You've Been Put In Charge of LP's Setlists...

Discussion in 'On Stage' started by Mark, Feb 10, 2017.

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    Blake Leave a Trace LPA Super Member

    Mar 25, 2012
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    I love threads like this, it has been a LONG time since I did this for Linkin Park so let's see what I can cook up.

    1. Foreword/Don't Stay (Extended Outro)
    2. Lost In the Echo
    3. Papercut (Milton Keys Intro)
    4. Given Up
    5. Guilty All the Same
    6. Victimized/QWERTY
    7. Mark the Graves
    8. One More Light
    9. Leave Out All the Rest
    10. Breaking The Habit (Extended Outro)
    11. Crawling (Piano Version)
    12. Nobody Can Save Me
    13. Rebellion
    14. Blackout
    15. In The End (2012 Intro)
    16. From The Inside
    17. Final Masquerade
    18. Castle of Glass (Studio version)
    19. Sorry For Now
    20. Good Goodbye (Live version)
    21. Wretches and Kings (Without Speech)
    22. Faint (Extended drum Intro)
    23. Numb
    24. Waiting For The End
    25. What I've Done
    26. Halfway Right
    27. The Catalyst [2017 version]
    28. Somewhere I Belong
    29. One Step Closer (Milton Keys intro)
    30. A Place For My Head
    31. Bleed It Out (Points of Authority verse over Bridge)

    HT= 5.2
    Meteora= 6
    MTM= 4
    ATS= 4
    LT= 3
    THP= 4
    OML= 5

    I've created a monster. I tried to make it a 27 song setlist but I kept remembering songs I forgot. Looks like Linkin Park is playing 2 hours :headbang:
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    Zach994 Member

    May 20, 2017
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    1 hour and 50 min. Adding the extras it will be around 2 hours:)
    Not a big fan of anything Post-meteora, haha

    1. One Step Closer (Milton Keyes)
    2. With You
    3. Runaway
    4. Lost In The Echo
    5. Points of Authority
    6. Victimized
    7. The Radiance/Empty Spaces/Iridescent
    8. One More Light
    9. Papercut
    10. Castle of Glass
    11. By Myself
    12. Bleed It Out
    13. Wake/Cure For The Itch + Extra Joe Hahn Solo (rest of the band leaves during Cure For The Itch)

    Band comes back for a 15th anniversary celebration of Meteora
    14. Foreword
    15. Don't Stay
    16. Somewhere I Belong
    17. Lying from You

    18. Hit the Floor
    19. Easier to Run
    20. Faint
    21. Figure.09
    22. Breaking the Habit (extended piano intro and accapella outro)
    From the Inside
    24. Nobody's Listening
    25. Session

    26. Numb

    27. My December

    28. Heavy
    29. In The End

    30. Forgotten
    31. Crawling
    32. Leave Out All The Rest

    33. Pushing Me Away
    34. A Place For My Head (extended)
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    Sucre06 The Bartender

    Jul 21, 2010
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    Hybrid Theory
    by myself
    points of authority

    easier to run
    from the inside

    Minutes To Midnight
    hands held high
    The Little Things Give You Away
    in pieces

    A Thousand Suns
    Burning In The Skies
    waiting for the end

    Living Things
    in my remains
    roads untraveled

    The Hunting Party
    A Line In The Sand
    all for nothing
    keys to the kingdom

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