The times we had.

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by Muri, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Muri It never ends.

    Mar 24, 2005
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    I still recall,
    the times we had,
    I want them back,
    want to experience them again.
    And it hurts so much,
    knowing that I have to move on,
    and can't have back what has already been.
    But I live on,
    remembering the past,
    remembering you all,
    and the quiet,warm nights.

    Right now I manage,
    but I'm in denial,
    I have to understand,
    and lighten my load.
    'Cause these wishes and thoughts hurt so bad,
    along with this love,
    I never knew I had.

    So everyday I have my moments,
    from time to time they highlight my day,
    then why do I still cry so hard,
    and have to long back this?
    I gaze outside and watch this place,
    where we used to always be.
    There we laughed and cried,
    talked and listened,
    why did we have to differ?

    Feeling down I always had,
    the right person to talk to,
    how come it doesn't feel the same anymore?
    Realizing this,
    made me think and wonder,
    'cause there is nothing else for me to do,
    than forget those times,
    there will come others,
    stop torturing myself,
    and live on,
    without looking back.

    PS! : Am I getting annoying in this forum or ...? :unsure:
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    Arhaz ...waiting. LPA Super Member

    Mar 27, 2004
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    ^_^ i like the first part the most and aren't becoming a
    your writing is very very clear...just a suggestion, why not have some very deep meaning to it? ^_^
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    D_A_V_I_D Pure Pwnage

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Good poem. I think you are getting better all the time. You write from your heart and thats what makes you good. you also seem to write about experiences of youself and friends alot. Keep up the Great work!

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