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    Here is a song i have just written, not completely finished yet i only have 2 verses done, please give any comments.

    When you know you can’t move your feet
    And it feels like they’re stuck in concrete
    Yet you see the rest of the world moving
    You realise your in a battle but your losing
    Do anything to get somewhere
    Nothing worse than the feeling of getting nowhere
    Heart and life in little pieces like a jigsaw
    Want it to be how it was before
    All the blood sweat tears and effort
    All wasted even though you meant it
    Why do good things happen to bad people?
    Seems like a fucked up situation
    When our jails should be full
    But most people haven’t even come to the realization
    That our society is falling apart
    Not everyone has it so easy
    Some people don’t know who they are

    No-one cares about others feelings
    As long as they understand what they believe in
    Don’t worry bout the little guy on the side
    You know, the one you always ignore as you pass by
    Everyone tries to get past one another
    Gone are the days that we’d care for one another
    We all suffer from a little false hope
    Feels like you’re walking a tightrope
    One small mistake and you’re living in regret
    With your life just hanging from a thread
    Its funny how quickly life can take a turn and it hurts
    It’s never positive, always a turn for the worst
    Can’t trust a single thing someone might say
    Could never have dreamt it would turn out this way
    With a pressure that wont alleviate
    Till we sit down and learn how to appreciate

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