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    My Detailed Review of Minutes to Midnight

    Overall Linkin Park has done it again and made quite an exceptional album. While some songs are a lot better then others in my opinion, the goods seem to outweigh the bads and I can't wait to buy it at Best Buy next week. Here's my track by track review....

    01. Wake 8/10...Very nice beggining to this album. I love how the electronic feel kind of accelerates into a jam session with the band at the end. I feel like 'Wake' would be an awesome intro to a live Linkin Park show, having the curtains fall when the guitars start playing and then whent the songs over everything goes black again until they play the first song. This is what I envision through Wake, a live scene...

    02. Given Up 8.5/10...Very awesome, heavy Lp track. This is probably the song I listen to more then any one on the album I'd have to honestly say. It's easy to get hooked on Given up, and it is way different then anything Lp has ever done. It has a sixties guitar style, it almost reminds me of Pantera or something. I don't know what it is, but I can feel the energy in my veins during the bridge. This song is just rock the hell out and go crazy, awesome song...

    03. Leaving Out all the rest 4/10....Probably my least favorite song on this album. I wasn't impressed very much at all by the lyrics, but I will admit that this song has kind of a catchy melodic sound in the background to it. I like the music in the background, just not the lyrics. It all seems a little too emo to me. I know this will be a fan favorite though so ill try not to hate too much on

    04. Bleed It Out 7/10....This is an alright track. When I hear this track I think punk rock. This is the most punk rock song on the album. I wasn't too impressed by how it was put together and I know it was done on purpose to make it seem so differet, but to me this is not really a memorable track. It is fun and listenable though.

    05. Shadow of the Day..9/10 This is the perfect Linkin Park song. We all say that it reminds us of U2's With or without you, but whatever..It's a great This song is catchy has a beautiful chorus and seems single worthy. I know a lot of people will relate to it.

    06. What I've Done 9/10 The lyrics on this song are perfect and in general the song is one of if not the best song on the album. I like the whole them of What I've Done, moving on from the past and trying to start a new life...great stuff....

    07. Hands Held High 8/10 Very nice one from Mr. Shinoda, but when I first heard this song I was like...Eminem's Toy Soldiers? They sound almost exactly the same, except for what Mike was talking about. Even how it was delivered seemed similiar, but either way it's still one of my favorites from this one.

    08. No More Sorrow 6/10 This song is kind of in the toss up with me. Yes it does have a nice guitar/druming anthem to it, but the lyrics seem too over rated. This song just seems too savy on politics and the War in Iraq to enlighten my tastes. I mean politics is something you have to face in real life and you can't ignore it, but it's kind of like when your at the diner table you don't want to hear about it. Same thing goes for the record, I don't like it being shoved down my throat. But writing songs about anti-war seems to be the norm for all famous bands now, it's almost inebidble, so what can you do? I like the song, but it's defenetly not the best on the album.

    09. Valentines Day 4/10 I'm going to be honest, I've probably only listened to this song twice, so I can't give you that great of a review of it, but I just can't seem to get into this song at all. The lyrics seem really lame and unfortunate and not something I would expect Lp to write about anyway, so I usually just hit the fast forward when I get to this song.

    10. In Between 8.5/10 This song is very different and the first time I heard it I was like...huh? But I soon caught up with it and the lyrics were stuck in my head...I think it's a great song and Mike can sing if he wanted too, but he should sing a little louder and then it would sound perfect. I mean Mike can sing, but it's seems like he's almost being shy about it. But either way it is really good lol

    11. In Pieces 10/10 By far the best track on the entire album and probably one of my all time favorite Linkin Park songs. This song has a huge depth and I get really emotional after I hear this song and I totally break down. I just love this song and what it means and I can apply the meaning to my own life situation. It's probably better if I don't listen to this song too much though, because I get pretty depressed.

    12. The Little Things Give You Away 09/10 I knew from the first time I heard this song that it was beautiful and outstanding, but it's grown even more on me since the first listen and I love to actually sing this song, because I memorized most of it just today. It would be sweet to see this live, one moment of total euphoria. This song really strikes a chord.
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    First Post, ive listened to LP for years now, the first song i got hooked on was points of authority, then in the end, i was sold since. Im the type of guy that has a weird imagination and loves all well done music from country to rap to heavy metal to trance :D

    the ablum has a story to it i think, i read a post on here somewhere about it being a concept album, and i pretty much was completely convinced by it but i forget exactly where i saw it. So if its your idea, props, im just rewriting it as i see the album in my head with the direction i took from that post.

    1) Wake 10/10
    good intro, builds up nicely, tops off right when you expect it to, then slowly fades away leaving you wanting more or feeling like something is missing. (perfect for an intro) Sets the mood for the record (lots of ups and downs emotionally)

    i imagine the intro being like a fight, including the hard work and preperation, everything leading up to it, then BAM final fight hits, you give it all you have, then you realize it makes no difference so you just fade away into nothingness feeling empty and wasted.

    2) Given Up 8/10
    I love the clapping, gives it a live sound, this is such an infectious song, i get into it every time i hear it, its a bit repetitive but that only takes a little away from the song, i love it, the guitar and drums just get me hooked. I want to see this live

    I see this song a being the aftermath of the battle, feeling meaningless, powerless, feeling like giving up. Anger builds up and just explodes out of you, yelling and screaming at the world for not even noticing you, pushing you to the side, being powerless to stop the bad in the world.

    3) Leave Out All The Rest 6/10
    This song is slower, almost like the calm after a storm. Its a nice ballad type song, the chorus is good but not great, the song gets better as it goes on, the background instrementals picking up in volume over the course of the song gives a feeling of a build up to something important. Overall an ok song, but i skip it when listening to my ipod, nothing really stands out about it. Good for an easy relaxing listen.

    This song is where you sit back and think, now that the anger is gone, about what to do next, what should i do? What direction do i go now to get my message across?

    4) Bleeding Out 9/10
    Awesome Song, brings you in wonderfully with Mike's Rapping, the first four lines are my favorite from the album, just sounds badass to me, like Mike is just saying, 'you know what, fuck it, here we go again but hold nothing back and let something great shine.' I love the song, catchy chorus, great begging, BUT IT ENDS TO SHORT! I WANT MORE I WANT MORE!

    This song is like a ceremony, the start is walking to it, meeting friends, and getting started on stripping yourself of everything, taking yourself down to your core, and becoming a new thing, ready to rebuild after being stripped to nothing.

    5) Shadow Of the Day 7.5/10
    Starts off sounding almost like U2 in a weird way to me, starts off slow and almost depressing, but picks up and becomes almost inspirational, a very hopeful track that sets an optimistic mood turing the bad into a good. Great for a sit down listen but wouldnt get my attention if it hit the radio or if i was looking for a song to show a friend. Definately an full album listen song, but a great one for that.

    This is when you reflect on the new you, not sure whether or not to be ashamed of yourself or not, Getting used to the changes, thinking about what you lost. Then you start to have hope for the future while remembering where you came from, keeping those lessongs in tact while moving forward

    6) What I've Done 10/10
    Awesome Piano, drags you in quick, hooks you. The chorus is good almost great, the drums are sharp and intesne, keeping you hooked during the slower parts, intesifying the chrous. As the song continues it gets faster and more intense, you feel completely within the song and its a great thing. I love this song, listen after listen i feel great after hearing it.

    Expressing to the world that you have changed. Showing no regret, no hard feelings towards the past. Like the new you is completely rid of the old, no more connection, time to move on towards the goal, rebuilding of yourself is complete.

    7) Hands Held High 6/10
    dramatic marching drums, Mikes rapping clearly has meaning, a deep substance behind it. Its clear and listens well, The Amen's are a nice different touch, sounds much more like a Mike rap than an LP track but it fits well in the album.

    Looking around at the world in front of you, examining your options, you become scared for the world, chaos, dissaray, indifference by those in power to help, the world turns a blind eye to even the worst tradgedies.

    8) No More Sorrow 10/10
    Intro Syths are cool, great drums/guitar matching, feels like an Epic track to start with, gives off a great vibe that sucks me in for the entire song. Chesters Vocals are perfectly placed, not overpowered by the forcefull instruments, but bleded perefectly. You feel his emotion and the bands blend together in a thrashing harmony that energizes and clears your mind at the same time. Freaking kick ass i Say, perfect length
    much like a start of a war, stops for a second, almost like an army getting its last moment of peace, then Bam it goes all out, full on forefullness and aggressiveness. Each moment of the song is a blow to the 'enemy'

    Taking up arms against that which needs to be brought down. Declaring War essestially, then battling with everything you have, all out effort, a release of all harnesses, balls to the wall fighting with a purpose

    9) Valentines Day 8/10
    Chesters singing is so emotional he starts out almost sounding like he had been choked up before. The guitar is simple but suited to the song, deep bass drums in the baclground set the mood along with the Bass. A story telling song, nice piano in the middle-end, sets up the guitar kick in, Chesters voice is great, the combination of all the instruments from like 2:20 on is really a great moment in the album, a beautifull section of music really. This saves the song, taking it from forgettable to a part i look forward to.

    This song didnt say anything to me other than you feel alone at a time where all you want is the support of those around you

    10) In Between 5/10
    Mike singing.....didnt expect that but i honestly like it, the background serves just to keep you paying attention to the song cause his voice is almost like singing a lull-a-by. Chesters background vocals keep the song listenable really. Its relaxing and ok to listen to if i want to be chilled out or relax, but it doesnt seem to fit the album to me, it could dissapear and the album wouldnt be missing anything.

    11) In Pieces 8/10
    Engaging intro, makes you wonder whats around the corner. Chesters vocals are clear and go very well with the mood of the background beats. The song picks up very slowly, more bass comes in, then the drums and guitar and it feels like a full song, the guitar reminds me of the police for some reason, maybe its just that note, the drums make it feel like its all leading up to something great, the bass picks up some more, i love the songs set up. BOOM guitar solo Time! very impressive, the second part of the solo feels like a culmination everything, very upbeat and satisfying ending to the song.

    12) The Little Things Give You Away
    Acoustic Guitar with scrathed syths in the wonderfully! Chesters voice is once again great. Songs about Katrina, sounds like Chester is really feeling the pain of the Hurricaine Victims, A good melodic background set with electric guitar that comes in. Drums come in, putting an exclamation point to this point of this song, it continues building, then slows and fades for a period, the same syths scrathing with drums and some orchestra strings, some guitar, then an emotional guitar solo, like a crowinging point of the whole album. Song continues, Chester Scream/hums beautifully (dont know how to describe it) Mike comes in singing little things give you away, chester, still humming, also comes in with some more vocals, its a wonderfull collection of all things LP, then the instuments cut out and the vocals continue for two verses, a simply magnificent ending to the album. I feel complete and content, with a weight lifted off my shoulders and a fresh feeling.

    Thank you LP!

    Overall I give it a 8/10
    it had to grow on me, i had to listen to it alot as a whole album to really like it. The thing that i was dissapointed with was the basic lack of Joe Han and Mike should have had more rapping in Bleed it Out, that would have made the song even better.

    PS: Glad to be a part of the board :)
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    my first 2 cents about MTM

    ok, so i downloaded it. Wish I could afford the super fan book.

    When I first heard Linkin Park about 5 years ago, I didn't like it. I think I heard Crawling in the Dark and felt it was a very heavy song. A lot more heavy than I was used to. I was more into soft rock and poppish rock songs...and classical movie soundtracks (like John Williams). I quickly started liking some of Linkin Park's more mainstream songs like Numb, Somewhere I belong, and In The End...and started to LOVE them. This was the FIRST time I had ever actually LIKED RAP was just AMAZING to me how rap and rock/alternative/whatever it was was so beautifully blended. It just blew my mind away.

    Then came the Reanimation cd and then the Jay Z + Linkin Park CD...and I didn't like them. I felt the original songs were WAYY better and thought the new ones sounded like poop. Now I actually like them a whole lot...sometimes even more than the original songs. They sound so diverse and rich.

    There's probably not a day that goes by that I don't hear one of Linkin Park's songs on my iPod in my car.

    I love their music to death.

    After hearing the first few songs, I was definitely disappointed. WHERE WAS MIKE'S RAPPING? WHERE WAS JOE'S SCRATCHING?!

    I have heard the whole album now...and can tell you that I actually like it a lot. Some of the songs aren't as memorable as most of their old songs, but they're definitely deep and catchy. I miss Joe's scratching and wish I could hear more of Mike's rapping, but this new sound is quite refreshing. I can see how some people are very pissed off this album sounds so different, but I wonder myself how much I'll listen to the older Linkin Park when I am like 35, 45, 55 years old. I'm 25 now btw.

    well, that was my .02. I cleared out my ipod shuffle and put just these songs on there. I'm gonna go fall asleep to it right now ;)
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    I'm still waiting until I get a copy of the CD [or download a proper FLAC rip] till I make a proper review.
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    It's typical LP intro stuff. Piano, synth, with a guitar coming in at the end. As a song, I like it, but it doesn't really represent the album very well. But I guess I should say that NONE of the songs represent the album well. I like the 6/8 time, and the bassline when the guitars come in is amazing.


    Given Up
    The handclaps are annoying. I could definitely do with a lot less of that... there weren't handclaps in any of the clips we had before, were there? I didn't like this song too much until I heard the full track, now it's pretty good. Standard LP fare, though the bridge is amazing (minus the 'Put me out of my - put me out of my fuckin' misery'). The 'fucks' in this song seem unwarranted only to fit enough syllables into the structure. The scream is amazing. Ends prematurely.


    Leave Out All The Rest
    The Justin Timberlake-esque vocals caught me off guard. The lyrics in this one are superb. I can tell you that even though they've matured (and the lyrics as well), I can still relate to their songs, which is a big plus. The chorus is catchy and it ends well.


    Bleed It Out
    Ah, I had a hard time with this one. The guitar work is interesting and catchy, the raps are pretty standard Fort Minor material (a mix of the mixtape and the album I'd say), but the chorus. My god. That chorus. I despise that chorus. I mean, seriously, all you can say is 'I bleed it out, dig it deeper just to throw it away'? Over and over? It's repetitive and I need a lot of patience to just skip after that. The screams in the bridge are cool though. But then the chorus comes in again. Definitely one of their weaker songs. The saving grace of this song is the length of the track. I don't mind tracks being this short if the quality is like this.


    Shadow of the Day
    With or Without You part two? Well, it's definitely one of the 'happier' sounding songs of the album, and it's definitely catchy. The guitar during the bridge (when it follows the chorus progression of the vocals I think) is fun. Definitely one of the songs where you can tell that Chester can sing. The strings are a nice addition, and it's definitely a good song.


    What I've Done
    We all know this one. Nothing much I can say about it except it's the best representation of their old style on this record. With that said, I wouldn't have minded if a few more songs like this one were on there. It's the same old same old, but done well and in an interesting way. The lyrics could have been a bit better, but the instrumentation is great.


    Hands Held High
    It's a rap about Bush. And the best rapping song on here. But again, like the last rap track, the chorus is lacking. I love this song to death, but to me it just feels like it would be better on a Fort Minor record. I wouldn't have minded some more guitar. The end of this song is cash.


    No More Sorrow
    What can I say, I love the guitar and the drums on this one. Mike's harmonies are infectious here (I usually sing the harmonies on this song when I'm in the car). There are a few things I nitpick on, like, the in and out of the guitar at the beginning (when the drums come in, the guitars are there for one measure with the drums, the drums come in alone, the drums and guitar come in again, etc.), and the brevity of the bridge (and the bridge itself to a degree), and Brad's guitar part continuing through the last part of the chorus (around 3:17) don't ring in my ears well. But otherwise, I think this song is boss.


    Valentine's Day
    Really if I look at it objectively, there's nothing wrong with the song. The lyrics are good, the guitar work is better than Meteora (which is all I asked for), and Chester sings amazingly in this one. The chorus is a bit lacking, and the end is pretty standard (although satisfying after all the build-up) But I just... don't like this song. I don't know why. But I don't. Maybe it'll grow on me, but *shrug*


    In Between
    Mike's track. It's a good song, definitely not typical LP, and very hypnotic. I'd have loved more guitar and whatnot, but it's a good song. My only beef with it is we KNOW Mike can sing a more diverse range than what's on this song (which almost sounds monotone). I'd have loved for Mike to sing another song, not any of the ones on this album necessarily, but one that stands out more, I guess. The song is good, but a big underuse of Mike's potential.


    In Pieces
    I love this song. The chorus is catchy and I love the way it builds up. The beginning reminds me of Into The Void by Nine Inch Nails. The drums are badass on this track, especially at the beginning. This song is just so... damn... catchy. The ska-esque guitar is fun. This feels like a perfect song to me, with one exception - it's WAY too short (the only thing keeping me from giving this song a perfect score. I'm hoping this one is played live and extended.


    The Little Things Give You Away
    The much-hyped song is a good ender, if not a bit (only a bit) of a letdown. I expected a superbly amazing song here, and I got a greatly amazing song. It's shades of gray I know, but you know how it is. The vocals feel very old school rock, and remind me of Stairway To Heaven for some reason. The build-up is slow (almost too slow for my tastes), but the guitar during the bridge is just so emotional and perfectly complement the lyrics. The vocals are catchy. I sing this one even if my music isn't on. Mike's vocals are I think the best in this song. The acapella at the end is quite superb.


    Overall, I feel like this seems to not be 'the next step of Linkin Park,' but rather a transitional stage between the old Linkin park and what will be the new Linkin Park. It shows off Mike and Chester's singing skills, and it seems like everyone has stepped up (with exception of Phoenix, but then again I can't really hear basslines with this copy anyways) their games. This isn't the best record by them by far, but it ranks better than Meteora and it's always good to see the band trying new things out. I could do with some more cohesiveness, and it feels like the songs are also split into 'this song is Chester showing you what he can do, this song is Brad showing you how he's changed, this song is Mike etc. etc.). If we were going by averages, this album ranks a 8/10, but I feel like it deserves an 8.5/10 for me.
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    Coming from an ex-hardcore LP fan that has moved on to better things, I will give a very short summary of what I think of the album. One, I have very low expectations from LP. I don't think Chester is a good lyric writer. Mike can write good lyrics (Fort Minor mixtape), but he probably intentionally holds it back for mainstream albums. Two, I still don't think Brad is a good guitar player, but I'll give him props for at least trying now. It's a step in the right direction. Three, Phoenix, fucking do something instead of following the guitar the whole time. Four, to be honest, they don't really need Mr. Hahn in the band anymore (face it, even if you like the guy, he really does nothing half the time). Joe should probably just strive for what he really likes and go further in the movie business. Anyway, the best tracks are the ones that show what LP do best: create catchy tunes.

    1. Wake - good intro, good instrumentals. 4/5

    2. Given Up - This is the only track apart from Wake that has a notable bass line. Shit lyrics. "Put me out of my fucking misery?" Horrible. It's such a waste because I love the long scream after. 3/5

    3. Leave out all the Rest - I'm gonna wager this is the next single. Catchy poprock song. 4/5

    4. Bleed it Out - It's like Mike tried to make up for his vocal absence by stuffing in his best lyrics (on an LP album) into the 2 songs he raps on in this album. Chester's growl in this song is great. A lot of diversity in his singing on MtM. 3.5/5

    5. Shadow of the Day - More poprock and another extremely catchy song. This is also single material, will probably be the 3rd single. Chester expands with his singing capabilities again. Brad with different effects on his guitar (reminds me of 80s rock)? I'm digging it. 5/5

    6. What I've Done - First time I heard this song, I thought "This is the same shit". Way to go picking a safe single. 1/5

    7. Hands Held High - Shinoda coming in again with great lyrics. I'm betting that his little thing with Fort Minor helped him get his creative juices flowing again. I can't help but think that Mike is now kind of a superstar that 4/5

    9. No More Sorrow - This song sounded better in the live bootleg with the bloated bass. This studio version just sounds too "clean". AFI sounding, you've all heard it. 3.5/5

    10. Valentine's Day - A 3rd catchy poprock song. It's like they stopped trying to hide the fact that they're poprock by veiling it with angst/powerchords and just went with it from here on out. 4/5

    11. In Between - Shinoda's solo singing track. He needs a studio backing track but I don't blame him. He's not a singer. Good effort. 4/5

    12. In Pieces - Catchy chorus. I just laughed at the solo in this song haha. It will lead to better things in the future though...just gotta get hazed along the way. Good effort. 4/5

    13. The Little Things Give you Away - Not surprisingly, the best song on the album...or the best thing LP has done. Period. The solo could've used more pull-offs/hammer ons, but I still like it. This song got stuck in my head for days. 5/5

    Overall, I like the new sound. I'd rather get this then have them release another Hybrid Theory. I can't really expect Rob to pull off Danny Carrey level drumming, Brad to do John Petrucci solos, Phoenix to do Red Hot Chili Peppers slapbass, or NIN level songwriting, but they could still improve with their playing if they keep practicing and experimenting. For the next album, I'd like for Phoenix to reach the technicality level of at least the bass player for Alien Ant Farm and Rob to reach the level of the old drummer for Lostprophets. Brad should be able to get to the level of Sum41's guitarist and Mike should practice more if he's going to step back as rhythm guitarist. If they can do that, then we have ourselves a band on equal footing as Incubus (not lyrically though).
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    Okay, here's my review from another thread with a bit more added.

    Wake: It's about as good as I think an intro could be. It sounds a bit like something from White Pony by Deftones, only more upbeat, and I suppose you could say MTM is LP's White Pony.

    Given Up: This song reminds me of certain songs from King For A Day by Faith No More, only even nastier but not quite as good. It might be simple but I love the bassline in the verses, however I can see myself growing tired of this song quicker than anything else on the album because of its simplicity. It definitely packs more of a punch than any other Linkin Park song, though.

    Leave Out All The Rest: I love the sampling and vocals in this song. Incidentally it was my least favourite songs from the album judging by the clips but now it's one of my favourites. Just beautiful.

    Bleed It Out: I love the first verse but it doesn't do much for me after that. I think it shows that LP could probably have taken their old style further without actually doing much of that itself. It's an enjoyable song but if it were much longer than it is it'd be pretty annoying.

    Shadow Of The Day: Since HT I've aquired a taste for 'big' sounding songs and this does that really well.

    What I've Done: I've heard it so many times now that it's lost it's original power but it's still miles better than pretty much any other single they've released other than In The End and maybe Papercut.

    Hands Held High: The rapping's pretty decent and it sounds nothing like Toy Soldiers to me. To begin with thought it was very dull overall. The best parts are the sung parts towards the end, definitely.

    No More Sorrow: I'd rather have more lead guitar like this than the wankery other people wanted. This is something like what Miss Murder would sound like if it were a) good and b) not desperately trying to sound like any given song off American Idiot, only darker.

    Valentine's Day: This is easily the weakest song on the album for it's first half. It just goes nowhere and the lyrics aren't very good. Then after the piano and drum fill halfway through it gets pretty good.

    In Between: Like a lot of people I'd rather hear Mike rapping or singing harmonies with Chester. I still enjoy Mike's singing though and I guess it makes a change from the drama of most of Chester's singing on the album, and I love the music, especially how the keys sound quite upbeat during the first bar or so and then quickly take a downward turn. My favourite lyrics on the album too.

    In Pieces - This is my favourite song on the album. I love how it sounds almost like The Police. It's the perfect mix of tenderness and energy. Just for the record, it's not indie, not even in the Razorlight/Arctic Monkeys sense. In Between comes much closer.

    The Little Things Give You Away: This is probably my second favourite song on the album. It's hard to believe that this is the same band who recorded Meteora and I agree with the band member who said it shows what LP can achieve musically, even if I prefer In Pieces.

    I'd give it 7.5/10 which will probably rise the more I listen to it.
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    I keep listening to the album and the more I listen, the more I like. I have a feeling some people who gave the album negative reviews might change their opinions somewhere down the line.
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    i think the hole album is awesome. i think is great that have put some slower songs on the CD. very different from their old albums. Given up is my favorite song and bleed it out is a lot of fun.
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    Dude if you didn`t like it why don`t you sell it or go buy something else.
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    Wake- it really gave that feeling of "waking" when that guitar came in. Definitely a very good intro to a great album^^. 10/10

    Given Up- I knew that this will be one of my favourite tracks the moment I heard that first 30 second clip. Heavy stuff with rough lyrics makes it a master. 10/10

    Leave Out All The Rest- I guess this is the first track that gave me goose bumps^^. I simply love it. Yes, there're pop influences in it but that's what makes it enjoyable. It has rich lyrics and I feel that it's one of the few LP songs which are lyrically strong. 10/10

    Bleed It Out- I'm a fan of hip-hop/rap music and was looking forward to this track the most. It turned out exactly the way I imagined it to be. The rough, flawlessly executed verses by Mike were simply superb. Yes, I agree that the the chorus was a bit repetitive, but the bridge/guitar solo makes up for that^^. 10/10

    Shadow Of The Day- this track, I'm afraid, still hasn't grown on me. Like most, I too can clearly see the U2 influence (With or Without You :p) in this track. However, I really can't help but praise the lyrics. It's just great. 7/10

    What I've Done- as Rob said in an interview, I too believe that this is the song that sounds the most like the older LP stuffs. Yet again LP have shown their lyrics writing capability with this song. Definitely one of my favourite songs in the album. 9/10

    Hands Held High- this song turned out quite opposite the way I thought it'd be. But none the less I was amazed to see the way Mike delivered his verses. This track probably has my favourite lines in the whole album (or perhaps in all the LP albums). 10/10

    My brother had a book he would hold with pride
    A little red cover with a broken spine.
    In the back he hand wrote a quote inside,
    when the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.

    No More Sorrow- love it! Love the agression. Love the lyrics. Love the message it holds. 10/10

    Valentine's Day- I was looking forward to this song, but I'm afraid that it has let me down. The chorus simply slaughters the song but like most of the other songs this one also has superb lyrics. Moreover, I love the drum work too. 6/10

    In Between- wow Mike singing for the first time in an LP record :D! I really wasn't sure what to expect but I feel that this track deserves to be praised. 9/10

    In Pieces- this song is the shit! Definitely one of the upcoming singles! The surprising solo from Brad really makes this track a beautiful one. Moreover, the verses and the chorus lyrically strong and damn catchy. I believe that this track shows the depth and diversity in the record. I give it a well deserved 10/10

    The Littel Things Give You Away- hmm what can I say? I was expecting something like Breaking The Habit but it's a good track none the less. From the first listen the song sounded to me as if it should be in a Kung-Fu movie or something like that :lol:. Yes, the latter part is kind of repetitive, making it less enjoyable. But overall it's a good track. 8/10

    Overall: this might sound crazy but I get a gypsy vibe in this album:lol:. Ok, this album, in no way, is a let down. I love it and I'm glad that it sounds different and more matured than the previous efforts by LP. Lyrically it easily beats HT & Meteora. What makes Minutes To Midnight unique? It's sounds as if they are PERFORMING-THE-SONGS-LIVE! Now that's something that is hard to pull! 9.5/10
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    FullMetal Classicist

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    Wake - Not bad at all. The guitars sound good and it is an atmospheric tune, despite it's length. 8/10

    Given Up - When they played the clips I didn't like it but it has grown on me now it's available in full. Lyrically it is a bit weak in the verses, not the poetic verses of old but simplified (for the masses?). The guitars are awesome and the chorus is very catchy but the tune sounds unpolished, which I know they were going for but it just doesn't feel quite finished. 8/10

    Leave out all the Rest - When i first heard this tune I cringed due to its poppy chorus and altogether un-Linkin Park sound. 5 minutes later I was singing it absent-mindedly round the house. Annoyingly catchy tune that is best summed up as 'nice' It covers feeling and loss in a user friendly way. Personally I like it, but I just don't love it. 7/10

    Bleed it out - Another anoyyingly catchy tune. I've always liked Linkin Park because they were very personal, and listening to them and even seeing them in concert felt like they were singing only to and about you. The inclusion of the crowd in the background takes away from that. Also, I've listened to it a good few times and still have yet to work out what it's about at all. Mike Shinoda's rapping is lifted from Fort Minor and while I liked Fort Minor I loved his poetic, picture painting raps in their old material (especially Pre-Hybrid Theory). However, it sounds like the band are having fun and that rubs off on you as a listener, and Brad's guitar is simple and lively. 6/10

    Shadow of the Day - I didn't like this track when i first heard it, and I still don't. I'm not against slow songs, and 'My December' was awesome. This song is just very bad. It seems more like a showcase for the unarguable vocal talent of Chester Bennington than a band production. Repetative and predictable. 4/10

    What I've done - A very safe first single due to its similarity to the old style. If Linkin Park wanted to branch out a little this song is what they should have taken as a benchmark. It sounds like Linkin Park doing something fresh and new, with new guitars and a new attitude, instead of some of the other songs on the album which sound like them trying to be different in any way possible. Great song, good lyrics, can tell all of the band is on it! 10/10

    Hands held High - Bush bashing. I'm British and have no problem with this (we were born to complain, you see). Good track, Mike's rapping is accomplished and it was nice to hear him sing at the end. The 'Amen' chorus is a little cheesy but very epic, and works well with the end singing. Very Fort Minor though. 8/10

    No More Sorrow - Really liked this song live, like the studio version too. It's political but generic so as to not pigeon hole itself. The crunchy guitars and sharp drums are brilliant. Great riffs, great lyrics, good character. Probably my favourite song on the album, even if it is a little Green Day in tone. 10/10

    Valentine's day - This took a few listenings and I still don't love it. The lyrics are very poigniant (can't spell that) and i like its build up, but I think it goes on much to long and is much to emo for Linkin Park and many of their fans. The ending is also very repetative and is only saved by it's catchyness and mainstream tone. 5/10

    In Between - Poor Mike. He seems to get a lot of stick for this track. I quite like his voice actually, and the sparse backing intrumental fits the tune well. It's just a shame about the lyrics. Overwhelmingly simple and laughably repetative, and yet they don't say anything to me at all. It sounds more like a test for his voice rather than a well reasoned song. If he was to have his own track I'd rather he do some old style rap and singing. 6/10

    In peices - As unpopular as this opinion may be, I just don't see what everyone sees in this song. It sounds like Chester Bennington had a girl write it and then sung it from her perspective (if that's indeed what he did then I apologise for he has done a good job). That's not necassarily a bad thing but this voice gave us "One step Closer" and "Place for my head", it just doesn't work. And while I agree that technically the guitar solo is better than in TLTTGYA, it is by no means good. My friends heavily ridiculed me for claiming it was a progression towards a solo! Also, I have this overwhelming feeling that if Avril Lavigne had sung it it would of been better and I might have liked it. 4/10

    The Little Things that give you Away - I really like this song. It's atmospheric, accomplished and different yet it is full of the old Linkin park attitude. The tune was great the Guitar solo (more of a melody) is well done, not to much but distinctive. Chester's voice is great and the lyrics are haunting. The ending is epic with Mike and Chester and the quitars and effects going on simultaniously. Brilliant Track and I haven't found anyone who dislikes it 10/10

    Overall I'm not as happy as I thought I would be with this album. It is definitely the weakest of the Linkin Park albums and feels more like a demo or concept album than a real Linkin Park release. It sounds like they took Avril Lavigne, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and other punk/emo bands and then injected little bits of themselves into what is essentially not their music. I also feel let down by the hype, i didn't hear any old school hip hop or classic rock on this album, despite the music being described as such by the band.

    I've been listening to Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory, I also have copies of the Xero demo tape and The Hybrid Theory Demo CD, which I think are absolutely brilliant. I also loved 'It's Goin Down' with the Executioners. In the 7 or 8 years that I've been listening to Linkin Park (I'm 20 now) nothing at all suggested that they wished to release songs like these, not even 'Qwerty' which I feel unfairly built up false hopes and expectations of the new album. i don't think it's unfair to expect better from Linkin Park as this album seems to be different for the sake of being different, not because this is what Linkin Park are Pasionate about or what their fans actually want. Because of this I can really only give the album (as an experience and as the third studio album of my long term favourite band) 6 out of 10
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    Right, after listening to the album 3 times over, it it time to give my all-important feedback to Linkin Park's third album entitled 'Minutes to Midnight':

    1. Wake: This was a very creative beginning to start off the album. It is slightly misleading however, once the heavy guitars kick in - but overall this is a catchy instrumental. I hope this becomes a routine on other (hopeful) Linkin Park albums in the future. I also adore the way it starts off slow and builds up into this epic heavy instrumental at the end... and then the clapping for the second song kicks in immediately. I think that flows well together.
    Total Overall: 8.5/10

    2. Given Up: This is one of the heaviest punk songs I have ever heard. You can hear Phoenix in there with a strong bass, which is great and Chester's immense and malicious screaming in this, which he has forced to the highest level he possibly can is sick (in a positive way). The way he holds onto the "MISERY!" note is very impressive and one of Chester's best vocal performances period, on a LP album. The way the final chorus is softer than the first two versions of the chours is a nice touch also as it shows a more lively feel to the song, emphasising the rawness to this song.
    Total Overall: 9/10

    3. Leave Out All The Rest: I found the beginning quite catchy actually and then when it lead into the chorus I was overwhelmed with how good this song actually was. It stuck in my head for ages, especially the second half to the chorus. No idea why, but I just preferred the lyrics to the chorus at the end. Chester sang beautifully in this song and I don't think its too poppy that people are making it out to be. Listening to the song at full volume on my stereo, the guitars that kick in are awesome. In the aftermath of hearing the whole Minutes to Midnight album, this will be one of the songs remaining unremoved from your memory. Perfect pop-rock song.
    Total Overall: 10/10

    4. Bleed It Out: This is one of the greatest songs Linkin Park have ever written, performed and evolved into their list of unforgettable songs. This is one of my favourites off the album. Mike Shinoda raps likewise to his Fort Minor roots, and this made the song all the more impressive for me. Chester's screaming vocals were also enjoyable and even though Brad's guitar was simple and basic, I couldn't get it out of my head for several hours. The crowd in the background clapping and yelling I found aggravating at first, but then I found it completed the song structure altogether. It made the song sound even more live and this was another positive. If this is made into a future single, I'll be over the moon. I also laughed when Mike goes, "Going out of my fucking mind, filthy mouth, no excuse..." great part to the song there. Fantastic song and the Minutes to Midnight album is surpassing my expectations even more at this point...
    Total Overall: 10/10

    5. Shadow Of The Day: At first this song did not stand out for me. I found it bland and that it did not lead into a safe and satisfying direction for me. However, after a few more listens this became a truly classical song in my book. The lyrics are one of the greatest pieces of writing LP have ever written. The chorus is the centrepoint of this song, which highlights that LP do not always right abysmal lyrics as some people make out they do (I love their lyrics nonetheless). The song builds up even more towards the end when the guitars emerge into the song, which again was a great addition. Chester's ambitious voice here was so soulful and amazing, I am very pleased with how his vocal performance has progressed over the last 6 years.
    Total Overall: 9/10

    6. What I've Done: I have heard this song so many times now and to be honest, it never gets old. The introduction is perfect for the song and the bridge to this I find I am always singing on the way up to college or in lessons. Best bridge ever - FACT! The mini-guitar solo is fantastic and Chester displays a very enjoyable vocal range in this song. Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of the old LP, mixed in with the new LP. You can identify the aspects in the song of where LP are actually saying farewell to their original roots. Good song and very meaningful.
    Total Overall: 8.5/10

    7. Hands Held High: I am a fan of Fort Minor and some rap/hip hop genres. I enjoyed the marching drumbeats during this and Mikes rapping was top notch. The lyrics only became cheesy when the 'Amen' chorus was introduced, but Mike's song-writing was excellent throughout. Mike Shinoda is a very skillful and talented rapper and I hope he is more involved in the future if LP do make a fourth album. My only complaint was I do wish some words were added into the chorus. Maybe Chester singing a few words in ths mix of this would have created a stronger song for me.
    Total Overall: 8/10

    8. No More Sorrow: How kick-ass and in your face is this introduction? Rob Bourdon shows why he is one of the most talented drummers out there. The war-esque drum beats are what you can imagine - they beat through you like a raging motherfucker! Chester does a very proficient job again in this song. From his angry singing to his intense screams, this song shows the negative side to Linkin Park. If this is directed at obliterating George Bush, fine by me as I'm British. But some part of this song does make me believe this has another side to the story. As they always say: "there's two sides to every story". The finish to the song really made this song epic, especially with Chester's bellowing voice.
    Total Overall: 10/10

    9. Valentine's Day: After a couple of listens to this song I became very emotional. Obviously this is one of the more personal songs Chester has ever written. The lyrics are tremendous and the way Chester graces us with his singing is a blessing also. The beginning sounds so raw when Chester begins as his voice cracks in the first line. And when the song goes from a somewhat pop-ballad song and breaks into a full-on pop-rock song with Chester repeating the words "On a Valentine's Day" you can't help but get emotional. There again, it depends if the time of the year has a happy, cheerful sad, depressing or dramatic feeling/mood on you. It's a shame there was no standout chorus to this song as this did deserve one. But I'll put 'Valentine's Day' as the obvious canditate for the chorus.
    Total Overall: 9/10

    10. In Between: I'm sorry to the Pro-Shinoda fans out there, and believe me; I am one of them. But I just can't get into this song. The background starts off fine but repeats all the way through making this song fall flat before it even began. Mike Shinoda is a good singer, even on some tracks of the Fort Minor album he displayed that. But here, he sings mediocre. You can tell he put a lot of emotion into this apology song - but it just came off as such an inferior track. Something fresh needed to be added half-way through. This song did not deliver sadly.
    Total Overall: 4/10

    11. In Pieces: I had high expectations for this song after hearing the reviews for it. I even believed this would become my ultimate favourite LP song from the album and possibly ever. The reggae start to the song was diverse but very unique and I liked it. Then Chester's second verse when his voice raises captivated me. Furthermore, Brad's solo kicked ass in this. It just came out of no where and that was an added bonus for me. This song needed to pick up and Brad's supportive solo surely did just that. The way the song goes from a reggage vibe - to pure pop - to rock was a nicely staged/ranked song.
    Total Overall: 9/10

    12. The Little Things Give You Away: Astonishing song that overshadowed quite a lot on this album. Some adored it and respected it, others hated it and despised it. I saw complaints also about Brad's solo but it fitted perfectly and that's all I wanted. Brad stepped up his game on this one and I am very glad to say that right now. Chester outshined in all the previous tracks he was included in here. For some reason I smile every time; and my hair stands on the end of my skin when he sings "underwater". Not in a bad way or to come across sadistic here, but just the way he sang it with a lot of heart and compassion proved to me their strong beliefs of what happened with Hurricane Katrina. This made the aura of the song all the more important and special. This was a phenomenal six-and-a-half-minute piece although the ending does go on and get repetitive and could be shortened. However, the blending of Chester and Mike's verses was a nice touch and they gelled well together. I hope LP do another acoustic track in the future also, as it really suited their style.
    Total Overall: 10/10

    Overall Total for the Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight Album: 9/10

    In Conclusion: I had high expectations for this album and this album even surpassed those expectations beyond belief. It certainly delivered to the highest quality, which is all I wanted. A lot of these songs are either catchy, meaningful or something to enjoy and rock out to. It has a more chilled out feeling to it, but some tracks do supply that "let's go fucking crazy and rock our socks off!" temperament to it. Even the soft and more delicate approach to Linkin Park was a brave but encouraging idea. The only song that I was not too comofortable with was In Between and I feel sorry for Mike Shinoda on that one.

    The Linkin Park albums now are ranked into the following order:

    1. Hybrid Theory - 10/10
    2. Meteora - 8/10
    3. Minutes to Midnight - 9/10

    Therefore - Hybrid Theory > Minutes to Midnight > Meteora.

    My only other disappointment was of course the lack of Mike Shinoda on the the album. I would have loved to hear 3 or so more songs with Mike rapping and leading into Chester singing the chorus. And the lack of Mr. Hahn was very sad to hear and witness. Hopefully he will be more involved with his lethal scratching to help make the future LP tracks stand out more.I mean, Mr. Hahn does define 1/6th of Linkin Park. And finally, I hope Phoenix steps up to the plate on the next album as he didn't shine brightly on Minutes to Midnight unfortunately.

    In the end though (no pun intended), I am very happy and overjoyed how this album turned out and am looking forward to listening to it more and more over the next few days (and weeks, and months, etc.)

    Thanks for reading.
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    Neil's lazy ass review

    'Great 5/5'

    I'll add to this when I wake up tomorrow
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    Luke Mind Your Manners. LPA Addicted VIP

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    I'm gonna revise some scores because of the fact that this album has grown on me so much since I wrote my review:

    Bleed It Out: 3/5

    Hands Held High: 3.5/5

    In Pieces: 3/5

    No Roads Left: 4.5/5

    Overall: 4/5
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    Wake - Ever Since I heard Meteora’s intro I was like “I Like the idea of an intro but this isn’t what I had in mind. I also wanted interludes and an outro but meh I should be happy I at least got a decent length intro. I get a real Deftones vibe from this track. I’ve seen some people say that they dislike the way it sounds scratchy in places and even distracts them from the track but I think it adds to the ambience of the track. I like the way it builds and builds and then just does a complete 180 on itself and sounds almost defeated. 8/10

    Given Up - Some decent bass work from Phoenix which makes a refreshing change from every other Linkin Park song on a major studio album ever, lol. The “industrial punk” feel they were going for isn’t quite achieved, but this track certainly feels raw. There’s buckets of energy, I actually really like the lyrics as cliche and self deprecating as they are. The 17 second scream is very impressive to me. On a bad note I really wish they hadn’t included the clapping and jangling noises, I appreciate experimenting but it takes away from a behemoth of a track. 8/10

    Leave Out All The Rest - This to me sounds like everything I expected this album to sound like, it sounds like a logical progression from their older work. I could see this on Meteora and it would easily be one of the better tracks on there but on here it just sounds a tad predictable. The lyrics touch me, I love how the song starts with so many layers and ends with barely any. But I just wish it wasn’t so predictable and the first part of the second verse sounds awkward. 7.5/10

    Bleed It Out - When I heard the description for “Accident” I got very, very excited with the idea of motown drums and what not and I believe this is what Accident finally ended up as. The live feel of the track with the crowd being brought into the mix is a novel touch. Mike raps like a demon, there’s some clever lines here and it seems to me as though the lyrics don’t really have any more meaning than Mike’s frustration at being told to re-write the verses. Repetitive chorus, but it works. 8/10

    Shadow Of The Day - The main song this is being compared to U2's With Or Without You, I have never actually heard so I can’t comment on that. If you look at this song from a vocal and lyrical standpoint, I think it feels derivative and as though it doesn’t go anywhere but if you appreciate the change in mood musically throughout the piece it speaks more than words ever could, potential single here. 8.5/10

    What I’ve Done - I like this song, it’s pleasant but that is all, nothing about it screams out to me. 6/10

    Hands Held High - Some great raps from Mike I particularly like the lines “Heal the blind and promise to let the sun in” and “Say something you know they might attack you for” Mike’s delivery is venomous, personal, reflective, everything you want in a rap song. Unfortunately the music doesn’t strike any chords with me. The refrain sounds cheesy when it’s on it’s own but when it is coupled with the climax of the song it works. The main downside (at least to me) is that it sounds like a better Fort Minor song, this is LP not FM. 6.5/10

    No More Sorrow - I really don’t get the hype around this song, the lyrics sound contrived, the chorus’ melody is dull and the bridge is just screaming angrily but there seems to be no sincerity, I usually skip this track. 5/10

    Valentine’s Day - I’m undecided about the lyrics on this one, I love some lines and absolutely hate others. The music doesn’t really captivate me, there’s nothing about it that stands out to me, apart from perhaps the piano part. What I do feel about this song though is that it encompasses everything the band wanted it to. It’s delicate, tragic, genuine and to me that means more than musical proficiency. The change in structure without really having a chorus is also something I like, it builds slowly, brooding and then just explodes. My third favourite on the album. 9/10

    In Between - I don’t want to get to graphic about this but it’s just gash. Mike sounds monotone, what exactly is he apologising for? He “sings” let me apologise blah blah blah but the lyrics repeat to much and you never really find out what this song is about (or at least I don’t) but it’s not just that, the music is dull and not even Chester could have saved this song, I have no idea why the band are so into this song. 3/10

    In pieces - The beginning of this song reminds me of A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms era and then when the artificial drum machine kicks in, that mood goes flying out the window, Chester’s vocals don’t match the beat and seem awkward but somehow it works. As the song progresses through the verses and begins to build Chester’s vocals seem to fit more. The guitar solo style thing at the end is unexpected and adds to the aggression of this track. The lyrics are a massive high point for me on this track, I really like this song. 9.5/10

    The Little Things Give You Away - Everything I said about Valentine’s Day applies here tenfold, Chester sounds incredibly sincere. But more so than Valentine’s Day the music does stand out and every single idiosyncracy of this song is essential. Mike’s backing vocals prove he can sing. The lyrics hit home. Mr Hahn is noticeable, Brad does a really emotive (not emo) guitar solo, Rob’s drums are complex and compelling. The only thing I didn;t really notice on this track was the bass. I heart acapellas so this is the perfect end to the album in my opinion. The best song on the album and possibly the best in their career. 9.9/10

    Overall - This album is hard to stomach, it’s a journey and needs to be heard in it’s entirety at least once. Everyone has stepped up their game but the apparent lack of rap vocals and Mr Hahn is distressing. Chester sounds better than ever and unique on every track. The album doesn’t seem to flow but I don’t know if this is necessarily a negative point. If the album didn’t have In Between and maybe 2 more energetic rap songs this would easily be LP’s best album, as it stands, it doesn’t beat Hybrid Theory but let’s be honest, we didn’t expect it to did we? This album does everything Meteora failed to achieve and I for one am glad LP took a few risks.

    Well Done guys feel proud for making this album, now get another one out twice as good in half the time :p
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    Oh, and now:

    No Roads Left
    This is the kick-ass Mike song I've been waiting for.
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    No Roads Left - 10/10 - Absolute perfection as far as I am concerned. The best Linkin Park song and quite possibly my favorite song. Mike > Chester as far as I'm concerned, not only instrumentally but vocally.
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    Jesus, what can that guy NOT do? :lol:
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    Lick his elbow.

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