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Music videos are a unique art - giving face and image to the songs we love the most. Every filmmaker has a different style and approach, and for a lucky few, their creativity becomes immortalized in music videos that stand the test of time. Mark Pellington walks amongst those few, whose resume includes the likes of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy," U2's "One," and Foo Fighters' "Best of You."

While Linkin Park has mostly stuck with their own Joe Hahn for their videos, they've occasionally brought in outside insight. This time they brought in Pellington to give illustration to "Final Masquerade," the rock ballad off of their latest album The Hunting Party that may be one of Chester Bennington's best vocal performances to date. And, lucky for us, this video is one that Pellington is very proud of.

However, there is more to Pellington's filmography than iconic music videos. The filmmaker out of Los Angeles made his start at MTV doing small TV spots before making his way into the music video business. After working with the likes of Springsteen, Public Enemy and Alice in Chains, Pellington pursued a number of other projects ranging from visual live performance work to a diary film for PBS. In 1997, he would make his feature film debut, "Going All the Way," which received positive reviews and ultimately would lead to more feature films. During this time, Pellington would work with the likes of Ben Affleck, Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Demi Moore, and many others. Since then, Pellington has continued to work with a-list actors on the big screen and on TV, and has also since continued to work with music videos. More recently, Pellington collaborated with singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe on a 57-minute short film, "Lone," which has also been received very positively.

We here at the LPA had the chance to speak with Mark Pellington not only about his work with Linkin Park, but about his impressive career and the challenges that come with directing music videos. We would like to thank Mark for giving us the opportunity to talk to him, and we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!


LPA [Derek]: You've had the chance to work with so many bands on legendary songs...Pearl Jam's "Jeremy," U2's "One," and so forth. Is there one music video in your career that you are most proud of? Why?

Mark Pellington:
Proud is an interesting word. I would say that Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” has become so iconic and so timeless, that its impact was so deep then and has continued 22 years later. That right there sets it apart from the other ones, because if over the years if there’s one video that people keep saying to me, “Oh my god," it’s that one. So, that’s a testament to that zeitgeist at that time of the song, and my gratitude towards being able to interpret it. So, I would say Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy."

LPA: What are some of the unique challenges that come with directing a music video versus directing any other piece of film? Do you like it better than working on short films and television pieces?

MP: I love music videos. I think they’re my favorite form to work with because I’m a huge music fan, and because of the emotion that comes from music and the freedom that music videos give you to explore the subconscious. And you can tell stories, but you’re not really bound by conventional narrative or conventional plot. Therefore they’re my favorite medium to work in. Each medium…whether it be a television pilot or a feature, or a documentary, or a commercial or video... each form is unique to itself. Much in the way a poem is different from the novel, which is different from a short story, which is different than a haiku, you know…each literary form is different. Each visual form is different, and each artistic form has its own cross-pollination of influence. So I like them all for different reasons, but music videos are my favorite.

LPA: In recent years channels like MTV and VH1 have greatly changed their approach to programming. Given your work on MTV, do you think music videos are still relevant today, even though those channels have turned their attention largely to reality television?

MP: Well you know, MTV’s move away from playing music videos as a primary form of programming…that happened many years ago. They dropped the ‘music television’ from their logo many years ago, so that’s not a recent trend - that’s a fact. I think the demise of music videos [on MTV] as a main broadcast - as in having one place to see them - was a transition in the same way that the internet expanded as a medium to view programming all the way up to Netflix. Music videos have become resurgent as the internet has expanded. When you [make] a video and you can see a million views, and see comments and see feedback, that’s great. Certainly I think post-economically, the music video business has changed. The economic collapse kind of crushed it. And as the music business changed, digital downloading and the digital world changed the music business on a financial level. The budget and use of music videos as a marketing tool has shifted, and I think it’s actually gained a resurgence in the last several years. Because musicians and the relationship between music and image has a rich history and will always have a history, it just means the sources of screens and where the screens are changes. So it goes from a monopoly of MTV, which was really the only game in town and was really powerful in how it changed the music business 20-25 years ago, to now…artists are controlling the creation and distribution of music more and hence they’re controlling the creation and distribution of their image, which creates great opportunities beyond music videos to merge, image and music and story.

LPA: Is the video more performance-driven, or does it follow a story with different characters?

MP: Like "Best of You," it’s a collage. It’s an emotional performance collage where within that collage, the band is performing in one half of the video, and in the other half there’s imagery that has stories but it’s not a linear narrative. It’s a lot of associative subconscious little situations, stories and characters that are all rubbing against each other. There’s no great overarching concept, and there’s some pretty deep buried subconscious meaning behind them all, but that’s for me to know. The band was very trusting when I met with them. I wrote the treatment pretty free-form, and said “this is what I see, and this is where I am in my life and this is what I feel." I met with Joe and Mike and they were fans [of me], and I was a fan of them, and they were very trusting and we just did it. There was very little fanfare about it. It was really a degree of them knowing my work, and we had a couple of discussions about tone and palette, and once we did it…that was it!

On other recent projects he's excited for:

There is something I'm proud of that is not on YouTube yet, but will be soon. I did a 55 minute film for a Los Angeles artist named Chelsea Wolfe, and it's called "Lone" and it is fucking cool. There's trailers for it online, there's a video for a song called "Feral Love" and it's definitely a darker, spookier cousin of Final Masquerade. The song is on YouTube and the film is available per her site, but if you're into Linkin Park's "Final Masquerade" you'd love Chelsea Wolfe's "Lone".


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Linkin Park has just premiered the music video for their brand new single "Final Masquerade" on! You can check out the new video directed by Mark Pellington HERE. The esoteric video features a mysterious plot that follows different characters through stories revolving around the motifs of loss and of forgiveness.

"Final Masquerade" was one of the first songs released by the band prior to the release of "The Hunting Party". The music video was directed by Mark Pellington, who has previously worked with artists such as U2, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails, among many others. Yesterday, in the lead-up to the premiere, Pellington gave fans this statement on Twitter:

@MarkPellington: Video final masquerade # linkin park #pellington ...tomorrow... Epic apocalypse, forgiveness, angels & chaos. So proud of it, band is epic
If you want to hear more from director Mark Pellington, the LPA had the opportunity to speak with Mark not only about Linkin Park, but about his career and the challenges that come with directing music videos. Read the exclusive interview HERE.




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Nearly two months ago, Linkin Park released a new merchandising initiative called the "LPBLKMRKT", which consisted of offering fans exclusive Linkin Park merchandise through "dealers" who are made up of LP fans within the United States. Dealers were recruited in an open process via the Linkin Park Street Team.

Now, the LPBLKMRKT online shop is officially open for business and ready to ship worldwide. Click here to go to the shop.

Do you like the new items or are you a dealer yourself? Make sure you let us know all about it in our Forums!

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The MTVU Fandom Awards is a new awards show which holds its first ever event at San Diego Comic-Con on July 24th, and as a celebration of the new event Linkin Park will be playing.

This makes it the 5th total performance for Linkin Park in San Diego, the previous times being in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2011 and the last time was in support of A Thousand Suns.

Last time we caught up with a Linkin Park show was the surprise performance at the Vans Varped Tour stop in Ventura, CA. That show consisted of a 7 song set with guests on ALL the songs, something that has never been seen at a Linkin Park show before. At the Ventura show, New Divide was played in full for the first time so far on this concert run. Check out a video of it below, featuring David Schmitt.

Linkin Park will most likely play a full headliner set for this show. Then on the 27th a one hour special will be aired on MTV at 8/7c, showcasing moments from the ceremony, so we will most likely not be getting a recording of the full show at that date. We do know that there is a possibility for new songs from The Hunting Party being played thanks to Mike Shinoda posting on Instagram that they are adding two new songs. With Final Masquerade being the next single and the fact that we have a rehearsal video, there is a STRONG possibility of that being one of the new songs. According to, Rebellion is another single so that could mean it would be the other new song to be played.

Immediately after this set, Joe Hahn and The Nerd Machine will hold a special screening of The Mall at Nerd HQ, more info about that can be found here.

After this the band holds a rehearsal show in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 6th before kicking off their Carnivores Tour with AFI and 30 Seconds To Mars on August 8th in West Palm Beach, Florida.

What do you think LP will do at this show? Will they play those two new songs? Will they pull out any other surprises? Are you going to this show? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Linkin Park's official site has now been elegantly updated and revamped to match the artistic style of their new album, The Hunting Party. Fans can create a personal profile through the Community Hub in order to communicate with fans from around the world.

Check out images of the new site below and visit the new site HERE.


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Linkin Park is featured in the upcoming August / September 2014 issue of Revolver Magazine. The feature includes an in-depth interview with Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, who discuss their early touring experiences at Ozzfest and go further into detail regarding the hard and more aggressive new direction of The Hunting Party.


While the full interview will assumedly come when the issue hits news stands on July 29th, Revolver has included a good excerpt from the interview on their website. The band shares some of their thoughts on the direction of The Hunting Party and how the band got on board with releasing hard material after having delved into more electronic territory on A Thousand Suns and LIVING THINGS.

"This isn't the heaviest record in the world," Bennington says, "but this is the heaviest Linkin Park record. You have to put it in the context of Linkin Park, not in the context of heavy music, because then it makes sense."
"It all finally clicked one day," [Shinoda] says. "I was listening to the stuff I was writing, and I realized it was so derivative. It wasn't cutting edge, it wasn't ahead of the curve, and it wasn't doing the things that I wanted to listen to. I'd already played the stuff to the guys, and they were like, 'Yeah, we like that, let's do that!' And then the next time I saw them, I was like, "You know those songs I already played you, that you liked? I want to throw them in the trash...and I want to do this."

Bennington was immediately on board with Shinoda's new direction. "Chester, to his credit, he got where I was coming from right away," says Shinoda, "but that's not surprising, because that's totally in his wheelhouse. He was like, 'I want to do that all day!"
The other members of the band - Delson, bassist Dave Farrell, drummer Rob Bourdon, and DJ/keyboardist Joe Hahn - took a little longer to come around, however. Though Shinoda has emerged over the years as Linkin Park's main songwriter ("Everyone in the band writes songs, but mine mostly seem to be the ones that everyone votes for," he shrugs), Delson has been his main musical foil throughout. "In the studio, Brad and I are the ones really pushing stuff forward," he says. "We could only do what Chester and I wanted to do if Brad got on board. But in the beginning, he was humoring me. He was just doing it because I wanted him to do it."
To read more of the interview, you can check it out on the Revolver Magazine website.

What do you think of what Chester and Mike's comments? Will you be picking up this upcoming Revolver issue? Share your thoughts on our forums!

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During their show in Milan on June 10th , Linkin Park asked their fans to record and upload Until It's Gone during the show for a live music video. The massive editing job is done and uploaded to the official Linkin Park YouTube channel now, and you can check it out below.

Up on there is also a interactive version of this video, and you can check it out here.

This was also done in 2011 with "Waiting For The End" and you can check that out here.

What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Is it better than the official music video? Come and discuss it in our forums.

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A new LPTV episode has been uploaded to the official Linkin Park YouTube channel. The episode details the start of the European festival run earlier this summer. It also puts heavy focus on the back injury Brad had sustained, which caused him to not be so active during the show and the ones to follow. It is shown in the episode that Mike was teaching Brad's new guitar tech Ben the parts of the songs just hours before the show was set to start; at that specific show, it was Ben's second show with the band. Check it out below.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you know that Brad had sustained an injury? Come and discuss it in our forums.

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On July 24th Linkin Park will play the first ever mtvU Fandom Awards at San Diego Comic-Con. Following the performance a special exclusive screening of "Mall" will be held, presented by The Nerd Machine and Zachary Levi at Nerd HQ. Check out the description from

MALL, the debut feature film directed by Joe Hahn will have an exclusive screening at Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine’s 5th annual Nerd HQ event on July 24th at Petco Park in San Diego immediately after LINKIN PARK’s performance at the mtvU Fandom Awards. The movie stars Vincent D’Onofrio (pictured below), Gina Gershon, Cameron Monaghan, Peter Stormare and James Frecheville.
Are you going to Comic Con and maybe even this event? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Mike Shinoda has apparently let slip scarce details regarding an upcoming release from the Linkin Park camp. According to a post he made on Facebook, blogger Robert Scoble conversed with Shinoda at a recent Harman/Kardon event which both attended, and, among other things, Shinoda is said to have made mention of new material which is coming soon:

We talked about how he is planning on launching a new album in a few weeks on social nets.
What this "new album" is remains to be seen as this one line is all the information there is for now. Is the "Mall" soundtrack being released next month? Will this album be a side-project from Shinoda? Remixes of songs from "The Hunting Party"? It seems that we'll be finding out sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Tell us on our message board!

Update: It would appear that there is currently no plans to 'launch an album on social networks'. After reaching out to people within management, we were advised that this was a misquote. While we are uncertain what Mike's actual wording was that lead to the misunderstanding by Robert, we are passing this information along to help squash further rumors as Mike did not actually say the information the way it was presented in the article.

Source: Robert Scoble on Facebook via Elaine