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    I already posted this in Random Thoughts, but I think it's worth its own thread, considering I didn't find a fitting one for it.

    It's a very interesting video including clips of Chester and Chris about fame ("the fame trap"). Chester didn't exactly grow up with it, but as we know fame's almost hardwired to enhance personal problems.
    This video strenghtened my empathy for anyone in the position.

    ...Paparazzi have such a stupid fkn job. Delivering the media their tools to spread all this superficiality. The people spending time reading into the lifes of famous people are just as responsible. I think artists should be known for their work, not for their lifes. But as long as there is demand there will be supply... I just wish people would think a bit more about the consequences of their actions. <3

    Hope Justin's getting better and won't go down the way Chester, Chris, and all those other precious people did. It's a bit sad to see fans convinced that it's impossible for them to make the decision of suicide in their position of life and actually only accepting a conspiracy.

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