RELEASE - old xero and mike songs featured in Rapology 13 and 14

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    Hello everyone, some of you might (or might not) remember me from buying recently (without really knowing much) the two CDs posted in this thread:
    (for those reddit users at least).

    Well, long story short, I received them in the mail today. I listened to the songs and they look legit. For those that are interested these are the scans of all the stuff that I received, this includes CDs and covers:

    These songs weren't released previously AFAIK. I've just dumped the songs in .wav format (as for some reason FLAC export wasn't working correctly in my VLC installation) for you to listen to them. You can download them from here:

    Kenji & Artofficial (of Xero) - Drop:!kJh3zCYC!osV18gQ81Y0_2nvikIYcGguphiwXiWd97fbBDVFLvVQ
    Xero - F007 Fiends CD RAP UP:!MBZSCYKZ!6L870WC6fM2Mfiq2lG7JGyj-HxRLDhHDq_VEuCbcFSQ

    ATTENTION MODS: If sharing the songs like this is not allowed or the post is in the wrong subforum, please just remove the links/move the thread, but don't delete this post. I can still get contacted by PM to get them. I'll post this exact info in Reddit and LPLive to help spread it.
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