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Discussion in 'Newbie Camp' started by Yvette Baker, May 20, 2020.

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    Before his death, the only song I knew from the band was "In The End", which was a song that I really liked, but also a song that I meme'd a lot. In July 20th (the day he died), I saw the YouTube Trending randomly and this song called "Talking to Myself" was #1. The comments were people feeling sad and sorry about Chester's death. From that day, I started to get to know more songs from the band like Numb, New Divide and my personal favorite at the time Breaking the Habit. I started to feel in love with the band just recently since around march of this year. In May, I started to listen to their albums back to back and today, I listened to each of their albums at least 3 times.

    However, I often was thinking on how cool it would of been to be a fan before the dude's death, and I really do miss him. Consider how much of a fan I become, it would of been great to see him live and experience the band's future albums which most likely won't happen because, well, Chester is irreplecable. He also seemed like a really nice guy with a lot of heart and soul.
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    It obviously isn't the same, but I'm personally so thankful for the staggering amount of live recordings and footage of Linkin Park's performances from the last two decades. They helped me so much in getting back to thinking about Linkin Park the band, as opposed to getting stuck in that "RIP Chester" space forever
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