Already Over / In My Head - Endel Gaming Soundscape released

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    One ambient-leaning version of "Already Over" isn't enough for Mike Shinoda's creative appetite. He has now gone further and collaborated with Endel Sound to produce 35 minutes of new remixes of "Already Over" and his other 2023 single "In My Head".

    These new reinterpretations heavily incorporate elements of ambient, dub and trip-hop, and could be compared to works by Zero 7, Massive Attack or Thievery Corporation. They are packaged together in a 13-track collection, called "Already Over / In My Head (Endel Gaming Soundscape)", which is available now across digital music platforms.


    The tracklist consists of 5 tracks drawn from "Already Over", 4 from the "Fort Minor" remix of the song, and another 4 produced from "In My Head".
    1. Already Over - Endel Version 1 (Gaming Soundscape) [4:30]
    2. Already Over - Endel Version 2 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:28]
    3. Already Over - Endel Version 3 (Gaming Soundscape) [3:01]
    4. Already Over - Endel Version 4 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:45]
    5. Already Over - Endel Version 5 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:11]
    6. Already Over - Endel Version 1 (Fort Minor Mix)(Gaming Soundscape) [2:15]
    7. Already Over - Endel Version 2 (Fort Minor Mix)(Gaming Soundscape) [2:33]
    8. Already Over - Endel Version 3 (Fort Minor Mix)(Gaming Soundscape) [2:25]
    9. Already Over - Endel Version 4 (Fort Minor Mix)(Gaming Soundscape) [2:40]
    10. In My Head - Endel Version 1 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:32]
    11. In My Head - Endel Version 2 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:33]
    12. In My Head - Endel Version 3 (Gaming Soundscape) {2:08]
    13. In My Head - Endel Version 4 (Gaming Soundscape) [2:56]

    Given that they are all labelled "Gaming Soundscape", these tracks don't shy away from the darker sonic aesthetics of the songs they are sourced from, pairing them with dub and trip-hop elements to create interesting contrasts. The first set of five tracks are arrangements featuring prominent synth arps, calm electronic drums with a hefty amount of delay, and filtered snippets of vocals from "Already Over".

    The second set of tracks, built off the "Fort Minor" remix of "Already Over" on which Dom McLennon provided a guest rap verse, use similar trip-hop rhythms paired with the more ominous synth arp featured in the remix, along with brooding 808s and brief cuts of Shinoda and McLennon's vocals. The "Version 3" arrangement features McLennon's verse in full to start off.

    Finally, the "In My Head" reinterpretations feature various reversed elements, reverb-heavy vocal stabs and clean guitar plucks, all laid over the dark, aggressive synth basslines sampled from the original song, and - surprise - a relaxed -trip-hop rhythm as the backbone. Between Shinoda's rapping, lead singing and various harmony parts, and guest vocalist Kailee Morgue's contributions, "In My Head" contains many vocal layers to work with.

    With this Endel release, Shinoda joins a list of acts including 6LACK, Sia and James Blake in collaborating with the German company to reinterpret their music through an ambient soundscape lens. This is also not Shinoda's first foray into ambient pieces. Back in 2020, he produced an instrumental album called "Cognition" intended to soundtrack relaxation, sleep and studying; eventually, in 2021, it was released exclusively through the meditation streaming platform Calm as one long 79-minute track.

    You can check out the Endel Gaming Soundscape release now on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more. Shinoda has also posted the entire collection in one "Full Experience" YouTube video for your listening convenience.

    What do you think of these ambient takes on "Already Over" and "In My Head"? Let us know!
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