Already Over Sessions: Episode 2 [Los Angeles]

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    Back in September, Mike Shinoda assembled a veritable supergroup of Australian musicians to perform his single "Already Over" live at Studios 301 in Sydney. Now, he's followed that up with a second episode which was filmed at The Village in Los Angeles in mid-October earlier this year, in which he delivers a live rendition of "Already Over" flanked by a group of U.S.-based musicians.

    Shinoda's band is larger this time around, and it seems most of these musicians have gained their audiences via self-produced content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, as opposed to being members of established groups. This tracks with how Shinoda has often spoken about noticing talented vocalists and instrumentalists who pop up in his social networking feeds. Though many of these artists have gained considerable followings online over the last few years, most of them haven't done much in way of press, so information on them is fairly limited:
    • Bobby Amaru, currently the lead vocalist of the rock band Saliva, joins Shinoda on vocal duties along with his daughter Veda (AKA Veda J)
    • Nalu The Piano Man, known for clever piano mash-up covers, is behind the keyboard
    • Brazilian guitarist Mateus Asato, who has toured with various pop acts, and whose guitar videos on Instagram have gained him over a million followers, plays lead guitar
    • Morgan F. Kennedy, guitarist and songwriter who began posting guitar content online late 2020 and has since amassed over 2 million TikTok followers, is on rhythm guitar
    • mynameisnotdrew, best-known for comedic bass and guitar shorts that he uploads to TikTok, is rocking the bass
    • and, last but not least, Nate Mueller, who has built an audience of over a million with his drumming talent, and who is still studying music in college, on the drum kit
    After nailing their performance of "Already Over", the band also gives it their all with a rendition of "Faint", one of Linkin Park's many signature hits. With Veda doing backing vocals, Bobby Amaru steps up to do Chester Bennington's singing parts throughout the song, delivering a performance which has been warmly-received by many Linkin Park fans in the comments under the video. The band tops it off with their own take on the extended live outro which Linkin Park have been doing at their live shows since 2007.

    There are more "Already Over" performances to come. Per recent interviews, Shinoda has already plotted out performances based in the UK and Japan, with one or more of them likely already filmed.

    What do you think of this performance and how does it compare to the Sydney one? Let us know!
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    This sessions are so much fun. Its really great to see all those people coming together to just have some fun :lol:
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    Mike continues to improve his growl game.
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    I honestly want Mike to keep making different versions of Already Over. Parts III, IV, V, VI....

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