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☠ L O V E KEEPS US K I N D, from Wherever linkin park is

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Sep 22, 2011
    1. Kolya
      :lol: Fred is definitely annoying. I haven't seen that video when Shane was dressed like Alice in Wonderland. Must have missed it though. I saw a video of Shane once when the header says "Fred is Dead" Guess, Shane was pretty upset why Fred has lots of subscribers. They are paid by youtube right?

      Also, mychonny..maybe you don't know him. He's Chinese/Vietnamese but living in Australia that's why he got pretty accent. I find him funny...somehow


      I totally can relate this video because I'm such a picwhore :lol:
    2. Kolya
      I'm 1 day fan actually. I was just browsing youtube and I was curious of his title and tadannnng...I was addicted. I literally checked all his videos in that day. I also asked myself if he's gay or not. Hahahaha. :lol: He's funny though! Do you know the guy in youtube named Fred? The one who has weird voice. Hahahaha. He's annoying but I like him in some ways.
    3. Kolya
      Hahahaha :lol: Shane Dawson is a good comedian though. I like all his punch lines. I don't really care if he's gay or not I would still go for him or what. He has a sincere heart and he's cute ;)
    4. Kolya
      Oh! Thankies ;D I love Shane Dawson <3 Belated Happy New Year too :D
    5. Kolya
      Honey, you know those LPA staff don't really want those kind of messages in board like "OMFgjkdnfjdjkbfoi so cute of Mike" y'know? I'm actually on your side because it's just a random thought but pretty much they are again the administrators and they can actually ban you. I don't want to see that happening. Yea! Mike is uberrrrly cute there ;) Just share it here in PM not just in board. I'm totally like you when I was in your age that's why I understand but bear in mind that they are strict here. :)
    6. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      Dude lol you need to stop posting things like Mike <3 I wanna eat you. Fangirlism isn't allowed cos it sets a bad image for the boards. Do what I do leave Mikism messages only on my wall XD
    7. Kolya
      Kolya problem honey! :)
    8. Kolya
    9. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      Ugh I know that feeling too well. I work in sales part time and I get shit dealt me a lot some times.
    10. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      That's okay! I thought the "Sarah" part would've given my gender away.
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