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Discussion in 'News' started by Mark, May 9, 2007.

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    Do you make music? Are you in a professional band? If not, then how do you know all of this? Do you know what LP’s vision is? Personal opinion? If so, please state that. You come off like an elitist veering towards “High Fidelity” territory. We all respect people’s opinion but you’re coming off with an attitude of “I am right and you people need to listen!!”

    I’m not trying to offend you but I’m going to guess you’re not a musician. And I say that because that paragraph leads me to believe you have no clue what it’s like to be artistically pigeonholed. I think the big lie in music is “We do it for the fans.” I think that’s crap because eventually a band changes direction and some fans straight up hate it. There is NO POINT in calling yourself a serious musician if you just sit and do the same thing with no regard to excelling yourself. Just as it’s not my call to say you’re wrong on anything of this it’s also no one else’s call to justify was is good and bad change. Name a band that has stayed exactly the same and is huge. Sometimes people have to try something new. And sometimes it sucks. But you have to get over it because there will be another CD. Personally I think the CD is great at times then superbly crappy.

    I’ll skip the Meteora/Hybrid Theory comparison because that’s an argument waiting to happen. Mike clearly stated that Rick is not the reason for the ‘new sound’. A lot of bands claim Rick doesn’t really do that much, he’s just pretty insightful and good at getting bands keep a song they’d normally shelve. I’ll give you the Black Album. Bob Rock screwed them up. But the Peas? Everyone in that group states that album was done when they brought in Fergie. They had all the songs recorded and just needed a female to sing the hooks Will wrote. She did not come in and write “Where’s the Love?”. It was written FOR a female and she happened to be the one to sing it. Stop the hate. New Slipknot = better defined music. Nothing more on that, it’s my opinion.

    If by powerful you mean at least 50% screaming on the CD then I agree.

    Man, have you heard Let Down and Morning After (Remix). Chester is a big softy at heart and I don’t think his solo is going to be that hard. Orgy was never that hard (except for some songs on Candyass) so the collabo is not going to be some Given Up stuff.

    I agree with this. Though it’s not your call to define 6 guys. They define themselves. If they say, “We’re a bluegrass band now.” then that’s what they are. I feel you on Hahn and Mike. I was pissed. I look at it this way. Before Mike/Brad basically started all of the songs they did. Now EVERYONE had a hand in the lyrics and the music. Before it was like “Ah, Hahn hasn’t done much but add sound effects so let’s give him an instrumental.” But now Hahn has more of a hand in songs. How do you know he didn’t compose the piano in What I’ve Done? Or the ‘amen’ chorus? Nobody’s role is clearly defined as in, “Joe you only do extra little crap for the songs so just so you don’t feel left out here’s a track to yourself.” Though I think Mike needs to rap more. That much is true. And personally I never have thought that LP has great lyrics, aside from Mike. Chester tends to rely on his vocal strengths more than his lyrical ones. And honestly, Mike said he wrote HIMSELF out of the record. So be mad at him.

    LP said they wrote about 150 songs. In my opinion they didn’t write songs, they wrote pieces of music. They didn’t write and record 150 songs. 150 pieces of music between 6 guys is 25 pieces per guy. In the span of one year that’s not very much really. Hell, Wiki says Rivers Cuomo “has written and recorded nearly 800 songs in his life, either with Weezer, earlier bands or self-recorded demos.”

    Well, it’s real and I don’t think it’s that great either. But it shows “range” I guess. I guess one think I liked about early LP was the ability to acknowledge the members in each song. On the new CD I can’t say “Oh snap, there goes Mike! Chester’s screaming was sick! A Hahn solo!” on every track. But I can deal with that as long as they find a nice middle ground between old and new LP. And you should hear “No Roads Left”. It would probably make you a little less fearful of the future. I’m guessing Linkin Park must figure they’ve done enough rapping, Mike’s had Fort Minor and they want to be a rock band. Mike could have rapped on everyone song, but I honestly don’t think he really cared at this point because he knows he can go do his own thing. You had some valid points though. I hope you don’t get peeved at my reply. I’m not trying to bring you down or anything.
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