'One More Light' Album Length Revealed to Be 35:19

Discussion in 'News' started by Kevin, May 12, 2017.

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    Tbf, "Mother" is Chvrches's "In the End", it's with huge distances their most well known song ever. their sound is of course very accessible & radio friendly nevertheless they're not even close to the big boys in mainstream pop (Bieber, K. Perry etc...) you can compare them to YT views too. "Mother" has only 18M views, Bieber and co. has constatily over 500M views in their hits. and Purity Ring are completely another level, but no surprise they still signed to an Indie label though. Chvrches are signed to a major label as far as I know!
    I would love that if they get more radio play and become more mainstream, I don't try to be a hipster or something :lol: it would be fucking great if more people could hear them because I think their music is soooo good :)
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    Yeah, says that mainstream there is a lot better than mainstream here. :p

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