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Discussion in 'Chester Bennington' started by Sonic, Jul 25, 2017.

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    thematrix Member

    Sep 22, 2015
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    I just woke up at 4 a.m in my country. I picked up my phone, turn on internet connection and open facebook. I open the notification, I meant to see the notification of my favourite game's group but instead I saw the notification from one of Linkin Park fans fb group change the name to R.I.P Chester on the most top. I think "God! what's happened to him???" I scrolled the timeline to see so many news about his death and the "tribute to Chester" video. I was shocked, shaking, my heart beats faster, I hyperventilate and cried while browsing about it. I was in shock and occasionaly crying for 3 days. I don't cry again now but I still have the thoughts of him posting on twitter or IG saying he's still alive.
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    Erica Meh LPA Über VIP

    Sep 3, 2010
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    I'm mountain time and I heard the news at about noon. So I probably heard the news about an hour after it broke. Luckily I was at home and chilling with my girlfriend and anther friend. The friend handed his phone to my girlfriend and was like "Check this out. Crazy." I saw Lacie's face drop and I was like "what's up." She showed me the phone and immediately ran to my room to double check. Once I found out the news I went to the backyard, cried, and chain smoked.
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    Dannyc Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2017
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    I was going to the beach when my friend texted me a link, I opened it thought it was fake cuz it was a tmz link than I searched Google and it was everywhere, my mouth dropped, I started sweating and I was in disbelief felt like someone just ripped my heart out. I can never forget
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    One More Rob

    One More Rob Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2010
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    I was on facebook looking for some new NIN (that came out the same day and had me be happy as a unicorn) when someone posted the news article from TMZ. At first I was like "not true not true" (which might one part in denial but the only stories I considered interesting in the past were confirmed as hoaxes) but then Mikes tweet came. I was so...eomtionless then and avoided listening to LP and the day after I only listened to them and since then Listen to LP and then something else in a back and forth fashion
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    insanefanboy RIP Chester Bennington

    Apr 15, 2011
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    I was in my bedroom. I just got off the phone talking to my mum, just hung up. Then two minutes later mum phoned back, it was lucky I just happened to look away from my laptop I was using to Facebook people something just happened to catch my attention at the time because my phone was on silent for some reason and wouldn't have heard it. So I though "huh why is mum phoning me back? I've just spoken to her and covered everything. Hmmmmm" so I answer it and she says "did you hear about the lead singer of Linkin Park? He killed himself, I put it on Facebook" I was utterly gobsmacked, loss for words, in utter denial and didn't believe her or it. So I say "no" and frantically Googled it while also talking to her and there it was. On Google 33 mins after it happened. I was in disbelief, and when through the period of praying it was some cruel prank but nope.

    Many F words later I hang up, and posted here. I thought (arrogantly or dumbly not sure which) I was the 1st to find out here and posted about in the shoutbox, wanting to let people here know so that they could prove me wrong and tell me to stop telling stories. I was wrong, it was true, and it sucks and still does. :(
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    thesungoesdown It's like I'm paranoid..

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Woke up. Turned computer on. Reddit is my homepage and the top story reads "Linkin Park's Chester Bennington commits suicide".

    Mouth dropped. I froze for about 10 seconds. Then I went straight to Mike's Twitter and my heart sank.
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    StrictlyJohnD Go Texans & Rockets!

    Jul 23, 2017
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    I saved the texts between my homie and I regarding Chester's passing.
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    Jennifer New Member

    Aug 4, 2017
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    July 20th is my b-day - my workday was really busy so I didn't know it had happened. I got home and went to celebrate with some friends, I admit I was a bit drunk and my friend told me that Chester had died. It didn't register. In fact, she said it and then we went on with the night. In the middle of the night for whatever reason I woke up, it was like my brain finally processed the information. So around 3a.m. in the morning I'm reaching out to find my phone, I look it up and just.... haven't been the same since.
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    ZelesteBeauty Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2017
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    Hi, i am new to the LPA but L.P. and Chester have been around in my life since the beginning. Anyways, I was actually in the car on my way to San Diego for comic con...my friend was driving so I turned my phone on and it just starts being flooded by voicemails and texts messages asking if I was okay or omg Chester noooo and i was really confused. I had no signal to get onto the internet to search anything so I replied to everyone asking wtf was going on! Then that's when the dj came on the radio and started talking about how he was dead and it was a sucide. My friend driving was like wtf and I was just in complete shock and then they started playing crawling and I just started sobbing in the car as we passed the beautiful ocean. I tried to tell myself to not let this ruin comic con but I did my best. I used to see Chester a lot when I lived in az because of club tattoo and then when I moved to Vegas I would see him a lot in planet Hollywood hotel because of a club tattoo there. We would always chat when I would see him. I remember we would talk about Saw and other stuff. I will forever cherish those memories. The crazy part is all the times I had seen him, I never asked for a pic with him and now I regret that but at least I have the memories of having great conversations with him. R.i.p. chester, this is a hard one to dijest :(
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    iamsatan Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2010
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    I was at work in downtown LA, recently I started using the Linkin Park subreddit, I was just browsing and noticed a TMZ link posted about his alleged suicide. I spent the next couple hours googling furiously to see if was true or just some bullshit hoax. Most websites were just linking back to TMZ so I had hope. And then the texts came, friends, family, fellow fans I've met over the years, people I haven't talked to started messaging me because they knew how much I loved the band . Then I saw the LA Times article saying they confirmed with the coroner. Then Mike's tweet. Reality started setting in, I felt like it was all a bad dream, in total disbelief. I pretended to work but I couldn't. I'd put on a LP song but stop it because I would start to tear up, I'd go to the restroom to calm down more than a few times. I wanted to leave work but I didn't. I ended up getting drinks with friends after work, surprisingly I wasn't sad or anything, definitely drowning my sorrows with a few drinks. Hours passed, on the way home, alone in my car, I finally just broke down, I was listening to Waiting For The End. I tried to sing along but just started crying. I get home, take a shower, lay on my bed and just cry for a couple hours. I start looking through my phone for pictures and videos of the band I've taken over the last few years. I post a clip of "Heavy" I recorded from their OML release show in Vegas from May, for the caption I wrote an honest, emotional, sad, angry goodbye about what the band has meant for me the last 17 years. I try to listen to more LP but it's just so damn sad, somehow I eventually fall asleep.
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    cryoshok New Member

    Jul 24, 2017
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    I was on my way to work in the car when I got texts but I couldn't read them cause I was driving. I got to work just in time for a conference call, jumped on the line, and while on the call muted I read the news - the call was super difficult to take.

    When it was time for me to talk or anyone asked me a question....I couldn't answer. I was so unfocused and confused that I couldn't follow what people were saying and I kept zoning out - it was just too much for my brain to process and still take these ''work'' matters seriously. I had to ask people to repeat what they were saying several times cause I kept missing things. I'll never forget that day...
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    Jadedjcbxnyc6981 Active Member

    Mar 15, 2011
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    I was at work. Actually in a very happy mood. Just saw the video for Talking to Myself during my lunch break and a co worker ran up to me all frantic. He showed me his phone and it was a black screen (it had went to screensaver mode) then he shpwed me the message his brother sent him via TMZ. I didn't care that there were people around me (I work in a restaurant) so yelled bullshit and stormed off. Went to the locked room to get my phone and it seemed forever for it to turn on. Everything popping up sourced TMZ. Another coworker saw how crazy I was getting and suggested searching via west coast newspapers, even as far as going as the Associated Press. I found nothing that put me at ease but it wasn't enough. I went to the LPU and someone had already beat me to posting is it true? Then the LA coronor confirmed it. I screamed. I went to go tell my other co worker what had happened and I just started crying and shaking uncontrollably. She had never seen me react that way and she was scared. I just stood in the doorway to another part of where I work and was in a dazed. My phone kept on going off asking me if it were true and or telling me what they heard.

    I pulled myself together and went into the bathroom and just kept putting cold water on my face. I stared at the mirror and just thought to myself....why? Then I began to think about Talinda and the pain she was going through and how she has to keep it together for their children. I thought about Samantha and Draven and how they must've felt finding out. And I pulled myself together and went on. I che ked the LPU again and it was posted that it was a hoax. I went back to her and told her it was a lie (but deep down I knew it was true), then Mike tweeted it and confirmed it. My co workers all came up to me to hug me and try to comfort me but at that point, I didn't want anyone to touch me. My managers checked on me to see if I was ok. I put on a "I'm ok attitude" but I was hurting.

    The worst part of it all was they were Artist of The Month. The next song that played at 4:45pm that day was Heavy. I just sang it and tried not to think about it. Someone else messaged me asking why I had not said anything. I told him that I had alot to say but I need to find the right words. I left my job and while walking to the train, I typed in exactly what I was feeling.

    This is what I wrote that day....since that day, I tried to listen to music and I feel nothing. The songs from other bands/artist that would make me smile or happy, I have no feeling whatsoever. The day that was supposed to be Blinkin Park. I lost it. I went to Central Park to see Imagine Dragons. I needed to try and have a distraction and it worked for awhile. Then in the side I was, they showed a pic of Chester and then Dan Reynolds had addressed his ongoing issues regarding depression and I cried.

    How come someone who I didn't know personally, death affect me this way? It was because it was the furthest thing in my mind that could happen.

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    BTorio Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2014
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    I was at work for a corporate job I had just started about a month ago. I can probably count the number of times I've cried in front of someone else, but man, I could barely tell my coworker that I was going home early that day.
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    Nadja Active Member

    Aug 1, 2017
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    My twin sister and me came back home from the orchestra concert and our Daddy immediately asked us "Did you attent Linkin Park concert when they were in Minsk?".

    We were really surprised because it'a actually was an unexpected question and the first thing which came on my mind was "Are they coming back to my country? Then i definitely should go!".

    And then... :cry::(
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    Michele Praise Brad Delson, our Lord and Savior. LPA Addict

    Apr 29, 2014
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    I was on the way into a bar to meet with some friends to drink something. At first i just read rumours so i called it fake in the moment. But later i checked it again and it was true. I was shocked and so were some of my friends. So we drunk a toast to Chester.
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    ~Laura~ Active Member

    Aug 27, 2017
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    I was on my honeymoon in Florida. I was sat on our bed just scrolling through facebook. A friend posted "who the f*** is chester Bennington?" Which i thought was very strange as she's not a fan at all. I commented before reading the other comments saying he's the lead singer of my favourite band, why? Then looked back and saw other people saying he'd died and that it had been on the news. I googled it, hoping it was fake, but it wasn't. :cry:

    Unfortunately she and others also had to start slating him for what he'd done. So I had to unfollow the post. I pretended to go to the toilet and cried. My dad brought it up later on so I guess it was on the news there too.

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