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    Eyes fly shut, the darkness pours in
    You think that all the pain of today is gone
    But slowly the gloom turns to pictures
    The blurred face of the victim slowly sharpens to clear sight
    Their eyes so cold, with sadness and angst
    Your heart skips a beat
    Suddenly you can't breathe
    You extend your hand, hoping you can explain
    But they disappear into the nothingness
    The walls begin to fall
    You're trapped with no where to go
    Nobody to turn to
    More memories fade in slowly
    Haunting you of your offence
    You're more than aware of what you've done
    Except you can't change the past
    Eyes fly open; you think it was all a nightmare
    But the pain of today comes back
    And you know its real

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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