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    the11thdoctor Resident Time Lord

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    I thought it'd be fun to make up my own Reanimation 2 tracklist, with a full-on 20 tracks like the original (but without all the short interludes and voice mails), and I'd like to see what your ideal tracklist for it would be as well!

    Here are the instructions/rules:

    1. Give the album a name. Anything you want. It could be as simple as Reanimation 2, or as weird as Fat Burger Sluts from Uranus.

    2. All track titles must be written in the weird "Reanimation" style. You choose how to do it.

    3. For track 1, choose any instrumental (interlude or intro) from Meteora, MTM, ATS, or LT.

    4. Tracks 2, 3, and 4: Pick any three full songs from Meteora.

    5. Tracks 5, 6, and 7: Pick any three full songs from Minutes to Midnight.

    6. Tracks 8, 9, and 10: Any three songs from A Thousand Suns.

    7. Tracks 11, 12, and 13: Any three from Living Things.

    8. For track 14 and 15, pick any B-sides, as long as it's Meteora or newer.

    9. For 16, pick a song from either Fort Minor or Dead By Sunrise.

    10. For 17-20, pick any LP songs from Meteora or later. B-sides, studio album tracks, collaborations, whatever.

    Have fun!

    Oh, and for extra credit you can put beside them who you'd like to see do the remix(es). It's optional tho (hell, I'm not doing it) but it could be interesting.

    --and here's mine!--

    Reanimation 2

    1. Fall0#t
    2. NuM
    3. LyNG frm U
    4. Smwhr I B^Lng
    5. H&s HLd H!
    6. Bl33d /t 0uT
    7. Wh@ IV D[one]
    8. Brning NTh SKiz
    9. !Rid$nT
    10. |3Lk\OUT
    11. LstNTh E{#0
    12. Pwr[less]
    13. Brn ^t Dwn
    14. acrss_the_l1ne
    15. Blk_Brds
    16. SprypntN'inkpnz
    17. BrknTeh HaB*T
    18. Nu/D/v!d3
    19. Th C@t4lyst
    20. N mie R3main$
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    TheDudeFatJay Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2012
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    Im gonna go with Reanimation 2 aswell here.

    2. LYNG.FRM.Y°U.
    3. D°NT.STˆY.
    4. BRKNG//.TH.H∆BIT.
    5. ıN.BTWEEN.
    6. GIVXN.UP.
    7. WHT.IV'EE.DNE.⁄⁄
    9. W∆ITN.4.THE.∑ND.
    10. BLVK_OUT.
    11. LST.INTHE.EECH°\\.
    13. PXWRLESS.
    14. KV.ERTY
    15. NOROADS.LFT.{
    16. LTD≥WN.
    17. NUMB.//.ENCÆRE.
    18. WRET/.KINGS))
    19. THE.C∆T∆L.SYT
    20. BRN.XT.D˚°WN.
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    ochocincorice Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
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    Reserved. I'll probably do this tomorrow...although it is Father's Day. Monday at the latest.
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    Jeff WORSHIP LPA Addicted VIP

    Feb 3, 2010
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    1. W^K3 (Wake)
    2. F<1NT (Faint)
    3. LYNG FRM YØU (Lying From You)
    4. Se5510N (Session)
    5. In P!>ces (In Pieces)
    6. <3's D4y (Valentine's Day)
    7. BLd !t Ou+ (Bleed It Out)
    8. Wrtchs N Kng$ (Wretches and Kings)
    9. Th C@talysT (The Catalyst)
    10. Burn!ng I> Th< Ski3s (Burning In The Skies)
    11. Sk!N 2 BØne (Skin To bone)
    12. Brn It DvWN (Burn It Down)
    13. Unt^L I# BR34KZ (Until It Breaks)
    14. W#AT W3 DØnT Knw (What We Don't Know)
    15. N⌐ RØ^D$ L3F+ (No Roads Left)
    16. Th< HrD W^y (The Hard Way - Fort Minor)
    17. Pºwrl¬ss (Powerless)
    18. Hnds.Hld.H! (Hands Held High)
    19. H^Lº (Halo)
    20. W3 M∆D3 !T (We Made It)
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    Bam! One by One

    Jun 7, 2012
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    Reanimation 2

    IMp_tee spÅ(3z (Empty Spaces)

    Ly!ng Frum u (Lying From You)

    Nöbodyz Lis10g} (Nobody's Listening)

    eZ:ur 2 r-n (Easier To Run)

    th E LïttL3 Thïngz Gi^# Yu Aw@y (The Little Things Give You Away)

    BL[e]3D 1T 0U"T (Bleed It Out)

    'n' P13c*s (In Pieces)

    Bl@¢k0u:T (Blackout)

    Th3 Me$$!ng*r (The Messenger)

    ir!dsec~int (Iridescent)

    C_stle oF, Gl#77 (CASTLE OF GLASS)

    b"UR"n+!t=d0un (BURN IT DOWN)

    L0sT И :th: e€h>oh (LOST IN THE ECHO)

    Is$h0/NI (Issho Ni)

    Q₩ER'Ty (QWERTY)

    /F:r3\ (Fire)

    T!n-f0al (TINFOIL)

    W!Zd0m Juzt!c3 & L0^3 (Wisdom, Justice and Love)

    N=t. @/0n*. (Not Alone)

    L0¢\<,j%w (Lockjaw)
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    CylockDNB Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    I. Fσяewσяd
    II. Lуιηg Ŧяσм Yσυ
    III. Eαѕιeя тσ Яυη
    IV. Sσмewнeяe I Belσng
    V. Bleed ιт Oυт
    VI. Gινeη Uρ
    VII. Wнαт I'νe Dσηe
    VIII. Blα¢кσυт
    IX. Tнє Cαтαlуѕт
    X. Wяeтcнeѕ ✗ Kιηgѕ
    XI. Iη Mу Яeмαιηѕ
    XII. Bυяη ιт Dσwη
    XIII. Lσѕт ιη тнe Ecнσ
    XIV. Blαcквιяdѕ
    XV. Pяeтeηd тσ Be
    XVI. Яιgнт Nσw
    XVII. Иew Dινιde
    XVIII. Δccяσѕѕ тнe Lιηe
    XIX. Iѕѕнσ Иι
    XX. Hαlσ
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    Geki >.

    May 3, 2005
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    New Beginnings

    1. W@k3
    2. D0n't St@y
    3. FiGur*e .o9
    4. Fr0m Th3 InSid3
    5. Gi^en UP
    6. N0 M0r3 S0rr0w
    7. In Pi3c3s
    8. BuRn1ng In Th3_Sk13s
    9. Th3 M3ss3ng3r
    10. Bl@ck_0ut
    11. V1ct1mz3d
    12. L13s Gr33d M1s3rY
    13. L0st In Th3 3ch0
    14. Acr00s The L1n3
    15. Bl@ckb1rds
    16. C0nd3mn3d
    17. W3 M@d3 It
    18. Sl1p
    19. Wh@t W3 D0n't_Kn0w
    20. P0w3rl3ss
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    TVTV Active Member

    Jun 2, 2012
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    All I can think of for now:

    Until it Breaks - The Prodigy
    Until it Breaks - The Dust Brothers
    Skin to Bone - RZA
    Skin to Bone - Brian Eno
    Roads Untraveled - Apparat
    Robot Boy - Lenzman
    Robot Boy - M83
    Breaking the Habit - Mike Shinoda
    Waiting for the End - Yuu Miyake/eutron
    Waiting for the End - Takahashi Nobuhide
    Castle of Glass - The Edge, Daniel Lanois
    The Catalyst - The Bomb Squad
    The Little Things Give You Away - Fennesz
    Valentine's Day - Richard X
    When They Come For Me - DJ Military
    Burning in the Skies - Mike Shinoda
    Burning in the Skies - Air
    Blackout - Boom Boom Satellites
    Issho Ni - Mike Shinoda (traditional Japanese instruments)
    I'll Be Gone - BT
    Jornada del Muerto - Kevin Shields
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    Blake Leave a Trace LPA Super Member

    Mar 25, 2012
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    Reanimated, Again.

    1. W@K3 (Wake)
    2. S333ON (Session)
    3. H^T Th3 Fl00R (Hit the Floor)
    4. N0B0#Y'$ L!$T3N!N6 (Nobody's Listening)
    5. WH@T I'V3 D)N3 (What i've Done)
    6. S#@D)W )F T#3 D@Y (Sahdow of the Day)
    7. !# %!3$#$ (In Pieces)
    8. BL@CK)(T (Blackout)
    9. R(B)T B(Y (Robot Boy) (to hoping it would be made way better)
    10. Th3 C@T@!Y$T (The Catalyst)
    11. T!NF#!L (Tinfoil)
    12. $^IN 2 #)%3 (Skin to Bone)
    13. Lo$t ^n T#h 5c#o (Lost in the Echo)
    14. W#@T W3 D*^T K#ow (What We Don't Know)
    15. Bl@ckB1rds (Blackbirds)
    16. R3D 59 Bl@ck (Red to Black)
    17. L@ckJAW (Lockjaw)
    18. P@l3 (Pale)
    19. Br0k3n F--t (Broken Foot)
    20. ! H@ve NoT B3g*N (I Have Not Begun)
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    Minus ohai LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 24, 2003
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    Oh God, so much leet. My eyes burn.

    I have no idea what this "Meteora" album you're speaking of is, so I'm just going to split tracks 2, 3, and 4 with MTM, ATS, and LT.

    Also, it seems silly to sort the tracks by album rather than a customized tracklist, so I'll be putting the songs in the order I want once I'm finished.

    Also also, I'm going to go the extra mile and type info on what I imagine the remixes will SOUND like.

    Also also also, I notice people are putting in demos from LPU albums as "b-sides." Well then, time to be unreasonable.

    The 2 obviously stylized as an R​

    1. re:QUIEM (feat. Saul Williams, additional production by M. Shinoda)
    Lengthened into a full track, more or less. Give it a more hip-hop beat, somewhat trip-hop-ish. Before the typical femvox intro, Saul comes in with a verse. The femvox become a chorus. Intensifies with a bit more bass drum and some strings over Saul's second verse, with glitched guitars during the final chorus. Scratching outro.
    2. nPI=CeS (prod. by Excision)
    Light synth intro with a slight variance in the melody line of the original intro. A simple kick snare beat (kick kick-kick snare variation where appropriate) over a double verse - both verses of the original minus the pre-chorus (There's truth in your lies, et cetera). After the double verse, the pre-chorus hits (two times, like after the first verse) with no drums. The "take" of the pre-chorus repeats with some effects on it and a kick drum, slowly speeding up into a Chester scream panning across the left and right speaker, followed by a BASS DROP (it's Excision, what would you expect). Use your imagination here. Goes back into the previous mood with the actual chorus, drums dropping out on the "don't lie". Resume dubstep.
    3. _____ (additional production by Czeslaw "NoBraiN" Sakowski)
    An extended cut of Empty Spaces with added instrumentation and programming from Joe Hahn and NoBraiN.
    4. ://wt.cfm (feat. Street Drum Corps)
    WTCFM with sicker drums and a more prevalent guitar part during the verses and chorus. In case you forgot, SDC was the group that played guest drums in many songs during PR of the MTM cycle.
    5. roads:UNTRAVELED (Portishead remix)
    Slow down that shit a bit, get all chill and electronic in this motherfucker, trip-hop the fuck up and add some Beth Gibbons harmonies in the fray.
    6. L.0-ATR (feat. Lights)
    A slightly electronic but stripped version of the song. I'm thinking some soft synth pads, acoustic guitar, piano, strings, et cetera. New verses here, with harmonies from Lights and her vocals taking main stage for the first pre-chorus, second verse, and probably the bridge. Also, Lights singing that last vocal at the end of the original.
    7. IN(between) (featuring The Civil Wars)
    An acoustic version of the song with guitar, piano, cello, and cajon. 4-person harmonies, anyone?
    8. ___JDM
    A Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon jam session to this song.
    9. TH=mssngr (feat. Slash)
    Full band accompaniment, Slash guitar solo.
    10. eNeMieS (feat. Zach de la Rocha)
    Zach and Mike trading verses over the instrumental for No More Sorrow (NMS, eNeMieS, get it?).
    11. I=GONE (feat. Lupe Fiasco, Dumbfoundead, additional production by M. Shinoda)
    A hip-hop version of I'll Be Gone. Dumbfoundead takes the first verse, Mike second The chorus consists of a rapped line followed by "I'll be gone, I'll be gooone" from the original. The bridge is the original bridge vocals. That transitions into Lupe's verse, which transitions into the original chorus.
    12. .grecian
    A full studio version of this. A man can dream, can't he?
    13. CSTL[glass] (feat. Miri-Ben-Ari, Sean Mackin)
    Get the folk out! And what else could a deconstructed acoustic version of COG need any more than some hardcore dueling fiddles? Well, violins, but you know.
    14. BEGUN (feat. The Roots)
    A full band version of this track with The Roots providing instrumentation. Black Thought with a guest verse. And yes, this idea came directly from the video of Mike warming up with The Roots.
    15. robot.boy (feat. Fort Minor)
    Just imagined sampled loops of Robot Boy with a hip-hop beat. The verses done by Ryu, Tak, and Mike with the choruses being one line of the original (You say you're not going to fight 'cause no one will fight for you) with a rapped line before the next line of the original.
    16. the.hard.way
    17. ||CATALYST (feat. & prod. by Rob Swire of Knife Party)
    Electronic rock dubstep sex! Also, vocals from Rob Swire (first "verses" as it were, with modified lyrics).
    18. rolling.ITD (Adele Cover)
    A studio version of their Rolling In The Deep cover.
    19. TNFL (prod. by edIT of The Glitch Mob)
    GLITCH! I was specifically thinking of shit like this track by edIT.
    20. pwrlss (feat. Kronos Quartet, prod. by Trent Reznor)
    What else but one of the most well-known string quartets in the world and the creator of Nine Inch Nails is needed to make a song more powerfully depressing?
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    Snail LPA Super Member LPA Super Member

    Oct 26, 2005
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    - well thought out
    - eye-catching
    - creative titles
    - Dumbfoundead

    W I N.
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    Minus ohai LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 24, 2003
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    Glad SOMEONE appreciates the completely unnecessary work I put into it. :lol:
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    minuteforce Danny's not here, Mrs. Torrance. LPA Team

    Oct 31, 2004
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    I'm now terribly sad that a Linkin Park remix album probably won't feature Saul Williams or Portishead or Swire anywhere :/
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    Minus ohai LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 24, 2003
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    Always have hope! There's probably a bigger chance of a Swire remix happening more than anything at this point.
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    Elaine The One They Call Elaine. LPA VIP

    Feb 21, 2012
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    Alright... Inspired by Minus's post, I shall create ONE OF MY OWN! And I shall ignore the restrictions, because I feel they... Restrict me. I'll only provide a few descriptions because I don't have the, err, creativity nor paitence to do a full list.

    1&2.) ReQem oF The CTlsT (The Requiem + The Catalyst, Feat. Nightwish)
    Dramatic strings over a tense beat, with some atmospheric washings easing in through the soundscape. Femvox comes in, only voiced by Anette, with a harmonization from Mike and Chester. Then suddenly, BAM! Slick guitar and orchestral drops. Verse 1, flowing into an immensely heavy chorus. The song then eases out into a slow but steady orchestral build up ("Lift me up, Let me go") until the final section of the song just EXPLODES, and lasts for a good minute or so, and we transition to--!

    3.) InMRmains (In My Remains, Feat. Dead By Sunrise)

    4.) ValnTINES daY (Mike Shinoda Remix)

    5.) Reflection of the Mind
    A new transitional piece by the band, a 2-minute long instrumental interlude with slick atmospherical guitars

    6.) Program A completed version of the song from LPUXI with a more ATS-LT vibe

    7.) G0NE (I'll Be Gone, Feat. Hans Zimmer on strings.)
    A true orchestral version of the song, with a slow beginning that leads into a dramatic climax.

    8.) B-th_H4Bt (Breaking The Habit remix by Mr. Hahn)

    9.) Filled Spaces (An Empty Spaces remix featuring prominent figures on the LPA forum. ...Hey, it'd be awesome.)

    10.) Cstl 0V GLSS (Castle of Glass)
    A true remix from the band-- a more down-tempo folky track with orchestral influences.

    11.) SkTB (Skin To Bone, featuring Fort Minor.)
    A glitch-hop version of the track, extended to be around 6 minutes in length with several instrumental breakdown segments

    12.) Introspection
    A new, nine-minute long instrumental track from the band, with a heavy ATS vibe. Glitchy instruments, powerful strings, building up into a massive orchestral-rock 2-minute long climactic end.

    13.) Bl4ckt (Blackout, Feat. Fort Minor)
    A more hip-hop version of the track which builds into a dubstep drop near the end that glitches out into a huge guitar spasm.

    14.) RbT B0Y (Robot Boy, Feat. NoBraiN)

    15.) B51TZ (Burning In The Skies, Mike Shinoda Remix)
    A more heavy version of the song, in the style of symphonic rock.

    16.) Wh4T 1v3 D1V-DED (A mashup of What I've Done and New Divide, by Mr. Hahn)

    17.) Pale
    Complete version of the song. Hey, a girl can dream.

    18.) WtCFM (Iridescent, feat. Julien-K)
    Glitchy as hell, an intense hip-hop beat with slick drops.

    19.) TinFL SessN (Tinfoil + Session, Feat. Two Steps From Hell)
    A quiet, atmospheric orchestral build up piece that leads us into the next track

    20.) N0 RDS LfT UnTrVLLd (Feat. Two Steps From Hell, additional instruments provided by Mike Shinoda)
    An orchestral ballad. Mixing of the two songs, beginning with a slow orchestral build-up.
    Seven minute mix. Most of the song is slow, but then about three-four minutes in, it would begin building into an intense climax, I.E the end of Roads Untravelled, how the beat pauses just for that final section, only this time uplifted with a powerful orchestral score. Very epic.

    So yeah, probably not the best tracklist, but one I'd enjoy.
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    Justin V.

    Justin V. Professional Lurker

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    I was going to post but.... my will is drained after reading this lol
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    Minus ohai LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 24, 2003
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    Yeah, that took the better part of 2 days to develop. :lol:
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    Blackee Dammet

    Blackee Dammet Feminism Is My God Now

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    I just want Circa Survive doing Breaking The Habit.
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    the11thdoctor Resident Time Lord

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    Holy shit, Minus... i think you win.
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    Vdalem Purrfect! LPA Super VIP

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    That's putting it mildly. :popcorn: Go for it Minus!

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