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    That was good! I do agree that the 9 song thing is a little annoying. Listening to the full experience is great and all, but in this day and age a lot of people, like me, enjoy playing individual songs. I really wish I had more than 9 choices. I do love all the interludes (except Jornada) but they're not something you listen to on their own.

    What I disagree with is what you said about Robot Boy and BITS. I personally love those songs. But I can see where you may not love them.
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    I ATS was a good album, I can't decide yet if it's better than their other three studio albums. Here's my lowdown after about a week and a half, it probably will change after listening to the album more though.

    Also, I'm not really going to go over the interludes or political stuff, I honestly don't care that much about politics and that's why I don't like this album as much as their other three (although the speech in Wretches and Kings is pretty cool), so basically it's a nine track album for me...

    The Requiem - Pretty good intro for an album, the synth starts to get a little repetitive later throughout the album (at least it's not another Foreword). 4/5

    Burning In The Skies - Solid track, unique instrumental and cool guitar solo. 4/5

    When They Come For Me - The drums in this song are cool, Mike also has some sick lines. I don't know why out of all the things Mike could say he says "Try to catch up motherfucka!", kind of unnecessary. The second part of the song is amazing, the strings (or at least they sound like strings) are a great addition to Chester's awesome singing. 4.5/5

    Robot Boy - Didn't really like this song, piano is kind of boring and so are the vocals, just not that great. 3/5

    Waiting For The End - Great song, has a really nice feel to it. The singing is amazing and it's just really well written. 4.5/5

    Blackout - If I were to split this song into three parts, it would go like this:
    First (Chester): Not so great, whatever kind of voice he uses is just really weird and the screaming might have been cool but the instrumental completely doesn't fit in with the mood of the singing.

    Second (Breakdown): This part is CRAZY and really awesome, absolutely love it.

    Third: It's okay, nothing special.


    Wretches and Kings - The beat in this song is really cool, I like Chester's part a lot too, as well as Joe's scratching. - 4.5/5

    Iridescent - Nice relaxing song, it was really cool to hear the whole band singing. Nothing bad to say about it at all. 4/5

    The Catalyst - One of my favorite tracks, the singing is just awesome and kind of gives you that pump-up feeling of excitement. They did a really good job with the transition to kind of give the song two different parts. 5/5

    The Messenger - Love this track, the way Chester sings it adds a lot of emotion and it's just nice to get a simple, basic track without so much electronic elements. 5/5

    Pretty good album, I just felt like the speech stuff and interludes were kind of wastes of tracks. After listening to it more I'll probably have some more 5/5s.
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    Seeing people get angry about the interludes makes me laugh.
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    Thank you for being here, love the ninja btw :p
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    Thanks :). Ehm. Just noticed that I might have sounded in my post like I was leaving all this behind. That is not true.

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