If You Had Compiled a Top Albums of 2017 List, Where Would You Put One More Light?

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How would you rank OML in terms of the best albums of 2017?

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  3. Not in the Top 5, but in the Top 10 at least

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  4. Bah humbug! It's not good enough to be ranked!

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    For me on my official Albums rankings of 2017 list, One More Light sits at #25.

    This ranking is not a knock to Obe More Light but rather a testimate to how great of year for music it was. This year my album listsned to list is over 100 albums so being at #25 is not bad at all. I do think think it is a good album and a solid 8/10 but I also feel it is the 2nd weakest Linkin Park album to date only beating The Hunting Party. I think it shines in its highs (NCSM, SFN, and OML being 3 of the best songs they have ever made), but the consistency of the album is what holds it back from being higher. Songs like Battle Symphony, Heavy and Invisible, while good, could have bend better. Overall I enjoy the album and wouldn't say there is anything bad about it. And maybe if this album came out last year, it would have found itself higher on my list.

    This is my favorite response in this thread :rofl:

    I like the honesty :D
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