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    Hey, guys.

    I know I've posted about this project before, but the last time I did must've been five years ago, easily. I'm still working on these different Linkin Park mash-ups. This project is far from finished, of course, though not for a lack of motivation. The truth about these mash-ups is that they're entirely dependent on the availability of particular resources. That said, I really appreciate your patience with my slow progress on this project.

    But I do have some significant updates to share with you all. I hope you guys enjoy.

    Here is the SoundCloud playlist.

    Here is a track-by-track reference

    Lying For Nothing:
    Pale (LPUX Demo 2006) -
    NTR Mssn (Reanimation 2002) -
    Fuse (Xero Demo 1997) -
    Papercut (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    Lying From You (Meteora 2003) -
    All For Nothing (The Hunting Party 2014) -

    (The beginning is supposed to be reminiscent of "Opening" from Reanimation, only with the same subtlety as The Radiance, or Fallout, or the ending of Shadow of the Day. There are also a few bits that I had to "fabricate" myself, like the guitar solo near the end. They're obviously placeholder tracks, but I do want to replace those with actual isolated recordings with some friends of mine in the LP fan community. )

    Bridges :
    New Divide (Transformers II 2009) -
    What I've Done (Minutes To Midnight2007) -
    Powerless (Living Things 2012) -
    Lost In The Echo (Living Things 2012) -
    Burning In The Skies (A Thousand Suns2010) -

    My Addictions:
    Given Up (Minutes to Midnight 2007) -
    Breaking The Habit (Meteora 2003) -
    Wretches and Kings (A Thousand Suns2010)
    Points of Authority (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    With You (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    It's Goin' Down (2002) -
    -Includes Dedicated (Demo 1999) -
    -Includes Step Up (Hybrid Theory EP 1999) -
    Victimized (Living Things 2012) -

    Oscillation of Balance
    Plc.4 Mie Haed (Reanimation 2002) -
    The Catalyst (A Thousand Suns 2010) -
    Blackout (A Thousand Suns 2010) -
    Darker than Blood (Steve Aoki Collaboration - 2015) -
    Bleed it Out (Minutes to Midnight 2007)
    Waiting For The End (A Thousand Suns 2010) -
    No More Sorow (Minutes to Midnight 2007) -
    Good Goodbye (One More Light; alt V2 2017) -

    Notice how I didn't link Bleed it Out -- I don't intend to keep that verse in the final cut. The lyrics can easily come off as crass and inappropriate given the circumstances. Though there isn't an official acapella of this released, what I'd like to do is replace it with the first verse from Mike's Running From My Shadow. Here's a video of me trying it out myself. (Don't mind the terrible singing at the beginning, I was just counting through the chorus so I knew when the verse came in.)

    The Breakdown
    Numb (Meteora 2003)
    Pushing Me Away (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    P5hng Me A*wy (Reanimation 2002) -
    In The End (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    Crawling (Hybrid Theory 2000) -
    Burning In The Skies (A Thousand Suns 2010) -

    And I think that just about covers it. I hope you guys like these mixes. Feel free to share them with your friends if you'd like. Other ideas that' aren't quite possible yet include a 6/8 track with Roads Untraveled, Red to Black, and From the Inside. And of course, the instrumental track, with Ambient, Session, Cure for the Itch, Tinfoil, etc...

    Much love, and let's make Chester proud!

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