Caged Inside

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    Caged Inside Lyrics

    Verse 1:
    It’s too late, there's no time
    Past is done; I’ve drawn a fine line
    From the places in mind
    So darkly defined
    Running from something and pull for another
    I know this, the question is

    What am I going to do about it?

    I don't believe in the things I see
    I know there's much more to what I need
    We've altered it again, and judged my own illusions
    It's my turn, to lead this revolution
    Many resolutions drawn from my conclusion
    I told you it was you when it was me all along
    You helped me but I did it all along

    Verse 2:
    So it's true, the past is done
    Can't change it, time to move on
    It's here and now
    Where I have a chance
    It's from here on out where I pursue my plans

    No longer a need to depend on others for release
    I'll use what I am given and leave the rest of the world in peace
    Displacement is dangerous and it leads to innocent destruction
    This is me, I’m strong, and I will carry on


    It's not too late, there’s still time
    There is still some good inside
    I may be swimming beneath the lies
    But ill rise above like always
    And all the things you say to me
    Are real so real they have to be
    I guess i need to feel the truth
    Because without it, without this, without you
    I’ll fall beneath it all displacing everything i thought was true


    Believe me, I try
    It’s not so easy after all
    Believe me, I try
    But I’ll rise above it all

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