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    As many of you know, the upcoming new Grand Theft Auto game is set to be released worldwide on Tuesday September 17, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    As the months pass by, there have been some really amazing and exciting news concerning the popular sandbox game from Rockstar.

    The game is set in Los Santos (Rockstar's take on Los Angeles, California) and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. Not only is the setting bigger than GTAIV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemtion combined, it includes a fully explorable ocean floor. ku-xlarge.jpg scuba-dive-gi.jpg

    The game features three playable characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Grand Theft Auto V is the first GTA since the original Grand Theft Auto where the player takes control of multiple characters. A unique switching system allows the player to switch between characters almost instantly and at any time when off-mission. 6816.jpg Michael is a retired bank robber who is currently in the witness protection program after making a deal with the FIB. Trevor is a former military pilot who did a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day. Franklin is the youngest of the three protagonists. He works at a luxury car dealership and is possible that he is apart of the Groove Street Gang (the same gang where protagonist, CJ, was apart of from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

    Of the main storyline missions, there'll be several complex missions focussed on heists in style of "Three Leaf Clover" from GTAIV. One mission involves robbing a high-end jewellery store in the GTAV equivalent of Rodeo Drive (in Beverly Hills). This would also be available to do on side quest on (let's say) a small robbery of a store.

    This game obviously has a lot of fun and exciting things to offer. From various websites like, CVC give out so much information about GTAV, it's really crazy how much facts they give us about the game.

    Some of these even include info like:
    • Dynamic missions, similar to Red Dead's "Random World Events". Examples include characters with broken down cars, a hitch hiker, or two parked cars with dead bodies around them - which you can investigate to initiate dynamic missions.
    • Dynamic music during missions (similar to Rockstar's other game, L.A. Noire).
    • The phone also has apps. In addition to the camera there is internet, contacts, social media, a calendar, and a replay missions app. There are three more Rockstar hasn't yet revealed.
    • Citizens will react to what you do, and if they see you robbing someone they could alert the police, film you, or even try to take you down themselves.
    • Hunting animals.
    • Character appearances can be customized. Specifically, tattoos, haircuts and clothing can be modified. Customization also includes cars and even weapons.
    • Each character is rated in a series of skill categories: Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity.
    • These build up to a bigger heist where the execution must be flawless. They'll require the right crew (which you can recruit) and players will have to decide on the cheap option, which results in less skilled people, or paying more for skilled crew members that will take a larger cut of the money.
    • GTAV rewards exploration, there's no signposting underwater, so you'll have to find the treasure the hard way.
    • If you die the game reloads to the last checkpoint, even if two other characters are alive.
    • Friends won't call you as often as they did in GTAIV. The phone is more streamlined and used for things like emails and Internet browsing.

    Here are some (in my opinion) some really amazing screenshots of the upcoming game:
    RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_156.jpg ballas-gi.jpg RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_151.jpg RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_199.jpg 591.jpg gtav_shot005122412_1280.jpg gtav_shot004122412_1280.jpg

    There's a whole lot to cover about this amazing game! How do you feel about it? Is it a step up from the previous Grand Theft Auto games? Is it going to be too overwhelming? Discuss!

    And if you feel you're ready to give in to your temptations, you can already pre-order the game HERE. Shiiiiiiit, you can get the Special Edition or the Collectors Edition

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