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☠ L O V E KEEPS US K I N D, from Wherever linkin park is

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Sep 22, 2011
    1. Dusty
      No reason. Just trying to be nice and welcoming to people on the forums.
    2. Derek
      Rob is extremely shy.
    3. Derek
      Yep I met them all. That's actually me with Mike in my forum avatar. As for how they were, they were really nice. Some of them were kind of quiet/shy but they were all very friendly. Mike was the coolest, and was very energetic. :)
    4. Derek
      Yes I guess you could say that :lol:. What do you need? :)
    5. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      It's about the supernatural lol like ghosts, folk lore etc. It follows two brothers and each season has its own storyline that coincides with the previous season.

      (i.e. season 4 they release the Devil season 5. they need to stop the apocalypse)
    6. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      I'm not a real big fan of him his songs I can bare.
    7. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      Yes indeed at least Grenade and Billionaire
    8. Luke
      The staff decided to close it because it was getting a little too "teenie" orientated in there. Some people were practically making shrines to Mike which is an attitude we don't really like to see here. FYI, it wasn't me who closed it. ;)
    9. Kolya
      I was like "OMG! Joe....with all the hearts hearts and stuff." Like I was totally crazy about him and dig all the stuff that I could get. The good thing about it was I made friends from outside of my country who happened to be crazy with Joe Hahn too. I'm actually thankful for it because until now we do communicate and share stories about the past. When we reminisce the past all we do is to laugh and treasure all those memories. :) I do still admire Joe Hahn but not so vocal though.
    10. Kolya
      It's Joe Hahn. I remember I was like you when I was in your age. :D
    11. Kolya
      Although, Mike isn't my fav person in the band but I always think that he's like a perfect boyfriend or husband. He's just too good.
    12. Kolya
      you wish that it was your bra? :lol: that's funny! Mike is really a beautiful person - inside and outside.
    13. Kolya
      and I think this one was from their recent concert(not sure though)

    14. Kolya
      this much weirder :lol:


      Poor Mikey :(
    15. Kolya
      oh! that's weird :lol:

      Well, I'm not into Mike but thanks anyway!
    16. Kolya
      No problemo, honey! :3
    17. Kolya
      Hey! CM...OK so I've been ff people from Tumblr who likes LP and who's in love with Mike also like you so every time they have cool pictures of Mike I feel like sharing it with you. So, here it is...<3


      DIG IT! :lol:
    18. Kolya
      Oh! That one. It's actually part of the lyrics of Linkin Park's Hands Held High. Remember when Mike used to rap the part, "My brother had a book he would hold with pride. A little red cover with a broken spine on the back, he hand-wrote a quote inside,"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die." That's where I got it but I got the whole avatar thing in Tumblr. :)

      What's your name btw, and where you from? It's fine if you don't tell exactly your location is but I'm just wonderin' if u are from Asia/Europe/Africa/North/South America or Antartica. Hahahaha. :lol: Just messin' around and I'm curious also. You're 18 right?

      I'm Camille btw :)
    19. Kolya
      Thank you for sharing that Shane video. He's totally hilarious :D
    20. 28thART
      Hey !
      sorry for being late answering you because long time didnt came here !
      well, when u set it as BG, how it does fucked up? streched or what happen to it ?
      if it looks streched in width or height, then increase them a bit :) .
      in my mobile when i wanna set something as BG it aske me, Standard more, or Full mode, and it doesnt distor the picture at all, even im nt usin my mobile resolution !
      sure check for somthing in your mobile setting regarding BG images ;) and themes.
      good luck.
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