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Discussion in 'Feedback & FAQ' started by limonpower, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Jun 13, 2014
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    I am a huge fan of the LPA forums, and have some ideas that I think could only make them better. In short, I'd like to see more subforums. LPLive has more subforums and that makes it a lot easier to a) Know where to post things, and b) Find more specific stuff. My other idea is also subforum based, and it's to add a forum to show off ones collection and put in WTB requests and stuff like that, as there are some items I would like to add to my collection but have a hard time finding, I could ask if anyone here had it and would be willing to sell/trade. Anyway, there's my two ideas on how to improve LPA, thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Derek LPAssociation.com Administrator LPA Administrator

    Jul 13, 2002
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    While these are decent suggestions, I feel we'd probably be best to not go down the path you suggested. It seems like to me from these ideas that you're trying to make LPA more like "LPL", when LPL already does what they do very well. LPLive is a great site, but as many people who have been here for a long time will tell you, what works for them over there may not exactly work for us here. We're two different kinds of communities, and attract very different sides of the LP fanbase (although we certainly share members as well). This isn't a bad thing of course, and if anything it's great that all sides of the Linkin Park fanbase can be represented. We're just different websites in regards to who we cater to. LPA is LPA and LPL is LPL.

    However, to better address your suggestions, we already tried the subforum idea in the past and it didn't work out. As is likely the case with LPLive, while some subforums garnered a lot of activity, there were some that were completely forgotten about and had virtually no posts. By breaking everything down into main forums like we have right now, it made the forums a lot more simple. The forums are already pretty clearly labeled, and finding where to post should be easy. Moderators are avalable via PM at any time to help, in the event you aren't certain where a post should be.

    As for the trading idea, we considered it in the past but ultimately shot it down as a staff after weighing the consequences. Allowing trades and sales on our forums makes us a liable third party in the event a fan scams another fan out of money (since we provided the outlet for the scam to occur) and we'd rather not take that risk at this time.

    So again, all great suggestions and we appreciate the input, but both things were tried or considered in the past and were deemed unnecessary.
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    PeterG 2007 Prague, 2014 Vienna LIVE

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    Hi there,
    I would like to report that tour map options for submitting local pictures or videos does not work. I'm getting error on new window popup. Anyway, seems to be a obsolete thing, noone contributes.. or?

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