The Hunting Party: 2017 Opinion Poll (please read instructions)

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The Hunting Party opinion poll

  1. =Positive (I enjoy the album)

  2. =Mixed (I only enjoy some aspects of the album)

  3. =Neutral (I feel meh/indifferent towards the album)

  4. =Negative (I dislike the album)

  5. &Top Tier (It is one of the band's best albums)

  6. &Middle Tier (The band has made better and worse albums)

  7. &Bottom Tier (It is one of the band's worst albums)

  8. %More (I like the album more than when it came out)

  9. %Same (I like the album about as much as when it came out)

  10. %Less (I like the album less than when it came out)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    brady I am the LPA LPA Super Member

    Oct 12, 2012
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    Just to note, I really only have it as bottom tier bc its my second least favorite album (above meteora). I don't think its a bad album, but LP has made better.
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    Stu Can't be outmatched or outdone

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Liked the album when it came out but going back to it I can't enjoy as much as i do say Meteora or ATS. My music tastes aren't the same as they were back then though so that plays a huge part in that. Definitely not a bad album. Ambitious for sure which I definitely liked at the time. I bet this opinion will change in time
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    Blackee Dammet

    Blackee Dammet Feminism Is My God Now

    Feb 25, 2006
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    It's top notch.
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    Xero-G Reborn LP Fan, and plan to stay that way.

    Dec 21, 2013
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    Here's what I chose for the poll:
    • Positive (I enjoy the album)
    • Top Tier (It is one of the band's best albums)
    • Same (I like the album about as much as when it first came out)
    These all accurately sum up my thoughts on THP. Still an absolute banger of an album from start to finish, even if some parts of specific songs don't interest me as much as they used to. The significant improvements in instrumentation had me very hopeful for future instrumentals, and even songwriting, from LP. Now with LP7 right around the corner, I just can't figure out what instrumental direction LP will take, and whether it will actually improve upon the foundation that THP so ambitiously laid out. I sincerely hope that LP7 will actually be better than THP, on a technical level at the very least.
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    Reanimate02 Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2017
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    How do you feel about The Hunting Party?

    I'm neither ecstatic or disappointed by it. I viewed it as Mike's reaction to the haters/trolls who kept saying LP went soft, and personally I didn't care for LP veering off course to "prove" something to people outside of their immediate fanbase. I do love Guilty All The Same though, Line In The Sand and Until It's Gone.. War is glorious.

    Where do you rank The Hunting Party among Linkin Park's albums?

    It's a really good LP album, but i'd put it bottom of the pile. I love all of their albums.. but this is the one i'd throw into the ocean first if I was on a desert island or something.

    How has your opinion on The Hunting Party changed since its release?

    I still have exactly the same opinion, but I guess it got old for me much quicker than the other albums? Even Living Things.

    Again, the album gets a solid 8/10 from me.. War and Guilty All The Same are really really good, above the very high expectation levels I had for it. I just felt Drawbar and All For Nothing were below LP's quality standard.. hated Mike's rapping on All For Nothing, ruined the track being perfectly honest :mellow:
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    Spiderguy252 Awaiting LP in India

    Jun 10, 2010
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    This site isn't the true judge for that sort of thing. Even on this upcoming record, if anyone were to state honestly that they dislike the record, they'll be made a pariah by the rest of the fanbase and their opinion will be drowned sooner or later. This group of people in the back of their heads know that a certain album is average of course, but it usually takes them a year or two to own up to it by which time it becomes silent consensus.
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    Austin Vicenty

    Austin Vicenty No Longer Active

    Oct 11, 2015
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    = I love THP. The record came out at the perfect time because I was in my junior year of high school listening to LOTS of heavier music. The album fit well within the collection of stuff I jammed to. But what really stuck out for me was the fact that many of the songs (Gats, UIG, Reb, MTG, and FM for example) threw me for such a pleasant surprise! I absolutely loved how fresh the record sounded and how aggressive and fun it was for me. I did not expect LP to take such a heavier turn with the guitar and drum work. Not after ATS & LT... ever. I still get chills listening to the bridge of KTTK... and FM and MTG are probably my favorite LP songs ever. One day haters will listen back and finally appreciate what LP did on THP. Same thing happened to me with ATS! I wasn't the biggest fan of that record and had to really force a liking for it but now (7 years later) I really appreciate that record and can see how it stands out from the rest.

    & It's in my top 3. ATS, MTM, THP :) p.s I have a feeling this new one's about to top them all.

    % My opinion has not changed on this record. But almost 3 years of listening to the 'latest' one you want something new and different. Also, I've explored a lot more different styles of music since and I think New LP will cater very well to that. I can't believe its almost been 3 years since THP...
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    Atticus Bullets lance the bravest lungs

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Judging by Facebook and Youtube comments, most of the Linkin Park fanbase doesn't even know The Hunting Party even exists.

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