September 8, 2014 - Engelwood, CO

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    Tonight's show in Englewood, Colorado marks the band's fourteenth trip to Colorado and their first since August of 2012. This will be The Carnivores Tour's only stop in Colorado before heading to Chester's hometown of Phoenix, AZ (as well as my own), and then finishing up with a string of tour dates in California and a brief excursion to Washington state.

    The last time the band was in Colorado was for the Honda Civic Tour. You can view the entire live performance from August 30th, 2012 in Denver below!


    As you all know by now, setlists for The Carnivores Tour have largely remained unchanged, with minor tweaks from show-to-show. Fans can expect something very similar to what the band played in Dallas, TX a couple of days ago!

    Are you guys attending tonight's show? You can find out which fellow LPA members are attending your show by checking out the LPA Meet-Ups thread. If you do meet with a fellow LPA member, don't forget to tweet us a pic of yourselves to @LPAssociation!

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