Qwerty: Eleven Years Later

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    Do it! Some LPUs are way better than others though. I remember one of the LPUs was all instrumental and I was mad dissapointed. But yeah, there is some good stuff out there!

    Glad to hear you like Asbestos and Chanded of Rain!
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    So far I have listened to LPU 9, LPU 10 and LPU1 1 tonight. I will probably listen to LPU 12 and the rest later tonight after I have a few drinks. Haha. Thanks again for pointing some of this stuff out to me. You never hear about these songs that much except for from the hardcore fans - I guess that's the whole point though, right? Lol. But yeah, there are a lot of instrumentals so far. Some of them I enjoy, others not so much. LPU 9 was pretty good, I liked how they had a lot of demos from the early albums of songs that I knew. I have never heard a lot of them, the Figure.09 demo blew me away, it's really awesome. Of course I knew Across The Lines already but it's still a good song. The Little Things Give You Away demo was not was I was expecting but it was cool to hear. On LPU 10, I liked the music on it the most. Unfortunate and Halo, the Meteora demos were something I really liked even though they are instrumentals. Meteora had a really different sound when they were writing it seems, so that's cool. What We Don't Know, that one is really really good to me. Chester's vocals are really good there. I Have Not Begun with Mike's crazy rapping is awesome, too, it's like some Fort Minor b-side or something, I like it. Pale is also a cool instrumental, I could see vocals on that one, from Chester, emotional singing or something. Coal I thought would be cool since it says 1997 demo but for some reason I didn't like it. What I've Done (Mike's Remix) really I didn't like at all either. LPU 11 was another pretty good album. YO the opening song was kind of boring to me, didn't care for it. Slip and Blue are both really awesome to me. Damn it's cool to have some original Hybrid theory songs. Esaul (A Place For My Head's Demo) was also pretty awesome to hear again even though I heard it before on the Frat Party At The Pancake Festival DVD as the Easter Egg. The demo of What I've Done is cool but I wish it had vocals on it, it sounds weird to me with no vocals. Broken Foot was probably my favorite song on the album, I love that heavy sound of Meteora. Robot Boy sounds the same to me as the version on the album, although Im sure it is different somehow, I don't remember A Thousand Suns music that much. I'll post what I think about the rest of them possibly later or tomorow. Thanks again Blake for the heads up on this music.

    EDIT: I've listened to them all now. LPU12 was kind of lame to me. Homecoming sounds like it's a completed song, I could imagine a track like What I've Done or something if it had Chester's vocals over it. The Points Of Authority and Forgotten demos are cool but I have heard those years ago, I have a CD with like 10 Hybrid Theory demos on it somewhere that I burned to a CD like ten years ago or more. Clarity and Bunker are shitty to me, I don't like them at all. Debris was ok, but I didn't love it, there was incompleted vocals in it and I didn't like the sound of the song anyways. So Far Away was a really cool track to hear, it was cool to hear Mike sing fully on something that is that old. Pepper and Ominous are cool Meteora demos, but I can't imagine vocals on those to be completed songs ever, as an instrumental they are ok. LPU 13 is good in ways. I like the Somewhere I Belong demo a lot. Basquiat was pretty cool of a track. Primo was a good track too, I think it is better than I'll Be Gone, honestly, I like the rawness of it a lot. and it's just better all around. It was also cool to hear Brad sing that song on acoustic guitar, I think it was Three Band Terror, that one was cool. But I wouldn't want that on a main album really. LPU14 was another I didn't care for. Rhinocerous was a cool track, probably the only one that I liked on the album. Didn't like the demo of Breaking the Habit (I liked LPU9 version more) and also I hated a lot of the tracks like Heartburn, After Canada, etc. Seems like they made a lot of bad music in between Meteora and Minutes to Midnight. Haha. But I like Minutes to Midnight so it turned out fine. LPU15 I liked. Pods (all 3) were pretty awesome actually. I normally don't like instrumentals but I liked those. Chance Of Rain which I heard before this thanks to Blake was awesome. I like that track a lot. The only part that was weird about LPU15 is that it only had 6 tracks instead of 10 like all the others but I guess that's because they had an album coming out or something. LPU 16 was mixed for me. I liked some of the stuff, others I didn't. I had already heard the demo of Bleed It Out like 7 months ago, I think it's cool. I can definitely see why Dark Crystal is a demo of One More Light, it has that trap sound. Burberry and Air Force One were kind of lame but I enjoyed the Catalyst demos.
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