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    Hey guys how is it going? My name is Jay, I'm from a band called Riverline. We are an international band from 4 different countries (USA, UK, Malaysia, Kazakhstan).

    We do rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic. If you like Linkin Park (Obviously), Bring Me The Horizon, Coldplay, Eminem and many other cool bands, you would probably like what we do. Mainly we inspired by Linkin Park and follow the sound of early and late albums, also we do some LP covers from time to time.

    Let our music and demos speak

    Some heavy sound, inspired by Meteora and Hybrid Theory

    Melodic hip hop stuff

    LPU inspired demo

    Hip-hop demo
    And it's instrumental
    Rap flow demo

    Another heavy thing

    Melodic hip-hop

    Heavy nu metal demo

    Hip-hop/electronic thing

    Heavy demo
    It's instrumental

    Another heavy demo

    Elements (song 2018)

    Electronic/vocal demo

    Some guitar demo

    Alternative rock/electronic demo

    And you probably know some of our covers

    Guitar Sound


    This is just like 10% of all the music we're doing, if you liked the demos and stuff, I could post more stuff.

    Thank you for checking!

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