Chester tribute event in Perth, Western Australia

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    Hey guys,

    I ran a memorial event for Chester in Perth, Western Australia last year. It was an awesome day with over 200 attendees. I also ran a charity raffle, giving away portraits and live photo canvases of Chester, plus a gold-edition Meteora vinyl from my personal collection. Proceeds went towards two charities.

    We're about to do it all over again but rather than celebrate on the day Chester passed, we've opted to celebrate his birthday.

    So, on Saturday, the 24th of March, we will be getting together once again to kick back, have a bite to eat, a couple of drinks and watch 4 hours of live Linkin Park videos on the massive screen at the Aberdeen Hotel in Northbridge.

    Entry into the event is free. We'll be having another raffle and I plan on announcing the vinyl prize this afternoon. I am going to donate all profits from the raffle towards Talinda's foundation, 320 Changes Direction.

    You can find more details about the event here:

    Also, if you can think of anywhere else we might be able to spread word about the event, please let me know.


    Thanks guys!

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