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    www.mizraab.com (for MP3's)

    Mizraab mix the progressive rock of Dream Theater with the tuneful intensity of Pink Floyd. Creative, gifted and refreshingly Pakistani. Mizraab released the phenomenally successful "Panchi" four years ago; "Maazi Haal Mustaqbil", the eagerly anticipated follow-up, is as gothic and gripping as its predecessor. Mizraab are set to give Pakistani rock music the kiss of life.

    Faraz Anwar - Vocals and Lead Guitars
    Jamal "Jamie" Mustafa - Rhythm Guitars and Sound Engineering
    Khalid Khan - Bass Guitars
    Irfan "Charlie" Ahmed - Drums

    Mizraab have confirmed details of their second studio album, which is to be titled "Maazi Haal Mustaqbil". The tracklisting is as follows:-

    1. Insaan
    2. Akhir Kyon
    3. Mayusee
    4. Muntazir
    5. Panchi
    6. Meri Terhan
    7. Janay Main
    8. Khoch Hai
    9. Aag
    10. Izhaar [bonus track]

    All lyrics penned by the versatile poet Adnan Ahmed. Except "Panchi" and "Mayusee" by Akhtar Qayyum.

    All drum tracks have been programmed by Faraz Anwar on his Yamaha QY70.

    All songs produced by Faraz Anwar.

    All songs mixed, engineered and mastered by Faraz Anwar and Jamie.

    Backing and background vocal effects by Baber Sheikh.

    The video for the lead single "Insaan" will go on air on 27 October 2002 on Indus Vision in Pakistan and Prime TV in the UK/Europe. The video for "Insaan" has been directed by Baber Sheikh.

    The second video for the track "Meri Terhan" has been directed by Nasir Tehrani of Menduck Productions. The video will hit the satellite channels on 05 December 2002.

    Irfan Ahmed is also currently playing with Strings on their 4th studio album.

    Jamie joined Mizraab in March 2002. Jamie has been playing guitar on and off in the Lahore Underground Rock scene for the last 10 years. But was never happy with the quality and creativity of the work so never committed himself to any band as such. Jamie has also worked as a sound engineer at Digital Fidelity Studios, Lahore. Jamie also worked as sound/recording engineer on Faraz Anwar's two solo albums and it was during this period that Jamie and Faraz Anwar became good friends. After the recording of Mizraab's second album "Maazi Haal Mustaqbil" Faraz Anwar realised that the band needed two guitar players and turned to Jamie to join Mizraab as a full time band member.

    Baber Sheikh was never part of Mizraab. Baber did suffer burns on his hands after an accidental fire during the shooting of the video of "Insaan" in which all of the guitars were burnt along with a lot of other equipment. Luckily no one was seriously injured and Baber Sheikh has now made a full recovery.

    This album is something one rarely finds in rock music anymore. "Maazi Haal Mustaqbil" is a melodious yet substantial concept album where all the songs are joined together. The progressive blasting guitar sounds are much heavier then any thing ever heard come out of Pakistan, a lot like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and some of the new bands we hear these days.

    Those who have heard the album have been stunned by the expansive nature and quality of the music.

    Mizraab have not signed a record deal for "Maazi Haal Mustaqbil" as yet.

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