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    Mar 6, 2018
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    Wow this thread had quite a development haha.
    I see myself back like 5 years ago when I was complaining about certain things in the MMU and boy do I regret having done that.

    In my limited knowledge, the truth I see is simple:
    - You do not need to be a professional to review: plenty of "professional" reviewers get disagreements because, well, taste is taste. As long as there are no technical flaws among the winners remixes I don't see any issues, and there are no technical problems here;
    - There was no golden career at stake here nor a multi-million dollar studio collaboration with Mike, just a token of appreciation through a prize and the honor of having the chance of being heared by him. No reason to point at conspiracy theories;
    - I'm sure Mike is busy enough with his album, his video, LP's future, his social media and private life and his sensible mind due to the mourning which probably isn't over and won't be for a long time as proven by common sense and Kerrang's interview to care for any sort of fishy business in a friendly remix contest. Seriously.

    This was a great chance and I hope there will be many more in the future. Even having a shred of hope to be heared by Mike is enough to keep me going in these contests, and this is the friendly competing mindset everyone should have.
    It's beyond amazing that Admins of a fansite gained this level of comunication with members and management of a band like LP and being able to engage in these sorts of activities. As far as I am concerned, Derek has achieved something legendary and I can understand how insulting it must have felt to read certain things after years and years of getting deeper into LP's reality.
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  2. Hybrid

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Thank you for this post! Really well put!
  3. Derek

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    Jul 13, 2002
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    Mark: That's pretty much how I feel, after reviewing this thread the next morning. So what I'm going to do here is make what I pray will be the final statement I'll have to make on the matter, and then hopefully we can move on:

    I am never under any circumstances going to just sit back and ignore it when my reputation is deliberately being sullied, and accusations are flying around about websites I own that have zero base in reality, and are completely groundless. I've put big portions my life into both sites (17 years for LPA, 5 years for AltWire), and considering the LPA portion accounts for over 50% of my life on this earth, I consider my staff to be family and will not let people who have not been a part of that family, come in and slander them on a public forum.

    What I will also no longer do, is take people slandering ME because quite frankly I no longer have to. I was personally attacked for my One More Light review, because I just so happened to see genius in that album before virtually any other publication did. I got personally attacked for my first Shinoda interview in 2013, because somehow people didn't think my (then) 12 years of following the band and working alongside them, plus my new press credentials, warranted that right. I've been called an asshole many times over 17 years (although, to give them credit...that one is true!), and I shake my head at how much people spew hate towards me without having even met me. It was ridiculous how many times I heard 'wow you're nowhere as bad as your reputation' by people who met me for the Hollywood Bowl concert. How in the world I got such a reputation alludes me, but It's incredible I still have to go through that after all I've done for the fanbase, and I'm sorry...but it's been a lot. I never expected thanks, but I sure as hell didn't expect any of these blind and baseless attacks on my reputation that seem to follow me around every time I try and do something exciting for the fans.

    Just last night, I saw people accuse me (and my staff for that matter) of creating a contest that was 'run sketchy' and then backtrack when everyone called them out on their shit. A contest we all spent several weeks building to make sure everything was done in a very clear, easy to understand, and FAIRLY run fashion...providing a chance for not just LPA/AW, but LPLive, LPFC and the entirety of the ambassadors to have a chance to make a choice for Shinoda to consider.

    So I'm not going to stand here and let people come on MY site, and attack ME or the people I hold a true love for and consider my family. A family that has picked me up more times than I can count.

    Nah, to hell with that. Any one comes here with that bullshit and they better be ready for what comes next. This will be my final statement on what happened last night, but it needed to be said.
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