can find out here how to get access to the LPU VyRT room.

Will you attend the chat? What questions do you have for Joe? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Linkin Park's non-profit charity organization Music For Relief is working on another "Download To Donate" album. This time, you can be featured on it as well, if you are located in the US and above 15 years old. The previous "Download To Donate" albums, released in 2010 and 2011 to aid victims of the Haiti earthquake and Japan earthquake and tsunami respectfully, both featured incredible unreleased songs from A-list artists like Linkin Park, Slash, Alanis Morissette, Enrique Iglesias, Lupe Fiasco and The Glitch Mob among others. This time, in recognition of the talent and altruism of unsigned artists, everyone is invited to contribute their own music to be featured on a compilation album whose proceeds will benefit MFR's fund for future disasters.

Music For Relief is offering two ways for fans to submit their music. The first is linking to your music from Soundcloud, and the other is uploading the file directly. The contest has already begun, but don't worry, there's plenty of time to submit, or start creating your music. The contest will take place in three phases, first being the submission period, which lasts until September 22, 2015. The day after, the voting phase will begin. Everyone will be allowed to vote for their favorites, and the winners of this phase will get some very nice prizes - first place wins a trip to Los Angeles and a hotel stay to record in a professional studio, second place wins a Music Prize package including CDs, vinyls and box sets from the Warner Music Catalog, and the third place wins a Harman Kardon speaker. The voting phase will end on October 15, 2015.

The third phase is the judging phase, which will begin on October 16, during which a team of judges will decide which songs will make the final cut. The judges include our very own Mike Shinoda, film composer Joseph Trapanese, producer Rob Cavallo and a few of Warner and Universal's managers and presidents. Potential winners will be contacted via e-mail on or around November 3, 2015. You can read the full, lengthy list of rules of the contest here.

Will you be contributing to this album? Are you writing a new song or submitting an existing one? Come stop by our forums and tell us!