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    Local Edmonton, Alberta band

    Wanted to share the band and see what others thought. My girlfriend and I have become friends with the band, and I've ended up making their website. Not trying to promote my website, trying to promote the band. The website is not "open" as they want to wait until their finish the recording for their debut full length album

    So far they only have 5 songs released on the myspace. Carry On, is a demo version, and the real version (will be available on the website) is over a minute longer.

    They are a pop/rock band. They music isn't based in one genre though. Caught on the Dance Floor is a dance pop rock song, Lifeline is a straight rock song. Once you Know you Know is a ballad, Let It Die features a local Edmonton rapper.

    We've seen them live close to a dozen times now. We have heard 5 or 6 of the new songs, and they stay much closer to the rock of Carry On and Lifeline, and stray from the dance. However they do leave a beat, and synth is used.

    Last year they entered and won a contest called Albertas Last Band Standing beating 72 other Alberta bands. They received a spot at a festival called Boonstock (normally considered a big deal, as bands like Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Offspring among many others have played, this year we had Sublime and thats about it), recording time with Trevor Hurst from Econoline Crush, and a bunch of other promotions.

    Hoping to get them some more attention. My GF has posted quite a few of their live songs on youtube. Unfortunately not great quality.

    They have also done covers of In My head (Jason Durulo), A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Cartlon)... yes really lol, Jumper (third eye blind), I Gotta Feeling (BEP)

    They are heading to Toronto over the next month a half to record the full length album.

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