"Session" - Song by Song, Let's Talk Linkin Park

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    I think we're done feeling and healing. Let us move on.
    16.Lying from you:

    I personally love 'very worst of part of you is me' part. I think it takes me by surprise every time.
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  2. Paree

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    Its great.Especially love chester's screams
  3. Alexrednex

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    I missed a few so I will just go through the tracks from Meteora so far:

    1. Foreword:
    "So if you like the sound of
    The glass that breaks against the wall
    I'd trade it all for several
    Pieces of your anger"

    If those lyrics were somewhere to be found in the intro or the outro of this album I could accept Foreword.
    But to be honest I never found the interlude to be that original, cool or moody. It would had worked better as just a part of Don't Stay if you ask me.

    2. Don't Stay
    Such a heavy track. The lyrics are pretty bad but I like the overall aggression this track brings. Chester sounds generally honest and pissed when he screams "I don't need you anymore."
    One thing I really like about this track(and actually about Meteora as a whole) is the turntables. The guitar sounds heavier than on any other track so far and you could definitely hear a change from HT.
    It is a generic LP song but it isn't the worst from that category.

    3. Somewhere I Belong
    Almost every teenager can relate to this track so I can see why so many used to love this song. With that said the lyrics in the chorus are cringe worthy and the generic chord progression and guitar sound doesn't help. The intro and verses actually have a very interesting instrumental sample made from the reversed guitar riff - and I really like the turntables on this track as well.
    So not the worse track in the LP catalog. I like the instrumentals in the intro and verses but the chorus is horrible, the lyrics are angsty in a bad way and overall it feels like a worse version of In The End.

    4. Lying From You
    The synth in this song is pretty damn cool. I actually feel like the interplay between Mike and Chester feels very natural in this song. It is a typical Meteora song but it kind of works.
    Chester's vocals on this track are so damn gritty.

    OHOHOHOHOH This song is followed up by one of the worst songs LP has ever made - So it probably makes "Lying From You" seem even better when you take that in consideration.
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  4. Louis

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    I personally like "Hit the Floor" but I'll express that later.

    "Lying From You" isn't a bad track, but I largely like the instrumental more than I do the vocals. I do like how Chester's voice sounds on this track with the grittiness, but I'm not really impressed with the lyrics here at all. I do like how well the song went with "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" on Collision Course​, though.
  5. Reed To Black

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  6. Tyler

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    Lying From You. Great song, and the rap verses work very well over the rock instrumental. That made it a very good choice for Collision Course. Those synths are really catchy. During the MTM cycle of touring, the different intro that they used was a fresh changeup for it, and it's another one of those songs that has a good balance for every member.
  7. Elaine

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    You know, I know the moments have passed, but... Just think about it. People who were born the moment Meteora came out would be in it's target audience now.
  8. minuteforce

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    There are several songs on "Meteora" that I still think are kind of alright and "Lying From You" is one of them. Many Linkin Park songs have hip-hop elements intertwined with big, heavy guitars but, on "Meteora", I think that "Lying From You" did it best. Chester's performance in the chorus is probably one of my favourite things about the album, and it likely further solidified his status as one of rock music's best vocalists in the early 2000s. It's also pretty cool to see live; "Lying From You" is one of those songs that doesn't lose much in being translated to a live setting because there isn't a whole lot going on in the vocals.

    Lyrically, I don't have as much an issue with "Lying From You" as I have with other tracks on the album. There isn't really any specific line that I could pick out as being a major flaw. So, on the whole, yeah, the song is rather uninteresting in the scheme of Linkin Park's discography as we know it today but I think that "Lying From You" is a solid example of the heavy, energetic music, complete with elements of both rock and hip-hop and whatever else, that Linkin Park were making back in 2003 ... and which no-one else could truly imitate.

    I say that the hip-hop elements feel a bit stronger and a bit more prominent in "Lying From You" than most guitar-heavy Linkin Park songs, and this is captured well in the mash-up with Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" for "Collision Course". The rhythms glide and fit together effortlessly, and Jay's flow on top of the "Lying From You" beat sounds like a perfectly natural combination. That mash-up is one of my favourites on the album (second "Points Of Authority/...") but one of my least-favourite things about it is that, after Jay's second verse, it's just "Lying From You" for a whole two minutes. Sure, the drums sound different and, even aside from that, the mix has been altered ... but I think that that aspect of the song structure is lazy. This is a criticism that can also be leveled at other tracks on the EP like "Big Pimpin'/Papercut" and "Jigga What/Faint", and it's one of the things that make the execution of the mash-up idea less interesting than the concept.

    Nonetheless, that track - and "Collision Course" as a whole - shows off Shinoda's sharp instincts when it comes to production, mixing and mash-ups, and how well they serve the band.
  9. Delicious Dave

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    ''Trying to bend the truth''. The way Chester sings that is my favourite part of Lying From You.
  10. Benjamin

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    It's not my favorite old LP song, but Lying From You is the song that is in my head more than any other song, ever. I just think it's so fucking catchy.
  11. lime treacle

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    The song is catchy indeed, and Chester's performance is admirable. I love the keyboard sample in the intro which reoccurs throughout the track, as well as the more high-pitched riff in the chorus. One of the best tracks on here that, at the same time, are completely run-of-the-mill for Linkin Park.
  12. The Joesen One

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    "Lying from You" is a catchy song. Fantastic live.
  13. The Free Element

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    Lying From You is in my top 15,and maybe my favorite song by Meteora with Breaking The Habit. Lyrics are ok,the instrumental are very good,I love the synth at the intro repeating during the song. Chester delivery is one of the best from the album. Dirt Off Your Shoulder isn't bad,it's basically just the original song with different drums and emphasized hip hop.
  14. Atticus

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    Alright I've definitely fallen behind here:

    Don't Stay
    I can't deny the comparisons between this song and One Step Closer. They both seem incredibly similar in tone and structure. However, in this case I believe the imitator to be greater than the original product. Whereas One Step Closer dips and dives with energy between subtle and heavy, Don't Stay just carries an incredible amount of energy from start to finish. The guitar work is gut-punching, and Chester's vocals are sublimely aggressive. The only thing holding the track back is the lack of real creativity and some slightly underwhelming lyrical content.

    Somewhere I Belong
    I understand why some people can enjoy the hell out of this song. It mixes melodic and aggressive music in a way that only Linkin Park knows how. That aside, the song hasn't aged gracefully in the 11 years it's been released. Mike's verses feel monotone and devoid of emotion and Chester's chorus has become notoriously cringeworthy. I will admit that the instrumental that goes along with the track is pretty exciting, but other than that, this song is better off forgotten.

    Lying From You
    Finally, a song that to me, proves that Meteora is more than just a carbon copy of Hybrid Theory. Everything about the song is bigger, better, and more badass than all but the most elite Hybrid Theory tracks (i.e. Papercut and A Place For My Head). The guitar riffs go off like a shotgun and demonstrate some real power. As others have said there's no denying the hip-hop elements found throughout the track as well, and they help lend a groovy personality to the crunchy track. The chorus on a whole just feels massive in stature, thanks to the rigorously "perfect" production values of the album, and Chester's vocals that are simply grinding with anger. Finally add in the blistering bridge and you have a classic nu-metal era Linkin Park production. Lying From You isn't the best the band has to offer, but it's certainly no slouch either in delivering stunningly angry music.
  15. Filip

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    Ah, that sample. Love that deep kick drum during the intro and verses. A classic Linkin Park chorus, and whenever I'm warming up to sing anything, I just sing that 'you!' from the beginning of the chorus. Awesome. Mike's flow is pretty smooth, although there's not much special about it. Very fun, very catchy track with an insane breakdown. One of my favorites from Meteora since the first listen. God, I was obsessed with it for days.
  16. Andreina

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    Lying From You is one of my favorite tracks from Meteora and possibly one of my all-time favorites. It's also the very first song I ever covered on YouTube (lame sound admittedly, but did a 2.0 version later :lol:) and pretty enjoyable to play altogether. It just doesn't get old for me, it's heavy, that intro synth which seems to have been reversed (was it?), the verses are delivered agressively and let's not talk about the chorus and bridge, think it's a brilliant performance from Chester, the melody is awesome.

    The abrupt ending is one the things I really like as well, the song's energy stays up the whole time until those last couple of seconds where Chester sings "it's me". Lyrically I don't even bother in making an opinion, I don't pay strong attention to lyrics anyway since the music and melody is what makes or breaks a song for me.

    Overall, Lying From You to me is that kind of song I can play and listen to anytime, there are Linkin Park songs where I just don't go back to as much, but LFY is not the case, one of my favorites.
  17. RyRy


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    When I think about my least favorite LP track, "Lying From You" is one song that comes to mind.
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  18. brady

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    No not really. At least for me personally. There are only a handful of songs that I like on it.
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    Lying From You is a top 10 LP song for me, I just love everything about it.
  20. Michele

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    Well , i would put it on the top 5 of the Meteora tracks. Its catchy and i love the chorus and Mikes rap. The bridge is good too. Nothing wrong with this song.
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