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    Welcome to the Artist's gallery. Here you can post up your hand-drawn or computer-made artworks and recieve both credit and critisism for your work ^_^

    Before you start, make sure you read these notes:

    * If your image is over 525pixels in width - please link to your image using the []My picture[/url] tags. This is so the forum tables aren't broken =P

    * Please be aware that people may give the occasional 'oh I don't like that' - don't worry about it, they'll probably give a reason why, and hey - that's what reveiwing is all about!

    * Plagarism is a huuuuuuuuuuge no-no. Anyone found plagarising will be warned if not banned. You wouldn't like it if someone ripped a creation that took you 3 hours to make (and yes some things really do take that long).

    * Please try to keep away from .BMP and .PNG images. They're huge files (most of the time) and take ages to load for us poor sods on 56K, so please, stick to the .GIFs and .JPEG please =P


    Useful Programs:
    ---- Adobe PhotoShop
    ---- Paint Shop Pro
    ---- Jasc Animation Shop
    ---- 3D Studio Max
    ---- Illustrator

    <div align=right>PM me if you want me to add more</div>


    A guide to Making and installing your sig:
    -- First off, you have to actually get a sig. Either make your own using one of the programs above, or request one HERE.

    Once you have your sig, you can upload your sig to one of these sites:

    Upload the pic, and then right click, select PROPERTIES and then get the public URL of the image and then use [.IMG]urlhere[/IMG] (without the dot) and paste it into your signiture. Boosh. Checkmate :)




    Photoshop Tutorials
    Pixel to vector art
    Dark Art
    Blending tutorial
    extreme site full of video tuts

    Paintshop Pro Tutorials
    More as I find them


    Tutorial Websites:


    Stock Photos


    I decided this could be helpful as well. Please give credit to the template maker. (PM me if you want your template adding).

    Made by Kat - replace 'blah' with text of your choice.

    Animated PaperCut Sig
    Made by Stik

    Animated OSC Sig
    Made by Stik

    Animated Crawling Sig
    Made by Stik

    Animated Faint Sig
    Made by Stik

    Animated POA Sig
    Made by Stik

    Animated Numb Sig
    Made by Stik

    LP Template
    Made by LPro

    Hope this helps nd lastly: Have fun =)
    --LPA Staff
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