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    Hello everyone! hope everyone is having a very nice week i am new here and i wanted to seek some advice but i am not sure which section i should post in xD

    In 2008 a very good old friend of mine won a backstage pass to meet and fist bump Linkin Park and he invited me to join him. The concert was Linkin Park/Jay Z headlining with other bands such as pendulum/N.E.R.D/ Enter Shikari etc and this was at National Bowl Milton Keynes.

    Upon arriving to the gig it was extremely busy as you could imagine and considering we didn't have a ticket or anything we were being searched for by one of backstage members of staff (I believe my friend had a code on his phone to show them at the time) after being found and being handed our tickets the member of staff then took us through the entrance were they ripped my friends ticket and for some reason the staff member said to just come straight through which we did and they never ripped mine i then put it away.
    We finally got backstage and waiting in line to meet with linkin park finally! as we waited i felt like someone else could of had my place and got more out of it i was a fan i listened to some of there music and it was and still is good but i was not a fan like some of the people we met in the line. Finally we got to the front of the line and we were told to only fist bump them do not try to shake there hands but when i did go to shake there hands they were friendly and didn't seem to mind at all while this was happening me and my friend got two things signed by the whole band mine was my unripped ticket i had and my friends was a plain white t shirt he was wearing. After meeting them which was a cool experience we went to watch the bands play and with the amount of people you can imagine how hot it got and they were handing out small plastic cups of water at the front of the stage to the audience which was pretty far away for us considering there were thousands of people there and we were near the back so what people were doing is drinking some of throwing the rest backwards to try and cool people down anyways during this time i hoping one might come my way i was pretty much gasping for a bit of water as i looked up and saw cups coming back and landing no were near me one finally did and i didn't really care if i got to drink it even if it hit me that would of been great i thought id put my hand out as if i was going to catch it... as i put my hand out and up someway somehow i managed to catch one the right way up with about an inch of water left in it i couldn't believe i managed it i then drank it and people who saw around me were like WTF! LOL. it was a great day overall i still remember it very well and i guess that is why i am writing this and sharing. This is the ticket i still have to this day anyone know what sort of price these go for £ ?
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    Welcome to the land of dazed and confused! *holds out plate* Cookie?
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