Mike Releases Alternate M2M Covers

Discussion in 'News' started by Mark, May 24, 2008.

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    I think these are the reasons why the final cover was chosen over these.

    #1 seems to remind me of something I've seen before and the text is "dirty" as opposed to the "clean" text on the final cover - most of the other albums had text that could be considered "dirty". #10 seems too dark. #6 seems to polished for the image this album is going for - although I do like the "midnight" in the background. These aren't criticisms, just to clarify.

    One of the design principles they had in mind for these designs was contrast and that's why I can see why they chose the final cover. It contrasts with the cover for Meteora, for example, the white versus black, the confined space against the desert.

    I can see why #2 is popular, it looks to me like it could have been the cover.
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