Posted on September 2, 2013 by Mark
Recently, staff members have been discussing how to improve the browsing experiences of our forum members. We've contracted several forums to centralize discussion, added new features like thread prefixes to certain subforums and gave you, the visitors, a voice in how we report news concerning Chester's involvement with Stone Temple Pilots. Today we have come to an agreement on how we enforce necroposting on the forums.

What is Necroposting?

Necroposting, by our standards, has in the past been defined as making new posts in threads that have gone more than 30 days without a post.

Our old way of thinking was that threads which had gone more than 30 days without a post were dead topics and did not benefit from being bumped back from the dead. We felt that if something was important enough to ressurrect an old thread, it deserved a new thread. Early on, we enforced this rule by locking any threads in which necroposts had been made, regardless of the contributory nature of new posts. While in recent years we have become more lenient when enforcing this rule, we felt an official policy change may help alleviate some of the confusion over necroposting.

New Necroposting Policy

We have decided to be more selective with how necroposting is enforced. All threads that have gone more than 30 days without a post are now fair game for new posts. However, this is as long as the new post furthers productive discussion. Off-topic or non-contributory posts will still result in immediate thread closing.

Basically we're asking you to use discretion before you make a new post in an old thread. If you want a re-upload of a file from one of our news posts, or new developments on a specific topic have occurred which you feel necessitate an update, by all means post away. But if you're asking someone a question about a post they made two years earlier, it's unlikely that person is going to stumble across your new post to resume the conversation, so it's perhaps best to leave it alone or use the private messaging system.

We are hopeful this new policy will help remove some of the restrictions upon posters and facilitate new, productive discussions. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact an admin, comment on this thread, or make a new thread in the Feedback forums.

Thanks very much for your time,
LPA Staff
Posted on August 22, 2013 by Mark
With Stone Temple Pilots (featuring Chester Bennington) soon hitting the road, we wanted to ask our visitors how they would like us to cover the band's touring cycle. Right now we are presenting two options:

A) We can cover the shows like we have with Linkin Park's tours, with a dedicated news post for each show which includes a brief overview, setlist and videos from the show.


B) We can be more selective with our coverage, by only covering Chester-related news as it pertains to STP, such as the live debuts of original music from the band's forthcoming EP with Chester on vocals. We would still provide video coverage of the performance of new material as it became available, but there wouldn't be a dedicated thread for every show.

We remember there being a split among the fanbase when it came to reporting news about Julien-K a few years ago, so this time we're going to leave the decision up to you. Please voice your opinion in this thread before Wednesday, August 28th to give us ample time to formulate a strategy for how to tackle the upcoming tour cycle. You can also contact a staff member directly via PM to share your concerns.

Thanks very much for your input,
LPA Staff
Posted on July 11, 2013 by Mark
Just a quick message on some housecleaning we have performed on the forums.

We are always trying to streamline the user experience for our forum members. This sometimes means the addition of new forums, and sometimes it means the collapsing of others. Last year we merged our "Albums" forum with "Linkin Park Chat" to cut down on the dispersion of Linkin Park-related threads throughout the boards. The move has been a successful one, as we have seen a notable increase in activity within "Linkin Park Chat".

Due to inactivity in the "Tech Talk" forum we have decided to merge it with "Screening Room" to create an all-encompassing entertainment and technology forum called "The Living Room". This forum will now be home to discussion about entertainment topics (television shows, movies, sports, video games) AND technology topics (computers, troubleshooting, cell phones and other mobile devices, apps).

We hope you enjoy "The Living Room", and encourage everyone to come up for new topics to discuss within those forums and all throughout the board!

LPA Staff
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Derek
As many of you may have noticed, our front page today is sporting a radically different look. For those who weren't around with us back when we originally launched in October of 2002, the design you are looking at for our front page is the way the site looked exactly back then down to the advertisement promoting the upcoming release of Linkin Park's (then) newest album Meteora. We felt this would be a humorous, and even nostalgic way to look back on how far we've come and we hope that all of you enjoy our retro skin, which will be up the entire week of LPA's anniversary. To see this design, and other past designs feel free to head on over to our gallery linked below.
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Joe

This week marks the tenth year as an operational Linkin Park fansite for the LPAssociation, which officially launched way back on October 24th, 2002! In commemoration of this huge achievement we will be celebrating all week long starting today, right here on the website! We've had a lot of fun over the years and have definitely built some great memories and highlights over the last decade and this is all thanks to our very dedicated and loyal community, some of which have been around since the very beginning! Without our visitors, this site would never have achieved such ambitious standards and it's thanks to you guys that we're able to celebrate our tenth birthday as a website.

Beginning today we will be kicking off our landmark birthday week by launching the "LPAssociation 10th Anniversary Celebrations!" forum, which will be accessible from the main forums index and open to everyone! This will be the central celebratory party hub for all the activities, contests and events we'll have going on over the next few days and we'd love to see you guys getting involved and posting with us! There will be a lot of fun, community events and chances to win prizes over the coming days and whether you're a veteran LPA member from the early days or a newbie from recent years, we hope you'll stop by and join in! Along with a site design flashback, username changes, new LPA10 merchandise and a discount across our whole store, below you can check out just some of the things we have planned for this coming week!


Sunday, October 21st

LPA Hybrid Theory Listening Party
On Sunday, October 23rd we'll be holding a listening party for the album that started it all, Hybrid Theory. We'll live stream the audio and be hanging out in the chat for anyone who wants to come and have fun with us. It kick off at 2PM EST.

LPA Reanimation Listening Party
On Sunday, October 23rd we'll be holding another listening party, this time for Linkin Park's Reanimation. This album is a big part of our history as it was the first release we covered. We hope you can join us as we stream the album and chat. This will kick off following the Hybrid Theory stream at 3PM EST.

Wednesday, October 23rd

LPA Skype Party Chat
Join us on Wednesday night as we'll be holding an informal chat with our members on Skype, where anything goes and the sole aim is to have a good time hanging out, talking about site memories and whatever the conversation leads to. Thread will be posted Monday.


Saturday, Oct 20th - Wednesday, October 24th

LPA Birthday Card Contest
How well do you know the LPA? Think you can recall some funny inside jokes from the community? Or maybe you just want to show off your artistic skill? Either way we'd love to see your birthday cards to us, they can be as simple or as detailed as you like and humor is definitely welcome. Our favourite will win a prize.

LPA Karaoke Contest
Want to sing us happy birthday? Maybe you want to make up your own birthday song? Well, whatever you want to do, we'd love to hear them. Just upload your songs / performances to Soundcloud or YouTube and our favourite will get a prize.

Monday, October 22nd - Wednesday, October 24th

The legend lives. The myth has it that a few years ago, in the early hours of the night an ape-like man-beast roamed these boards. Some called it a hoax. Others called it "Sasquatch". Rumor has it he's been sighted once again in 2012... Can you find him? He may give you a prize if you do. Thread will be posted Monday.

Tuesday, October 23rd

LPA Triva Contest
Join us as we host a run-down of website knowledge in this trivia contest! How well do you know your LPA history? You may need to do your research for this one as we'll put you to the test in this informal competition. Winner will be eligible for a prize. Thread will be posted Monday.

Along with all our planned activities you can expect a lot of easter eggs and homages to years past as we make reference to our earlier days as a website and the community that built it. I also want to remind you that the "LPAssociation 10th Anniversary Celebrations!" forum is open to everyone! So please stop by and create your own threads about any funny or nostalgic memories you have from your time here, we'd love to read them! Thanks for reading guys and I hope to see you join us in celebrating ten years of the LPA!
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Mark

As part of our ongoing anniversary celebrations, we have added a special collection of Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Merchandise to our Spreadshirt store to commemorate 10 years of service as a Linkin Park fansite!

For a short time only you can receive 15% off of your entire order just by using coupon code ANNIVERSARY at checkout (code expires October 24th). Consider this as a "Thank You" to our members for their wonderful support over the years!

Lastly, with the purchase of any product, you will receive VIP status on our forums, which includes a custom LPA VIP banner and username colour. Simply contact us and provide proof of your purchase and we'll grant you VIP status shortly thereafter!
Posted on June 30, 2012 by Derek
As many of our visitors may already know from this earlier post, 2012 is what we consider to be our official 10th year of operation as a fansite. As the story goes, myself and my best friend Omar founded this website together in 2001, spending months of intense research (while downloading music videos on a 56k connection to get screenshots!) to officially open the site back in April 2002 as an Angelfire site. With only a fraction of what we see now; and with two staff members on board, Omar and I (at age 15) set a few somewhat unrealistic goals. I wanted us to one day become the largest and #1 Linkin Park fan-site in the world, and to be noticed by the band, and Omar wanted to reach 1 million hits. When he told me that, I thought he was crazy. Mind you my goal wasn't any less insane, but I had been involved in a few websites prior to LPA and none of them had ever reached a million hits. To me 1 million hits [back in 2002 before the true .com boom] was as unachievable as winning the lottery. It just didn't happen easily, and most tinier websites of the time never knew what it's like to accomplish that much traffic in a single month.

But we had dreams, and with those dreams we pushed hard to make The LPA the best website that it could be launching in April 2002. Within two months we got a lucky break and scored the world exclusive leaks of Enth E Nd, Wth>You and P5hing Me Aw@y which brought us 4,000 hits in a month. Looking back now, it's actually kind of funny how we both reacted. At the time, to us 4,000 hits was a huge milestone. Being young and naive, we thought 4,000 hits was unbelievably huge (Google gets that probably in ten seconds). We felt like we were in the big leagues, which made what came later even harder to believe. About a month later, former staff member Alex came on board and bought us the .com domain you are currently viewing the site on. We never had owned a .com before, and me and Omar were giddy with excitement. We worked hard with Alex to redesign the site entirely, gathering over 1,500 photos, and buying our first ever forums on Invision Power Board, all in time for the site's grand reopening in October 2002. By January 2003, Omar had got his wish. The LPA had achieved well over a million hits, going on to have (for us) an unfathomable 35 Million Hits in one year by the time we got to December of 2003.

It was amazing to think about then, and even now. To think, here we were, two 16 year old kids who had never been a part of anything really special, didn't hang out with the popular crowds, and now we had 35 million hits in a year. It was the highest point of our young lives at the time, and we both couldn't believe that we were finally experiencing the traffic of our idols PushMeAway (now defunct) and LPAlliance (also defunct).

But for us it was only just the beginning.

In the years that followed, all of our formerly unrealistic dreams and ambitions would be accomplished. Staff members came and went. The site went through multiple changes, and as for my unrealistic wish? Well, LPA got that shoutout and more in 2006 when we scored the first ever fansite interview with a band member; interviewing bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell in anticipation of Minutes To Midnight. An interview with Joe would follow a year later, with a joint fansite interview happening with Chester in 2009. Traffic records were broken, and our member base grew, to the point where we are one of the most respected Linkin Park fansites on the web today. And it was all made possible by Linkin Park's absolutely incredible and passionate fanbase.

Going into 2012 I was already proud of everything this site had accomplished to date. A Thousand Suns was a record breaking album cycle for the site, and I really didn't believe we could do any better than that. I was wrong. What you the fans have accomplished for us in just the first part of this year would be almost impossible to believe, if we didn't see it for ourselves in our server statistics.

From January 18th, 2012 (The posting of the "Mix Of Old And New" Kerrang Scans - First New Album Article) until now, our site has accomplished the following:

104,042,984 Hits
1,401,409 Visitors
1,370 New Users
84,757 New Posts (13k of those coming from just two news threads)
1,716 New Threads

May 2012 Hits: 29,312,735
June 2012 Hits: 35,159,749 (NEW RECORD!)

To put things into perspective for those who don't work with numbers or aren't good with web statistics, the LPA has accomplished a total of 10,283 registered members over a period of 10 years (as of the date of this post). Almost 15% of our overall userbase has registered in just the last 6 months. When this year began we were almost 90 thousand posts away from a million posts. Five months later, and we only need to have approx 1,400 more posts to reach a milestone that upon opening these forums in July 2002, seemed practically impossible and something we'd never accomplish.

In addition to that, we've had several amazing things happen for us this album cycle. Most notably was Mike Shinoda himself approaching us to write not one but two articles for his blog, and LPA Admin Joe having obtained the rights to leak LIES GREED MISERY in FLAC/MP3 on The amount of support that the band and Mike have shown us this album cycle in their social media accounts/blogs/official site and even in interviews is something we cannot begin to properly express our gratitude for. Running the LPA has been in many ways a labor of love, and a commitment towards the over 40 million Linkin Park fans worldwide, who continue to amaze us with their dedication to the band and even in some cases to the site itself. Your support has given us a renewed energy to continue to make the LPA the best it can be, and we cannot thank you enough.

With LPA already having accomplished it's best year ever in 2012, and 6 whole months left before 2012 comes to a close, we cannot wait to see what happens in the months ahead and we look forward to sharing this experience with every one of you. This August, LPA staff members Joe, Todd, and Myself [as well as many LPA regulars] will be on hand at the Summit to show our support for the band and represent the LPA. We look forward to meeting many of you there, and on behalf of the entire staff currently working for the site: Thank you to the band, Adam Ruehmer, Jessica Sklar, LPUHQ, and the fans for your unwavering support. We look forward to continuing to provide you all with the best in LP news/information in the years to come.

-Derek, Joe, Todd, Mark, Louis, Luke, Ree, Benjamin, and Jeff

Also thank you to Omar, Andrea, Anthony, Alex, Gary, Bryan, Ander, Keaton, Nikki and all of the other staff members who are currently no longer staff but helped contribute to the journey so far. We appreciate everything you did to get us to where we are today.

Posted on April 11, 2012 by Derek
Attention All Members/Visitors To The LPA,

As many of you may have noticed over the last two to three weeks, we here at the LPA have been experiencing severe difficulties with our server that has lead to frequent downtimes that sometimes make the site inaccessible for periods of 10 minutes up to a full hour. These issues have been of high concern to us, and we have tried numerous free alternatives (server tweaks, CloudFlare etc) to see if we could resolve the situation without incurring any more costs on our end.

Unfortunately it has become extremely apparent in the last couple of days that such an option is no longer viable. Our website has grown in traffic substantially the last couple of months (setting records in the process) and our server, as great as it may be, has found it's resources repeatedly exhausted to the breaking point on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, being people who still owe college debt and work regular paying jobs, LPA's costs are beginning to become excessive which makes upgrading our servers difficult due to prior financial obligations. The current hosting bill is approximately 109.00 a month, and any upgrade is going to see that price jump into the 150-200's if not possibly more depending on what we need to withstand the traffic.

This is where we require your help, as such a jump in monthly costs will prove to be difficult for us to take on in addition to what we already pay out of pocket. As of this time, due to the size of the site we are left with no other choice but to upgrade and ask you our valuable members for donations. We understand that many of you also have your own financial worries to be concerned about, and donating out of pocket is not financially viable for some of you, but for those of you who can help, it would go a long way towards making sure we provide you with same quality website, with a lot less of the downtimes.

There is no minimum limit for donations that we ask for. Anything can help. Even if you can only donate 5 dollars out of pocket, 20 of you donating 5.00 monthly would mean we would have an extra 100.00 towards hosting which would more than cover the costs needed to keep running smoothly. A little bit goes a long way, and we appreciate anything you guys can do to help. Starting later this week, we will be putting a "donations so far this month" tab which will help you guys track how much we need that month to cover our higher hosting costs. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. You may all donate through the link in my signature if you so desire.

Thank You,
LPA Staff
Posted on April 6, 2012 by Derek
Greetings LPA Members,
Thank you for your patience earlier today as we worked hard to fix the database issues that plagued our forums for the better part of the day. A corruption of the forum "search" table in the database lead to our forums suffering a fatal error, and as a result, certain forum databases were not updating, and other parts of the forums were virtually inaccessible from early this morning until only a few hours ago. While your posts still went through (and no information was lost), many of you were greeted with errors upon trying to reply to a thread, and some even were unable to read new posts as vBulletin was not registering the replies in the threads. We understand how frustrating these issues (and the server related downtimes) have been for you, and we want to thank you for the amazing show of respect, love, patience and support that you have given us over the past few days.

While completely avoiding downtimes is almost impossible, as we cannot afford to buy a corporate level server or "scaling" servers (300 dollars and up a month), we have recently installed server optimization software (CloudFlare) that we hope will greatly limit site crashes, or at least prolong the amount of time it takes until the site goes down. So far the results have been promising. In the 72 hours since the server optimization software was installed our website has endured close to 2.5 million hits, and has stayed up the entire time throughout the extreme traffic. While some people encountered forum glitches today, those issues were unrelated to the server (and instead completely on vBulletin's end) and we are cautiously optimistic that the days of 1-2 hour long downtimes may be (for the most part) behind us.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, if you wish to donate to us to help with us purchasing upgrades to help the site, you may do so through the donate link in my forum signature.

Thanks for your understanding. We are so thankful for your support!

-LPA Staff
Posted on March 27, 2012 by Mark
In recent weeks we've seen a number of signatures that are unnecessarily long on our forums. With the emergence of smaller notebooks, tablets, and mobile browsing, these images take up large portions of their screens. These large images also affect page load times, putting further strain on our servers, which will be put to the test over the next few months as Linkin Park's new album news cycle ramps up in intensity.

Therefore we will commence enforcing a new policy that asks all members to keep their signatures (photo and text inclusive) to no more than 400 pixels (1.33 inches) tall. If your current signature is in violation of this new policy, please alter it accordingly.

Remember: The most important part of your post should be the message content itself!

Thanks very much,
LPA Staff