Mike Shinoda at the Billboard Film & TV Conference

Discussion in 'News' started by Joe, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Joe I'm tried LPA Administrator

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    Mike Shinoda recently attended the Billboard Film & TV Conference that ran from 24-25 October in Los Angeles, CA to discuss his ongoing work on the soundtrack for the movie he's scoring - The Raid. During the event Mike took part in interviews and panels to shed some light on the project which you can check out below.

    Video Q&A with Mike Shinoda on Scoring The Raid:

    Linkin Park songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper, Mike Shinoda sat down with Billboard senior correspondent Phil Gallo at the Billboard and Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference to answer questions about his experiences in creating music with his band versus composing music for films. The trained-musician is currently writing and recording music for his first feature film "The Raid," directed by Gareth Evan and slated for an early-2012 release.

    In the video below Shinoda explains why he chose to work with Joe Trapanese (he worked on the "Tron: Legacy" score with Daft Punk); how art school critiques helped him with the collaborative process (and helped him to lose his ego); and how studying piano since the age of three has come to help in scoring films.

    Mike Shinoda on the “Out of the Band and Onto the Screen” Panel:

    Examiner.com have an article describing the Out of the Band and Onto the Screen panel which Mike was involved with alongside Robert Kraft, Curt Smith, Cliff Martinez, Peter Himmelman and Joe Trapanese who is co-composing The Raid with Mike. Read an excerpt, check out the full article and watch some video of the panel below.

    "...Another question had to do with the editing process: How do you decide which pieces to keep and which ones to cut? Mike Shinoda answered that question with an anecdote from when he was in school at the Art Center in Pasadena. He stated, “Our experience at the school was we would go in with say a painting and the class which was about thirty of us would each put our pieces up on the board and basically tell each other why our paintings were horrible for hours and over the course of years of doing that you get good at it. You get really good at being able to take criticism and give criticism and leaving your ego at the door and being productive. If you’re working with people who are just not interested I guess it’s a much bigger issue but as long as you’re all on the same team you can have those kinds of conversations where you can say to somebody ‘look, I’m going to let these other things go—I really believe in this one’ then people will be a little more receptive” to which Robert Kraft replied, “you have a big future as a film composer with that attitude because that is the essence of it.” Mike responded, “that’s how our band works. We’ve got six guys doing that. Every Monday we get together with our records. That’s the reason why it takes us over a year to make a record is that we’re killing ideas one right after the other and building up new ones… even one guy in our group doesn’t like it for some reason or another we’re going to get in there and figure out what is it about it that he’s not into and we’re going to respect that even if he cant write the piece that we’re talking about—even if he cant write the vocal or he cant write whatever his opinion is potentially one sixth of our fan base so we’re going to respect that and try and make it work.”

    Read the Full Article at Examiner - HERE

    Watch Video of the Panel courtesy of tubeyoucaliron - HERE

    ArtistDirect Interview with Mike Shinoda:

    Mike conducted an interview with ArtistDirect discussing The Raid, Music For Relief and future Linkin Park music. If you're yet to read it you can check it out below.

    Source: Billboard | Examiner | ArtistDirect
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    Agent Formerly known as Agent Sideburns LPA Über VIP

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    Dope article. I seriously am pumped for The Raid and Mike's score. The film picked up the audience choice award at TIFF this year... plus it has been getting a lot of great reviews!
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    Hybrid Has gone Rogue. LPA Team

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    This was a really good interview.
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    Super Sonic

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    Cant wait for Mikes score. I know its going to be :awesome:
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    Benjamin LPA team LPA Super VIP

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    Great stuff. Raid score should be awesome.
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    murphyLP The blood of innocence burning in the skies

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    Oscar or Golden Globe anyone? :awesome:
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    "You get really good at being able to take criticism and give criticism and leaving your ego at the door and being productive."

    This is good.
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    lime treacle

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    This was a really, really good interview.
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